The Garuda Purana

by Manmatha Nath Dutt | 1908 | 245,256 words | ISBN-13: 9788183150736

The English translation of the Garuda Purana: contents include a creation theory, description of vratas (religious observances), sacred holidays, sacred places dedicated to the sun, but also prayers from the Tantrika ritual, addressed to the sun, to Shiva, and to Vishnu. The Garuda Purana also contains treatises on astrology, palmistry, and preci...

Chapter CXXXVIII - Genealogy of royal princes (solar race)

Said the God Hari:—Now I shall describe the geneology of the princes of the blood royal, as well the exploits done by each of them. The God Brahma sprang from the navel of the eternal Vishnu. Daksha, the father of all created beings sprang from the thumb of Brahma. Daksha begat Aditi, and Aditi was the father of the Sun-God. The Sun God created Manu, and Manu was the father of Ikshaku, Sharyati, Mriga, Dhrishta, Prishadhra, Narishyanta, Nabhaga, Dishta, and Shashaka. Manu, the son of the Sun God, had a daughter named Ila, who was subsequently known as Sudyumna. Mercury, the son of the Moon God, had a sexual congress with Ila and begat on her person the three sons named Rajah, Rudra and Purarava. In the character of Sudyumna Ila had three sons named Utkala, Viuata and Gaya. Prishadhra, a son of Manu, killed a cow, and so he was degraded to the status of a shudra. After that, the race of the Kshatriyas that sprung from Karusha, is called Karusha. Dishta, a son of Manu, had a son named Nabhaga, who became a Vaishya. Nabhaga had a son named Bhanandana, and the son of Bhanandana wasVatsapriti. Subsequently the said Bhanandana begat two other sons named Panshu and Khanitra, and Khanitra had a son named Kshupa. Vinsha was the son of Kshupa and Vivinsha was the son of Vinsha. Vivinsha had another son named Khaninetra, and Khaninetra had a son named Vibhuti. Vibhuti begat Karandhama, and Karandhama begat Abikshita. Abikshita had a son named Marutta, and Marutta was the father of Navishyanta. Tamas begat Rajvardhana, Rajvardhana begat Sudhriti, and Sudhriti begat Nara. Nara had a son named Kavela who was the father of Dhundhumana. Dhundumana begat Vegavan, who was the father of Budha.

Afteawards Budha begat a son named Trinavindu and a daughter named Ailavila. The said Trinavindu begat on Alamvusha a son named Vishala. Vishala had a son named Hemchandra who in his turn begat Chandra. Chandra begat Dhumrashva who begat Srinjaya; and Srinjaya had a son named Sahadeva who was the father of Krishashva. The name of the son of Krishashva was Somadatta who begat Janamejaya. Janamejaya was the father of Sumantri. All these princes ruled in the city of Vishala.

Sharyayati had a daughter who was married to the holy Chyavana. Sharyayati had a son named Ananta, and Ananta was the father of Devaka. Afterwards Revata had a son who was called Baivataka and a daughter named Revati. The son begat by Dhrista, the son of Manu, was called Dharstaka who though born a Kshatriya, took to the life of a Vaishya. Amvarisha was the son of Nabhaga, a son of Manu. Amvarisha begat Virupa, Virupa begat Prishadashva, Prishadashva begat Rathinara, who was firmly devoted to Vasudeva.

Of the three sons of Ikshakshu, the first was named Vikukshi, the second was called Nimi; and the third Dandaka. Vikukshi ate the hare kept for sacrificial purposes and hence he was called the hare-eater (shashada). This shashada had a son named Puranjaya who begat Kakutstha. Kakutstha had a son named Anena, and the son of Anena was named Prithu. Prithu had a son named Vishvarata who was the father of Ardra. Ardra begat Yuvanashva who begat shravanta. shravanta had a son named Vrihadashva, who was the father of Kuvalayashva, who had a son called Dridashva, and who was better known by the epithet of Dhundumara. This Dridashva had three sons, viz., Chandrashva, Kapilashva and Haryashva. Haryashva begat Nikumbha. Nikumbha begat Hitashva who was the father of Pujashva. Pujashva had a a son named Yuvnashva. The son of Yuvanashva was called Mandhata who had a son named Vindu Mahya. Vindu Mahya had three sons named Muchukunda, Amvarisha and Purukutsa. The aforesaid Vindu Mahya had fifty daughters who became the wives of the holy sage Sauvari. Amvarisha begat Yuvanashva who begat Harita. The son begotten on Narmada by Purukutsa was called Trasadasyu. Anaranya was the son of Trasadasyu, and the son of Anaranya was called Haryayashva. Vasumanah was the son of Haryayashva and Tridhanva was the son of Vasumanah. Tridhanva had a son named Trayaruna who was the father of Satyarata. This Satyarata became famous by the name of Trishhanku. The son of Trishhanku was named Harish Chandra, who was the father of Rohitashva. Harita was the son of Rohitashva and Chanchu was the son of Harita. Chanchu begat Vijaya, and Vijaya begat Ruruk, and Ruruk begat Vrika. Vahu was the son of Vrika and he became a king. Sagara was the son of Vahu who had sixty thousand sons by his wife Sumati, and a son named Asamanjasa by his wife Keshini. Anshumana was the son of Asamanjasa, and Dilipa was the son of Anshumana. Bhagiratha was the son of Dilipa, and he brought down the Ganges on earth. shruta was the son of Bhagiratha, and the son of shruta was named Nabhaga. Nabhaga had a son named Amvarisha who was the father of Sindhudvipa. Ajutayu was the son of Sindhudvipa, and the son of Ajutayu was Rituparna. Sarvakama was the son of Rituparna, and Sudasa was the the son of Sarvakama. The son of Sudasa became famous by the name of Mitrasaha. Sudasa begat a son on his wife Damayanti who was called Kalmashapada. Kalmashapada begat Ashvaka, and Ashvaka begat Mulaka, and Mulaka begat Dasharha who was the father of Ailavila. The son of Ailavila was named Vishvasaha, who was the father of Khattanga. Khattanga had a son named Dirghavahu who was the father of Aja. The son of Aja was Dasharatha who had four sons, viz., Rama, Bharata, Lakshmana and shatrughna. All of them became famous in history for prowess and glorious achievements. Kusha and Lava were the sons of Rama. Bharat’s sons were named Tarksha and Pushkala. Chitrangada and Chandraketu were the sons of Lakshmana, while the sons of Shatrughna were named Suvahu and Surasena. Kusha had a son named Atithi who was the father of Nishada. Nala was the son of Nishada, and Nabhasa was the son of Nala. Pundarika was the son of Nabhasa, and Kshemdhanva was the son of Pundarika. Devanika was the son of Kshemadhanva, and Ahinaka was the son of Devanika. Ahinaka begat Ruru, and Ruru begat Paripatra, and Paripatra begat Dala, and Dala begat Chhala. Vuktha was the son of Chhala and Vajranabha was the son of Vuktha. The son of Vajranabha was Gana who was the father of Ushitashva who was the father of Vishvashaha. Hiranyanabha was the son of Vishvasaha, and Pushpaka was the son of Hiranyanabha. The son of Pushpaka was Dhruvasandhi who was to father of Sudarshana. Sudarshana begat Agnivarna who was the father of Padmavarna. Padmavarna begat shighra, and shighra begat Maru, and Maru begat Prashruta who was the father of Udavasu. Nandivardhana was the son of Udavasu. Suketu was the son of Nandivardhana. Suketu had a son named Devarata who was the father of Vrihaduktha. Vrihaduktha had a son named Mahavirya who was the father of Sudhriti. The son of Sudhriti was Dhristaketu who was the father of Haryayashva. The son of Haryayashva was Maru who was the father of Pratindhaka. Pratindhaka begat Kritiratha, and Kritiratha begat Devamidha who was the father of Vivudha. The son of Vivudha was Mahadhriti who was the father of Kritirata. The son of Kritiiata was Manoroma who was the father of Svarnaroma, whose son was Hrasvaroma, whose son was Siradhvaja who had a daughter named Sita. Kushadhvaja was the brother of shiradhvaja who had a son named Bhanuman. shatadyumna was the son of Bhanuman and shuchi was the son of shatadyumna. shuchi begat Urja. Urja begat Sanadhvaja whose son was Kuli. The son of Kuli was Ananjana who was the father of Kulajit. The son of Kulajit was Adhinemi who was the father of shrutayu. The son of shrutayu was Suparshva who was the father of Kshemari. Kshemari begat Anena who was the father of Ramaratha. Ramaratha begat Satyaratha; and Satyaratha, Upaguru, Upaguru begat Upagupta whose son was Svagata. Svagata had a son named Svanara, who begat Suvarcha, who begat Suparshva, who begat Sushruta. The son of Sushruta was Jaya who was the father of Vijaya. Vijava begat Rita, and Rita begat Sunaya, and Sunaya begat Vitahavya, who was the father of Dhriti. The son of Dhriti was Vahulashva who was the father of Kriti. Two different races sprang from Janaka who were all addicted to Yoga.

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