The Garuda Purana

by Manmatha Nath Dutt | 1908 | 245,256 words | ISBN-13: 9788183150736

The English translation of the Garuda Purana: contents include a creation theory, description of vratas (religious observances), sacred holidays, sacred places dedicated to the sun, but also prayers from the Tantrika ritual, addressed to the sun, to Shiva, and to Vishnu. The Garuda Purana also contains treatises on astrology, palmistry, and preci...

Chapter CXL - Description of the race of puru

Hari said:—The son of Puru was Janamejaya, whose son was Manushya, whose son was Abhayada, whose son was Sambhu, who was the father of Vahugati. The son of Vahugati was Samjati, whose son was Vatsagati, who was the father of Randrashva. Randrashva had several sons, who were named Riteyu, Sthandileyu, Kaksheyu, Kriteya, Jaleyu, and Santateyu. Of these the son of Riteyu was Ratinara, whose son was Pratiratha. The son of Pratiratha was Medhatithi whose son was Ainila. The son of Ainila was Dushmanta, who by his wife Shakuntala, had a son named Bharata. The son of Bharata was Vitatha, whose son was Manyu, whose son was Nara, whose son was Samkriti, who was the father of Gardha. The son of Gardha was Amanyu, whose son was Shini. The mighty Nara, the son of Manyu had another son named Urukshaya. The son of Urukshaya was Trayaruni, whose son was Vyuhakshetra, whose son was Suhotra, who had three sons Hasti, Ajamida and Dvimida. The son of Hasti was Purumida, and the son of Ajamida was Kanva. Medhatithi sprang from this Kauva, who was the progenitor of the Kanvayana clan of Brahmanas. Ajamida had another son named Vrihadishu, who was the father of Vrihatdhanu. The son of Vrihatdhanu was Vrihatkarma, whose son was Jayadratha, whose son was Vishvajit, whose son was Senajit, whose son was Ruchirashva, who was the father of Prithusena.

Puru was the son of Prithusena, whose son was Dvipa, whose son was Samara. Prithusena had another son named Sukriti. The son of Sukriti was Vibhraja, whose son was Ashvaha. The said Ashvaha had a son by his wife Kriti, named Brahmadatta, whose son was Vishvaksen. Dvimidha, the sun of Suhotra had a son named Yamina. The son of Yamina was Dhritimana, whose son was Satyadhriti, whose son was Dridhamuni. The son of Dridhamuni was Suparshva, whose son was Sannati. The son of Sannati was Kritu, whose son was Ugrayudha, whose son was Kshema, whose son was Sudhira, whose son was Puranjaya, who was the father of Viduratha.

Ajamida had a wife named Nalini, who gave birth to Nila. The son of Nila was Shanti, whose son was Sushanti, whose son was Puru, whose son was Arka, whose son was Haryashva, who was the father of Mukula. This Mukula became the ruler of the country of Panchala. He had five sons named Yuvanira, Vrihadbhanu, Kampilla, Srinjaya and Sharadvana, This Sharadvana was firmly devoted to Vishnu. Sharadvana begat a son on Ahalya, who was called Divodasa, the socond. Divodasa had a son named Shatananda. Satyadhriti was the son of Shatananda. Satyadhriti lost control over his senses at the sight of the nymph Urvasi, and a son named Kripa and a daughter named Kripri were born out of his emitted seed. Kripri was married to Dronacharyya, and Ashvathvama was the fruit of this union.

The son of Divodasa was Mitrayu, whose son was Chyavana, whose son was Sudasa, who was the father of Saudasa. The son of Saudasa was Sahadeva, whose son was Somaka, who had two sons named Jantu and Prishata. The son of Prishata was Drupada, through whom Dhrishtadyumna came into being. The son of Dhrishtadyumna was Dhrishtaketu.

The aforesaid Ajamida had a son named Riksha. The son of Riksha was Shamvarana, who was the father of Kuru, Sudhanu, Parikshit and Janhu. The son of Sudhanu was Suhotra, whose son was Chyavana, who was the father of King Kritaka. The son of Kritaka was Uparichayavasu, the father of Vrihadratha, Pratyagra, Satya and others. The son of Vrihadratha was Kushagra, whose son was Rishabha, whose son was Pushpanabha, who was the father of king Satyahita. The son of Satyahita was Sudhanva, whose son was Janhu.

The said Vrihadratha had another son named Jarasandha. The son of Jarasandha was Sahadeva, whose son was Somati, who was the father of Bhimasena, Ugrasena, Shrutasena and others.

The abovesaid Janhu had a son named Suratha. The son of Suratha was Viduratha, whose son was Sarvabhauma, whose son was Jayasena, who was the father of avadhita. The son of avadhita was Ayutavu, whose son was Akrodhana, whose son was Atithi, who was the father of Riksha. The son of Riksha was Bhimasena, whose son was Dilipa, whose son was Pratipa, who was the father of Devapi, Shantanu, and Valhika. Somadatta owes his paternity to King Valhika. The son of Somadatta was Bhuri, whose sons were Bhurishrava and Shala.

Shantanu begot on the person of Ganga, a son named Bhishma, who was noted for his piety. The said Shantanu had two other sons named Chitrangada and Vichitraviryya. Vichitraviryya had two wives named Amvika and Amvalika. The holy Vyasa begot on Amvika, a son named (Dhritarashtra; on Amvalika, a son named Pandu; and on the person of a slave girl, a son named Vidura. Dhritarashtra had by his wife Gandhari, a hundred sons named Duryyodhana, etc., while Pandu had five sons named Yudhishthira, etc. By their common wife Draupadi, Yudhishthira had a son named Prativindhya; Bhima, a son named Shrutasoma; Arjuna, a son named Shrutakirti; Nakula, a son named Shatanika; and Sahadeva, a son named Shrutakarina. Yudhisthira and his five brothers had a number of wives; such as, Yandhayi, Hidimva, Kaushi, Subhadra Vijaya and Renumati, who respectively became the mothers of Devaka, Ghatatkacha, Abhimanyu, Sarvaga, and Suhotra. Abhimanyu was the father of Parikshit, whose son was Janamejaya. Now hear me enumerate the names of kings who came after Janamejaya.

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