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About Wisdom Library

As you will see while browsing through the site, the main focus was Buddhism, so most of the documents currently available will be listed there. But my goal is to provide Texts on a much larger scale, including major Religions, but also smaller spinoff sects, and eventually, documentation of ancient cultures you might have never even heard about!

You can also search through our knowledge database; an extensive glossary containing almost 50,000 unique entries and over 65,000 definitions, collected from various sources.

Cool Features already implemented:

- Try double-clicking any word or multiple words. A quick-search popup will appear with instant search results on your selected text. This is usefull when reading a book, and you need to know the definition of a specific word or set of words, but you dont want to loose the page you are reading.

- Always have your Book Contents available wherever you are currently reading the book. If you start reading a book, there will appear a little X icon on the bottom right corner of your screen. You can click it to make the Book Contets appear and dissappear at will. This little side window will stay at the exact position no matter how far you scroll the text down. This makes sure you can navigate quickly and easily through every chapter of a book, without going back to the book index page.

- You can either search through the glossary, or you can search for multiple terms without the whole site (text, articles, scriptures etc..).

Upcoming Features

I am doing my very best to update this site with as much functionality to suit everyone. However, as my time is not unlimited, please let me know what you feel should come first, so i can set the priority straight!

Expect lots of more features coming soon, here is a quick list:

  • A page system for large books. Lots of books are only available in PDF. When i process them, i often ignore the page numbers. This is a feature with a big priority for me to fix, beacause lots of footnotes refere to specific pages.
  • creating and managing projects. You can then keep track of various parts of text that you select across the many books on this site. Every detail of the project will only be a mouse-click away on every page!