Prasna-samhita [sanskrit]

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Summary: The Sanskrit text of the Sri-prasna-samhita, an encyclopedic text belonging to the Pancaratra school, containing references to mantras from Vedic, Puranic and Agamic sources, as well as details regarding instruments and dances employed during services in the temple, explaining various Mudras (gestures), musical Ragas and Talas. The Prasna-samhita quaotes references from various other texts such as the Padmasamhita, Satvatasamhita and Isvarasamhita, as well as the Yogatattva Upanisad.

Alternative titles: Praśnasaṃhitā (प्रश्नसंहिता), Śrīpraśnasaṃhitā (श्रीप्रश्नसंहिता), Prashna-samhita, Prashnasamhita, Prasnasamhita, Sriprasnasamhita, Shriprashnasamhita.


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Cover of edition (2006)

Sri Prasna Samhita
by Mrs. Seetha Padmanabhan (2006)

996 pages; [Publisher: Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha]

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