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Buddhism is a religion and philosophy encompassing a variety of traditions, beliefs and practices, largely based on teachings attributed to the Buddha. The Buddha lived and taught in the northeastern Indian subcontinent sometime between the 6th and 4th centuries BCE. He shared his insights to help sentient beings end suffering, achieve nirvana, and escape what is seen as a cycle of suffering and rebirth. Two major branches of Buddhism are recognized: Theravada ("The School of the Elders") and Mahayana ("The Great Vehicle").

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Overview of all Buddhism books:

added 2009-08-17
by Dr. Yutang Lin
18,562 words read
added 2009-05-23
A.T.M.,B.A.,B.C.S. (1), F.R.E.S. Author of Ashin Anuraddha's Abhidhammathasangaha in Pali & Burmese
by U Po Sa
19,923 words read
The Paticcasamuppada refers to “The Doctrine of Dependent Origination”. This is the English translation done by U Aye Maung Published by U Min Swe Buddhasasana Nuggaha Organization Rangoon, Burma.
by Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw
62,614 words read
added 2009-08-22
by Dr. Yutang Lin
21,073 words read
By Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo (Phra Suddhidhammaransi Gambhiramedhacariya) Translated from the Thai by Thanissaro Bhikkhu Copyright © 1995 Mettá Forest Monastery For free distribution only You may reprint this w...
by Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo
4,517 words read
added 2009-08-22
by Venerable K. Sri Dhammananda
12,516 words read
added 2009-08-17
From Stephen L. Klick: "There is no safety in the threefold world; it is like a burning house, replete with a multitude of sufferings, truly to be feared…"
by Stephen L. Klick
20,465 words read
added 2009-05-03
In the Abhidhammattha Sangaha there is a brief exposition of the Law of Dependent Origination, followed by a descriptive account of the Causal Relations that finds no parallel in any other philosophy. Edited in the original Pa...
by Nārada Thera
80,494 words read
added 2009-08-23
by Carlton Carr
9,239 words read
Being an Account by the Chinese Monk Fa-Hien of his Travels in India and Ceylon (A.D. 399-414) in Search of the Buddhist Books of Discipline. Translated and annotated with a Corean recension of the Chinese text by James Legge
by Fa-Hien
51,094 words read
added 2010-03-29
Printed Edition 1926 Macmillan and Co., Limited St Martin's Street, London Web Edition 2000 Rhajiv Ratnatunga Pittsburgh. PA USA
by Humphry William Codrington
48,606 words read
added 2009-08-23
The Wheel Publication No. 397/398 ISBN 955-24-0125-9 Copyright © 1994 Buddhist Publication Society Buddhist Publication Society P.O. Box 61 54, Sangharaja Mawatha Kandy, Sri Lanka For free distribution only You ...
by Robert Bogoda
13,161 words read
A Survey of Paramattha Dhammas is a guide to the development of the Buddha's path of wisdom, covering all aspects of human life and human behaviour, good and bad. This study explains that right understanding is indispensable for m...
by Sujin Boriharnwanaket
129,875 words read
added 2010-03-28
The work introduces itself as a treatise composed “for clansmen following the suttas who are zealously engaged in the practice of the vehicle to great enlightenment, in order to improve their skilfulness in accumulating the requ...
by Ācariya Dhammapāla; translated by Bhikkhu Bodhi
23,066 words read
added 2010-01-03
by Nina van Gorkom
5,974 words read
added 2010-01-03
by Nina Van Gorkom
70,623 words read
English translation of "Abhidhamma in Daily Life" by Professor Ko Lay. Revised by Sayadaw U Silananda, International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University, Yangon, 1999
by Ashin Janakabhivamsa
66,666 words read
added 2014-08-24
Abhidharmakośa, the famous fundamental treatise of 5th century by Vasubandhu, explaining the fundaments of system of knowledge according to Vaibhasika tradition of Buddhism is here. The main points of study here are the theory of...
by Vasubandhu; translated by Leo M. Pruden
33,119 words read
This is the English translation of the commentary on the Apadana (Atthakatha), also known as the Visuddhajana-Vilasini. The Buddhist stories known as apadanas refer to biographies of Buddhas, Buddhist monks and nuns. They are foun...
by U Lu Pe Win
216,848 words read
added 2009-05-10
An outline of the history and development of the sangha, the Buddhist order of monks and nuns, with many interesting stories and examples, from their beginnings in the Buddha's time to the present day.
by Bhikkhu Khantipalo
47,683 words read
added 2013-02-05
The Bodhisattvacharyāvatāra or Bodhicaryāvatāra, sometimes translated into English as A Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life, is a famous Mahāyāna Buddhist text written c. 700 AD in Sanskrit verse by Shantideva (Śāntidev...
by Śāntideva; translated by Adam Pearcey
4,169 words read
added 2012-03-04
This book explains the bodhisattva concept and gives guidance to the Buddhist practitioner following the Mahāyāna path towards the attainment of enlightenment. The text was written in Sanskrit by Shantideva (Śāntideva), a B...
by Śāntideva; translated by Andreas Kretschmar
246,740 words read
added 2009-05-23
Aggamaha Saddhamma Jotika Dhaja Dean, Faculty of Patipatti, I T B M U, Yangon 1998
by Sayadaw U Pannadipa
17,153 words read
added 2013-01-31
Buddhacharita (of Bodhisattva Aśvaghoṣa) is an epic poem in the Sanskrit mahakavya style on the life of Gautama Buddha by Aśvaghoṣa, composed in the 1st century CE.
by Charles Willemen
77,962 words read
added 2009-05-24
Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma-Sambuddhassa
by Narada Mahathera
17,361 words read
added 2010-09-09
by Samdhong Rinpoche
29,256 words read
added 2010-10-11
A study of its origin and development in relation to the Sutta and Vinaya Pitakas by Jotiya Dhirasekera, [Now Bhikkhu Dhammavihari]
by Jotiya Dhirasekera
113,985 words read
by Nina van Gorkom
23,614 words read
added 2010-01-31
by Nina van Gorkom
122,172 words read
added 2010-01-31
Conditionality of Life in the Buddhist Teachings An outline of the 24 Conditions as taught in the Abhidhamma
by Nina van Gorkom
56,782 words read
added 2011-02-20
*english translation* The first book of the Abhidhamma (Part 3 of the Tipitaka). The Dhammasangani enumerates all the paramattha dhamma (ultimate realities) to be found in the world. According to one such enumeration these a...
translated by C.A.F. Rhys Davids
124,932 words read
A Collection of Talks on Mindfulness Meditation
by Dhammasami
11,593 words read
The Flower Adornment Sutra (Avataṃsaka Sūtra) is one of the most influential Mahayana sutras of East Asian Buddhism. The Avataṃsaka Sūtra describes a cosmos of infinite realms upon realms, mutually containing one another. ...
translated by Shikshananda
42,486 words read
Vipassana means 'insight' or 'perception'. This book helps prepare your mind for meditation. It conists of a series of lectures and is meant for people new to Vipassana Meditation.
by Venerable Mahāsi Sayādaw; translated by Maung Tha Noe
24,609 words read
added 2010-04-06
by U Ko Lay
48,543 words read
added 2010-01-27
Ashoka (or Aśoka, asoka) was an Indian emporeor reigning the Maurya dynasty from 268 to 232 BCE. In Asoka’s Footsteps; Dhamma in India; October 1999; by Nina Van Gorkom
by Nina Van Gorkom
27,079 words read
Abhidhamma is the 3rd and last part of the Buddhist Pāli Canon. This book is meant as an introduction to the various concepts presented in the seven books of the Abhidhamma.
by Kyaw Min, U
43,258 words read
By The Editorial Committee - Translation Section Department for the Promotion and Propagation of the Sasana Ministry of Religious Affairs, Yangoon, Myanmar, 1995 supplied by http://www.nibbana.com This introduction in a way may b...
by U Ko Lay; translated by The Editorial Committee
7,776 words read
The story of Ksitigarbha occurs in the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Purvapranidhana Sutra which is a popular Mahayana Sutra. This sutra is said to have been spoken by the Buddha towards the end of his life. Ksitigarbha is a bodhisat...
by Johnny Yu
21,827 words read
by Nina van Gorkom
31,190 words read
FERVENT WISHES May this Gift of Dhamma help us in deepening our understanding of the Good Dhamma and our practice of meditation. May we grow in love, kindness and wisdom. May our heart dwell in the spirit of the Dhamma. Ma...
by Dhammasami
39,117 words read
added 2014-05-22
The Mūlamadhyamakakārikā ("Fundamental Verses on the Middle Way") is a key text of the Madhyamaka-school, written by Nagarjuna, one of the most important Buddhist philosophers. The Mulamadhyamakakarika is not only ...
by Nāgārjuna
44,903 words read
added 2009-05-16
A short book of four chapters dealing with the Triple Gem, Anapanasati, Happiness and Unhappiness, and Nibbana
by Ajahn Sumedho
13,181 words read
added 2013-01-31
The Pārāyanavagga (Pali, "Way to the Far Shore Chapter") is a small collections of suttas within the Pāli Canon of Theravada Buddhism. Speaking generally, the Aṭṭhakavagga and the Pārāyanavagga tend more str...
translated by Ānandajoti Bhikkhu
10,204 words read
added 2010-12-21
This book includes many things that may not be easy to understand for the reader who is not familiar with the theory and practice of Theravada Buddhism. This book is a translation of the Dhutanga practices of Venerable Acharn Mun ...
by Acariya Maha Boowa Ñanasampanno; translated by Acariya Panyavaddho
256,801 words read
added 2009-06-07
This ebook is about Patthana Dhamma, the 7th text of abhidhamma pitaka or tipitaka, reffering to the teachings of The Buddha, also known as: the Exalted One, Fully Enlightened One, Tathagata, Well Gone One; 623 BC. The materia...
by Htoo Naing
57,704 words read
Practical Advice for Meditators by Bhikkhu Khantipalo The Wheel Publication No. 116 Copyright © 1986 Buddhist Publication Society For free distribution only. You may print copies of this work for your personal use. You may re-...
by Bhikkhu Khantipalo
10,033 words read
by Acharn Thawee Baladhammo
25,092 words read
Ksitigarbha (Di Zang Pu-sa) is a great bodhisattva who vowed to not become a buddha until everyone was released from hell. His birthday is observed on the thirtith day of the seventh lunar month. At or near that time a Dharma Asss...
19,954 words read
The Sūtra of the Great Vow of Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva (Kṣitigarbha Sūtra) is a story about the Buddha teaching to his mother in the Palace of Trāyastriṃśa Heaven about the merits of Kṣitigarbha. It was translated into ...
translated by Various authors
25,133 words read
(Also known as:) The Dharma Jewel Platform Sutra The Sutra of the 6th Patriarch, Whai-Nung (The full name is:) The 6th Patriarch great master Dharma Jewel Platform Sutra (Lok Tzoe Dye See Fard Bowl Tarn Ging) (Liu Zu Da Sh...
translated by A. F. Price
32,968 words read
added 2009-05-24
The Theravadin Buddhist Monk's Rules compiled and explained by: Bhikkhu Ariyesako Discipline is for the sake of restraint, restraint for the sake of freedom from remorse, freedom from remorse for the sake of joy, joy f...
by Bhikkhu Ariyesako
50,970 words read
added 2013-03-28
The Brahmajala Sutta is the first of 34 suttas in the Digha Nikaya. The sutta discusses three main topics: 1) the elaboration of the Ten Precepts (Cula-sila), 2) the Middle Precepts (Majjhima-sila), 3) and the Great Precep...
translated by T. W. Rhys Davids
21,080 words read
added 2010-06-13
The life of the Buddha is more than an account of one man's quest for and realisation of the truth; it is also about the people who encountered that man during his forty-five year career and how their encounter transformed them. ...
by Venerable S. Dhammika
28,513 words read
added 2015-01-18
This book is an attempt to present the life and teachings of the Buddha , made by a member of the Order of the Sangha. The first part of the book deals with the Life of the Buddha, the second with the Dhamma, the Pāli term for...
by Narada Thera
145,972 words read
A systematic and clear presentation of the philosophy of critical Realism as expounded by Dignaga and his school. The work is divided into two parts arranged into 26 chapters. Part I discusses the Nature of Existence, Logical Diff...
by Satkari Mookerjee
152,014 words read
Rupas by Nina van Gorkom: An explanation about an absolute reality around and inside us.
by Nina van Gorkom
24,604 words read
added 2010-02-08
The Catusacca-Dipani The Manual of the Four Noble Truths By Mahathera Ledi Sayadaw, Aggamahapandita, D.Litt. Translated into English by Sayadaw U Nyana, Patamagyaw of Masoeyein Monastery Mandalay Edited by The English Editoria...
by Mahathera Ledi Sayadaw
11,997 words read
added 2009-05-16
Dedication: May all beings live happily, free from fear, and may all share in the blessings springing from the good that has been done.
by Sucitto Bhikkhu
76,370 words read
This book deals with Paticcasamuppada (‘dependent origination’): a Pali compound consisting of three words: 1) Patticca, which means “because” and “dependent upon”, 2) Sam, which means “well”, 3) and Uppada,...
by U Than Daing
18,306 words read
added 2009-05-16
A collection of talks dealing with understanding and practicing the Four Noble Truths. The Four Noble Truths refer to a basic concept within Buddhism. In short, they refer to: dukkha (“suffering”); samudaya (“arising...
by Ajahn Sumedho
22,385 words read
Indispensable reference for art historians, scholars of Eastern philosophy and religion. Wealth of detailed scholarly information on names, attributes, symbolism, pictorial representations of virtually every major and minor divini...
by Alice Getty
98,662 words read
added 2009-04-26
The "Gospel of Buddha" is a 19th century compilation from a variety of Buddhist texts by Paul Carus. It is modelled on the New Testament as was very widely read. It was even recommended by Ceylonese Buddhist leaders as a...
by Paul Carus
69,856 words read
added 2014-08-31
A Commentary on Great Perfection: The Nature of Mind, Easer of Weariness In Sanskrit the title is ‘Mahāsandhi-cittā-visranta-vṛtti-mahāratha-nāma’. In Tibetan ‘rDzogs pa chen po sems nyid ngal gso’i shing rta c...
by Longchenpa
268,580 words read
The Jataka is a massive collection of Buddhist folklore about previous incarnations of the Buddha, both in human and animal form. Originally written in Pali, and dating to at least 380 BCE, the Jataka includes many stories which h...
by Robert Chalmers
735,224 words read
added 2014-08-17
The Laṅkāvatāra Sūtra recounts a teaching primarily between the Buddha and a bodhisattva named Mahāmati ("Great Wisdom"). The most important doctrine issuing from the Laṅkāvatāra Sūtra is that of the prima...
translated by Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki
108,282 words read
The Larger Sutra on Amida Buddha is Shakyamuni Buddha's Discourse Revealing Amida Buddha as the Savior of All Beings through the Power of His Great Vows.
17,317 words read
added 2010-02-19
Compiled and translated from the Pali texts by Nyanaponika Thera The Wheel Publication No. 90/92 ISBN 955-24-0015-5 Copyright © 1987 Buddhist Publication Society For free distribution only. You may print copies of this work fo...
by Nyanaponika Thera
26,620 words read
added 2013-06-30
The Lotus Sūtra (Saddharma Puṇḍarīka Sūtra) is one of the most popular and influential Mahāyāna sūtras, and is known for its extensive instruction on the concept and usage of skillful means (upāya), the seventh paramita...
translated by Tsugunari Kubo
92,709 words read
added 2010-03-21
Cingalese history is authenticated by the concurrence of every evidence that can contribute to verify the annals of any country – “Ceylon” Pearl of the East by Harry Williams
by Mahathera Mahanama; translated by George Turnour
95,939 words read
The Mahāyāna Mahāparinirvāṇa Sūtra is one of the major sutras of Mahāyāna Buddhism. Its main teachings centre on the eternity of the Buddha, the reality of the True Self, and the presence of the Buddha-dhatu (Buddha Natur...
translated by Kosho Yamamoto
411,786 words read
added 2013-02-03
The Naladiyar is one of the few original works we have in Tamil. It contains altogether forty chapters, of ten stanzas each, on moral subjects.
18,838 words read
added 2010-02-09
The Patthanuddesa Dipani The Buddhist Philosophy of Relations By Mahathera Ledi Sayadaw, Aggamahapandita, D.Litt. Translated into English by Sayadaw U Nyana, Patamagyaw of Masoeyein Monastery Mandalay. Edited by The English Edito...
by Mahathera Ledi Sayadaw
21,602 words read
The female deity Kurukullā, whose practice is the subjectmatter of this text, has a particular place and orientation amid the pantheon of meditational deities. This English translation was prepared on the basis of the readings...
translated by Dharmachakra Translation Committee
26,172 words read
English Translation By P. H. Wei Update: 01-09-2003
by Wang Chi Biu
22,992 words read
The Sutra of Queen Śrīmālā of the Lion’s Roar (Śrīmālādevī Siṃhanāda Sūtra) is a Mahayana text no longer extant in Sanskrit but preserved in both the Chinese and Tibetan Buddhist canons. It teaches the doctrines ...
translated by Diana Y. Paul
15,590 words read
Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva Pūrvapraṇidhāna Sūtra is a Mahāyāna sūtra teaching about the bodhisattva Kṣitigarbha, and is one of the more popular sūtras in Chinese Buddhism. The sutra tells of how Kṣitigarbha became a bo...
translated by Shikshananda
152,633 words read
The Mppś is a commentary on the Pañcaviṃśatisāhasrikā Prajñāpāramitā (“The Perfection of Wisdom in Five Thousand Lines”). Volume I of the Traité describes the conditions of time, place and individuals under whic...
by Nāgārjuna; translated by Gelongma Karma Migme Chödrön
254,050 words read
The Mppś is a commentary on the Pañcaviṃśatisāhasrikā Prajñāpāramitā (“The Perfection of Wisdom in Five Thousand Lines”). Volume II describes the spirit in which the bodhisattva should practice the virtues of his state.
by Nāgārjuna; translated by Gelongma Karma Migme Chödrön
189,742 words read
The Mppś is a commentary on the Pañcaviṃśatisāhasrikā Prajñāpāramitā (“The Perfection of Wisdom in Five Thousand Lines”). Volume III describes the new concepts, in contrast to the old Abhidharma, in regard to tha...
by Nāgārjuna; translated by Gelongma Karma Migme Chödrön
238,096 words read
The Mppś is a commentary on the Pañcaviṃśatisāhasrikā Prajñāpāramitā (“The Perfection of Wisdom in Five Thousand Lines”). Volume IV describes the desires or aspirations of the bodhisattva which can be realized on...
by Nāgārjuna; translated by Gelongma Karma Migme Chödrön
170,876 words read
The Mppś is a commentary on the Pañcaviṃśatisāhasrikā Prajñāpāramitā (“The Perfection of Wisdom in Five Thousand Lines”). In volume V, the bodhisattva of the PPS continues to adorn his future buddha-field by form...
by Nāgārjuna; translated by Gelongma Karma Migme Chödrön
121,650 words read
added 2009-05-16
The View From the Center Ajahn Amaro July 18, 2008
by Ajahn Amaro
8,611 words read
Translated and edited from the Chinese (Kumarajiva ed. T.475) by Charles Luk (Lu K'uan Yi) in 1972.
by Vimalakirti; translated by Charles Luk
32,509 words read
added 2013-05-26
The Vimalakīrti Nirdeśa Sūtra is a Mahāyāna sūtra that teaches the meaning of nonduality. It contains a report of a teaching addressed to both arhats and bodhisattvas by the layman Vimalakīrti, who expounds the doctrine of ...
by Vimalakirti; translated by John R. McRae
44,185 words read
added 2010-02-01
The Vipassana-Dipani The Manual of Insight Or The Exposition Of Insight Honor to the Buddha By Mahathera Ledi Sayadaw, Aggamahapandita, D.Litt. Translated into English by Sayadaw U Nyana, Patamagyaw of Masoeyein Monastery Manda...
by Mahathera Ledi Sayadaw
21,831 words read
added 2013-02-13
The Way of the White Clouds as an eye-witness account and the description of a pilgrimage in Tibet during the last decenniums of its independence and unbroken cultural tradition, is the attempt to do justice to the above-mentioned...
by Anāgarika Lāma Govinda
123,888 words read
Prajnaparamita Ratnagunasamcayagatha Translated by Edward Conze (Taisho Tripitaka 0229)
translated by Edward Conze
14,137 words read
added 2014-08-17
The Vimalakīrti Nirdeśa Sūtra teaches, among other subjects, the meaning of nonduality. It contains a report of a teaching addressed to both arhats and bodhisattvas by the layman Vimalakīrti ("Undefiled Reputation"),...
by Vimalakirti; translated by Robert A. F. Thurman
37,346 words read
added 2014-09-02
Translated by Burton Watson in 1997 from the Chinese version by Kumarajiva (T.475)
by Vimalakirti; translated by Burton Watson
43,710 words read
7,349 words read
added 2009-05-17
Vipassana Meditation: English lectures on Insight Meditation By venerable Chanmyay Sayadaw U Janakabhivamsa.
by Chanmyay Sayadaw
22,042 words read
added 2009-05-17
by Chanmyay Sayadaw
28,857 words read
added 2010-04-04
"According to the seed that's sown, So is the fruit ye reap therefrom. Doer of good will gather good, Doer of evil, evil reaps, Sown is the seed, and thou shalt taste The fruit thereof" Buddha - Samyutta Nikaya Sukhi H...
by Sayadaw U Thittila
4,604 words read