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Now more than ever, there is need for a reminder into our past! A reminder for everyone righteous person that says:

“You are not alone now, you weren’t alone before and you won’t be alone ever!”

This websites supports literature origination from cultures upholding a righteousness and harmonious life; a concept known as Dharma. We don’t have to harm that which we don’t understand. Humanity has the potential to benefit from nature in harmonious ways, without the fear of doing the wrong thing. Dharma is about restoring the balance: to our inner world, as well as to the world around us.

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The world is what we make of it, but what we make of it stems from our innermost desires. However, more often than not, we strive to please our desires for materialism as well as our craving for sensual pleasure. Not only humanity, but also mother nature and our very earth suffers in this age of endless self-immolation. This may sound depressing, but let’s face it: we live in a world of our own making, and our world is exactly what we make it of.

So in the spirit of the above perspective, here are some of my favorite wakeup-calls, quoted from the sacred texts of the various traditions upholding the Dharma (universal righteousness); including Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Sikkhism.

“The whole world is fraught with peril. The whole world is on fire; the whole world is ablaze. The whole world is quaking. But the dharma which the Buddhas preach for the attainment of the ultimate goal, and which is not practised by the average worldling, is immovable and unshakeable”

“Kingdoms, children, wives, bodies, pleasures - these have all been lost to you life after life, attached to them though you were. Enough of wealth, sensuality and good deeds. In the forest of samsara the mind has never found satisfaction in these. How many births have you not done hard and painful labour with body, mind and speech. Now at last stop!”

“This samsara is like burning charcoal, filled with a hundred flames of anxiety, disease, old age, and death for all creatures. Therefore, negligence is not in the least suitable for a wise man. Who, even though a child, is careless in crossing a wilderness at night?”