The Garuda Purana

by Manmatha Nath Dutt | 1908 | 245,256 words | ISBN-13: 9788183150736

The English translation of the Garuda Purana: contents include a creation theory, description of vratas (religious observances), sacred holidays, sacred places dedicated to the sun, but also prayers from the Tantrika ritual, addressed to the sun, to Shiva, and to Vishnu. The Garuda Purana also contains treatises on astrology, palmistry, and preci...

Chapter CXXXIX - Genealogy of the princes of the lunar race

Hari said:—I have finished describing the solar race, now hear me narrate the genealogy of princes who were the descendants of the Moon-God. Brahma, the son of Narayana created the holy Atri. From Atri sprang the Moon-God who became the consort of the beatiful Tara, the favourite wife of Vrihaspati, the preceptor of the celestials. The Moon-God begat on the person of his beloved Tara a son named Budha, who in his turn begat Purarava.

The son of Budha begat on the nymph Urvasi six sons who were named shrutatmaka, Vishvavasu, shatayu, ayu, Dhiman, and Amavasu. Bhima was the son of Arnavasu, Kanchana was the son of Bhima, Kanchan’s son was Suhotra who was the father of Janhu. Janhu’s son was Sumanta and Sumanta’s son was Apajapaka. The son of Apajapaka was Valakashva, who was the father of Kusha. Kusha had four sons named Kushashava, Kushalabha, Amurtaraya and Vasu. The son of Kushashva was Gadhi who was the father of the celebrated Vishvamitra. Gadhi had a daughter named Satyavati, who was given in marriage to the holy sage Richik. The son of Richik was Jamadagni, who was the father of Parashurama. The sage Vishvamitra had a large family of sons such as Devarakta, Madhuchchhanda, etc.

ayu (a son of Budha) had a son named Nahusha who had four sons named Anena, Raji, Rambhaka and Kshatra Vriddha. The son of Kshatra Vriddha was Suhotra who had three sons, viz., Kashya, Kasha, and Gritsamada. shaunaka was the son of Gritsamada, and Dirghatama was the son of Kashya. The son of Dirghatama was Dhanvantari who took the profession of a physician. Dhanvantari had a son named Ketuman who was the father of Bhimaratha. Divodasa was the son of Bhimaratha, and Patardana known to history as shatrujit (conquerer of enemies) was the son of Divodasa. The son of Pratardana was Ritadhvaja, who was the father of Alarka. Alarka’s son was Sannati and Sunita was Sannati’s son. The son of Sunita was Satyaketu who was the father of Bibhu. The son of Bibhu was Subibhu, the father of Sukumara. Sukumara begat Dhristaketu, and Dhristaketu begat Vitihotra who had a son named Bharga. The son of Bharga was Bhargabhumi. All these magnanimous princes were firmly devoted to Vishnu and ruled in Kashi.

Raji (a son of Nahusha) had five hundred sons who were killed by the God-Indra. Kshatra Vriddha (a son of Nahusha) had another son named Pratikshatra who was the father of Sanjaya. Sanjaya begat Vijaya whose son was Krita. Krita begat Vrishadhana, and Vrishadhana begat Sahadeva whose son was Adina who begat Jayat Sena. The latter had a son named Satkriti whose son was Kshatradharma. Nahusha had a family of another five sons who were called Yati, Yayati, Sanyati, Ajati and Kriti. Out of these, Yayati begat on his wife Devayani two sons who were named Yadu and Turvusu,; and three sons on his wife sharmistha who were called Drahyu, Anu and Puru. Yadu had three sons named Sahasrajit, Kroshtumana and Raghu. The son of Sahasrajit was shatajit who was the father of Hava and Haiheya. The son of Haya was Anaranya who was the father of Dharma. Dharma’s son was Dharmamitra, whose son was Kunti. Kunti’s son was Sahanji whose son was Mahishman. Mahishman’s son was Bhadras’renya whose son was Durdama. Durdama’s son was Dhanaka who had four sons named Kritavirja, Kritagni, Kritakarma and Kritogu. All of them were of mighty prowess.

Kritavirja had a son named Arjuna whose sons were shurasena, Jayadhvaja, Madhu, shura and Vrishna. All these five sons of Kritavirya were princes of excellent conduct. Jayadhvaja’s son was Talajangha whose son was Bharata. Madhu was the son of Vrishana, and from him (Madhu) sprang the race of Vrishni. Ahi was the son of Kroshta and his son was Ashanku. The son of Ashanku was Chitraratha whose son was shashavindu. shashavindu had two wives. By his first wife he had a hundred thousand sons, while by his second he had ten hundreds of thousands, such as Prithukirti, etc. Prithukirti had three sons, viz., Prithujaya, Prithudana and Prithushrava. Prithushrava begat Tama, Tama begat Ushana, Ushana begat shitagu, and shitagu begat Rukmakavacha. Rukmakavacha had five sons viz., Rukma, Prithurukma, Jyamagha, Palita and Hari. The son of Jyamagha was Vidarbha whose wife’s name was shaivya. Vidarbha begat on his wife shaivya three sons whose names were Krutha, Kanshika, and Romapada: Romapada’s son was Babhru, and Babhru’s son was Dhriti. The son whom Kaushika begot was named Richi whose son was Chaidya. Chaidya begat Kunti, and Kunti begat Vrishni and Vrishni begat Nibriti, who was the father of Dasharha. The son of Dasharha was Vyoma whose son was Jimuta. The son of Jimuta was Vikriti, who was the father of Bhimaratha. Bhimaratha begat Madhuratha whose son was shakuni, who begat Karambhi, who was the father of Devamata. The son of Devamata was Devakshatra whose son was Madhu, whose son was Kuruvansha. Kuruvansha begat Anu. Anu begat Puruhotra, who begat Anshu whose son was Sattvashruta, who was the father of Sattvata.

Bhajina, Bhajamana, Andhaka, Mahabhoja, Vrishni, Divya, Aranya, and Devavrita were the sons of Sattvata. Nimi, Vrishni, Ayu ajit shatajit, Sahasrajit, Vabhru, Deva, and Vrihaspati were the sons of Bhajamana. Bhoja was the son of Mahabhoja, and Sumitra was the son of Vrishni, Svadhajit was the son of Sumitra, and shini and Animita were the sons of Svadhajit. Nighna was the son of Anamitra, and shatajit was the son of Nighna. The other two sons of Anamitra were Prasensa and shiva. Satyaka was the son of shivi, and the son of Satyaka was Satyaki. Sanjaya was the son of Satyaki, and the son of Sanjaya was Kuli who was the father of Yugundhara. All these princes were the votaries of the God-shiva.

Vrishni, shaphalka, and Chitraka were the sons that graced the line of Anamitra. shaphalka begat on the person of Gandhini a son named Akrura, who was firmly devoted to the God-Vishnu. Upamudga was the son of Akrura, and the son of Upamudga was Devadyota. Akrura had two other sons who were called Devayana and Upadeva.

Prithu and Viprithu Were the sons of Chitraka, who was of the race of Anamitra, and shuchi was the son of Andhaka the son of Sattvata. Kukkura and Kamvala Varhisha were the sons of Bhajamana. Kukkura had a son named Dhrista, and Kapotaromaka was the son of Dhrista. Viloma was the son of Kapotaromaka, and Tumvuru was the son of Viloma. The sons of Tumvuru was Dundubhi who was the father of Punarvasu. Punarvasu had a son named Ahuka, and a daughter named Ahuki. The sons of Ahuka were Devaka and Ugrasena. The daughters of Devaka were named Devaki, Vrikadeva, Upadeva, Sahadeva, Sarakshita, Shridevi, and shantidevi, who were all married to Vasudeva. Sahadeva had two sons named Deva and Upadeva. Ugrasena had several sons named Kansa, Soluma and Chavata.

Viduratha was the son of Bhajamana, a son of Andhaka. The son of Viduratha was shura, who was the father of shami. Pratikshatra was the son of shami, and the son of Pratikshatra was Svayambhoja, who was the father of Hridika. The son of Hridika was Kritavarma. The son of Shura, the son of Viduratha, Were Deva, Shatadhanu, and Devamidusha, Shura had another Wife named Marisha, who became the mother of five daughters named Pritha, Shrutadeva. Shtutakirti, Shrutashrava and Rajadhidevi; and of two sons such as Vasudeva, etc. Pritha Was filiated to Kuntiraja who married her to Pandu. The God of Virtue begat on the person of Pritha, a son named Yudhisthira, while the Wind-God and Indra successively begot on her two Sons named Bhimasena and Arjuna. The king Pandu had another queen named Madri, who became the mother of two sons named Nakula and Sahadeva, begot on her person by the Ashvis Nasatya and Dasra. Kunti had another son before marriage who Was named Kama. Shrutadeva was the mother of Dantavakra who was valiant in battles. The king of Kekaya begat on the person of Shrutakirti five sons such as Shantardhana. etc. Rajadhidevi had two sons named Vindhu and Anuvindha. Damaghosa begat on the person of Shrutashrava a son named Shishupala. Vasudeva had several wives named Pauravi, Rohini, Madira and Devaki, etc. Of these Rohini became the mother of Balarama. Balarama begat on his wife Revati several sons such as Sarana, Shatha, Nishatha, and Ulmaka, etc.,

Devaki became the mother of six sons, who were named Kirtimana, Sushena, Udarya, Bhadrasena, Rijudasha, and Bhadradeva. King Kansa destroyed all these six sons of Devaki. Sankatshana or Valarama was the seventh son of Devaki, and Krishna was her eighth. Krishna had sixteen thousand wives, of whom Rukmini, Satyabhama, Lakshmana Charuhasini, and Jamvavati were the eight principal ones. Krishna had a large family of sons by these wives, of whom Pradyumna, Charudeshna, and Shamva were famous. Pradyumna begat on his wife Rati a son of mighty prowess who was named Aniruddha. Aniruddha had by his wife Subhadra a son named Vajra. The son of Vajra was Prativahu, and the son of Prativahu was Charu.

Vanhi was a scion of the race of Turvasu. The son of Vanhi was Bharya. whose son was Bhima, the father of Karandhama. Karandhama’s son was Marut.

Now hear me describe the race of Druhya. Druhya’s son was Setu, whose son was Arandha, whose son was Gandhara, whose son was Gharma. The son of Gharma was Ghrita, whose son was Durgama who was the father of Pracheta.

Now hear me describe the progeny of Anu, whose son was Svabhanara. The son of Svabhanara was Kalanala, whose son was Srinjaya, whose son was Puranjaya. The son of Puranjaya was Janamejaya, whose son was Mahashala, who was the father of Mahamana better known by the appellation of Ushinara. The son of Ushinara was Shivi, whose son was Vrishadarbha. Mahamana had another son named Titikshu whose son was Rudraratha. The son of Rudraratha was Hema, whose son was Sutapa, whose son was Vali. This Vali was the father of several sons who were called Anga, Vanga, Kalinga, Andhra, and Paundra. The son of Anga was Anapala, whose son was Diviratha, who was the father of Dharmaratha. The son of Dharmaratha was Lompada, whose son was Chaturanga, whose son was Prithulakshya, who was the father of Champa. The son of Champa was Haryaksha, whose son was Bhadraratha, whose son was Vrihatkarma, who was the father of Vrihadbhanu. The son of Vrihadbhanu was Vrihatmana, whose son was Jayadratha, whose son was Vijaya, who was the father of Dhriti. The son of Dhriti was Dhritavrata, whose son was Satyadharma, whose son was Addiratha who was the father of Kama. The son of Kama was Vrishasena. Now I shall describe the race of Puru.

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