Gitartha Samgraha (critical Study)

by Partha Sarathi Sil | 2020 | 34,788 words

This page relates ‘Appendix: List of Technical Terms of Kashmir Shaivism’ of the study on Abhinavagupta’s Gitartha Samgraha commentary on the Bhagavad Gita: one of the core texts of Indian Philosophy. The Gitartha Sangraha is written in the light of Kashmir Shaivism and brings to Shaiva metaphysics and Yoga integrated in the Bhagavadgita. This study deals with Abhinava’s vision about the purpose of human existence and the accomplishment of salvation (i.e., self-realisation).

Appendix: List of Technical Terms of Kashmir Śaivism

[Full title: Appendix: List of Technical Terms of Kashmir Śaivism present in the Gītārthasaṅgraha]

Terms Meaning
Abhāsa Self manifestation
Adhva Order of level of manifestation in creation
Aham Self experience as pure ‘I’
Aiśvarya Self experience
Ānanda śakti Divine śakti in the aspect of delight
āṇavamala Defilement in the form of self-contraction
Anugraha Divine Grace
Anuttara The Absolute
Bindu Divine Śakti in a potential form
cidaṇu Spirit in the form monadic Pure consciousness
Cit-śakti Divine Śakti in the form of pure illumination
Citi Pure Illumination of consciousness
Dīkṣā Initiation
Guru Spiritual leader who acts as the medium for the transformation of divine grace
Icchā Divine will
Icchā śakti Divine śakti in the aspect of divine will
Idam Universe symbolised as the pure object on the pure order
Indriya Sense organ
Kalā An aspect of Divine Śakti, one of the five kañcukas causing limited authorship
Kāla Time, on of the five kañcukas causing confinement of the individual soul to time
Kañcuka Sheath for self-concealment
Kārma mala Defilement in the form of residual impressions of past deeds
Kriyā-śakti Divine Śakti in the aspect of action
Mahāmāya Divine power operating on the level of pure order
Mala Defilement
maṇḍala Construction of cosmic symbols
Māyīya-mala Defilement caused by Māya and its five Kañcukās
Mudrā Making proper gestures
Nigraha Self limitation
nimeṣa Closing up
Nyāsa Assignment of powerful sounds or symbols of the body
Parama-Śiva Supreme Śiva who is the supreme reality
Parāmarśa Self-experience
Parameśvara Supreme Lord
Parapramātā Supreme Experiencer
Pāśa Fetter or bond
Paśu Fettered being
Paśu pramātā Limited experiencer
pauruṣa-ajñāna Spiritual knowledge consequent on the destruction of self limitation
Prakāśa Pure illumination
Pralaya Cosmic dissolution
Pralayakāla A type of disembodied soul
Pūrṇāhamtā Supreme self experience as the pure ‘I’ on the highest level
Pūrṇatva Fullness
Rāga One of the five sheaths causing the development of attachment in the spiritual monad
Sakala Embodied soul
Śaktipāda Descent of divine grace
saṃskāra Residual impression
saṃvid Supreme experiencing principle
Saṅkalpa Devine resolve
Saṅkoca Self contraction
Śivatva The highest state of realisation; self experience as Śiva
Śuddha vikalpa Pure experience
Śunya Cosmic void
Tattva A level of creation
unmeṣa Opening out
Upāya Way of self realisation
Vāk Primordial word
Varṇa Letter symbolising different aspects of divine Śakti
Vijñānākala Divine power
Vikalpa Concept
Vimarśa Pure consciousness in the aspect of dynamism
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