The Garuda Purana

by Manmatha Nath Dutt | 1908 | 245,256 words | ISBN-13: 9788183150736

The English translation of the Garuda Purana: contents include a creation theory, description of vratas (religious observances), sacred holidays, sacred places dedicated to the sun, but also prayers from the Tantrika ritual, addressed to the sun, to Shiva, and to Vishnu. The Garuda Purana also contains treatises on astrology, palmistry, and preci...

Chapter CCV - Various other medicinal Recipes (continued)

Hari said:—The use of milk curd is forbidden in autumn summer, and spring (computed according to the Ayurvedic calendar), whereas its use is recommended in fore-winter (Hemanta), winter and the rainy season. Butter and sugar, taken after a meal, tend to improve the intellect. O Hara, by taking a Palam of common treacle, each day, for a year, a man is enabled to visit a thousand women and to acquire an enormous bodily strength. By taking Kushtham-powders, each night, at bed time, in combination with Ghritam and honey, a person is enabled to withstand the ravages of time such as grey hair and a shrivelled, wrinkled skin of the body The intelligent man, who rubs his body with a cosmetic compound composed of Atasi, Masha and Godhuma pounded together and mixed with clarified butter, walks about charm-ingly, O Shankara, like an incarnation of Cupid. Pills composed of Yava, Tilam, Ashvagandha, Mushali, Sarala and Gudam act as splendid rejuvenating and constructive remedies. A decoction composed of Hingu, Sauvarchalam and Shunthi boiled together with water cures indigestion and the type of Gastralgia known as Parinama Shulam. Make a paste by adding milk to powdered Dhataki; by taking this medicine an emaciated person is sure to gain flesh and to be stout again. A strong person should lick a lambative composed of butter, sugar and honey; a person suffering from any kind of wasting disease should take a goodly quantity of milk whereby bis health and intellect would be improved. Powders of crab shells taken with milk prove curative in Pthisis or consumption. A medicinal oil cooked in combination with Bhallatakam, Vidanga, Yavakshara, Saindhava, Manah-shila, and powdered conch-shells acts as an infallible hair-dilapidator. Paste leeches with the expressed juice of Malura; by applying this paste to the palms of one’s hands one is enabled to hold fire in his hands. Take the expressed juice of Shalmali mixed with the urine of an ass; this compound, cast in the fire acts as a potent fire-extinguisher. Take the belly of a female crow, reduce it to powder, and then into a paste with the addition of frog’s blood. Beat this mass into pills. By casting these pills in the fire, while repeating the Mantrah, Om, Agnistambhanam, Kuru Kuru (paralyse this fire), the intelligent one is sure to neutralise (lit benumb) its heat. By chewing a compound consisting of Munditakam, Vacha, Mustam Maricham or Tagaram, a person is able to lick the flame of a fire with his tongue. Rain may be arrested by reciting the mystic formula, which runs as, Om Namo Bhagavate Jalam Stambhaya, Stambhaya, Sam, Sam, Sam, Keka, Keka, Chara Chara. By burying a cow-bone, vulture’s bone and Nirmalyam underneath the threshhold of one’s enemy, one is enabled to bring about his death. A Tilak-mark composed of live red flowers of different species, Kumkum, and one Palam of Rochana pasted together with his or her own blood, and put on his or her forehead by a man or woman, exercises a fascinating influence. Brahmadandi administered through his food or drink to a person under the auspecies of the asterism Pushya brings him under the control of the giver. A Palam of Yashtimadhu taken with warm water, relieves, O thou the supreme deity, constipa(?) of the bowels, as well as an aching pain in the chest. Recitations of the Mantra, which runs as Om, Hrum, Jah, destroy all kinds of scorpion poison. Pippali, Shringavera, rock salt, and Maricham mixed with butter and milk curd and employed as a potion or an errhine act as a potent anti-toxic remedy. Decoctions of Triphala, adrakam, Kushtham and Chandana taken with clarified butter, or these drugs applied as plasters with the addition of the same substance tend to neutralise the effects of poison A compound of Haritalam, Manah-shila and pigeon’s eyes destroys the effects of a poison as Garuda destroys the serpents. O thou bull-ensigned deity, a plaster composed of Saindhava and Tryashunam pasted with milk-curd and applied to the seat of the bite with the addition of honey and clarified butter, proves curative in a case of scorpion bite. Trikatu-powders taken through the vehicle of a decoction of Tilam and Brahmadandi prove remedial to Gulmas and tend to set flow the blood incarcerated or accumulated in any part or organ of the body. Milk taken with honey tends to arrest hæmorrhage. Apply a plaster of pasted Atarushakam roots to the pelvis, umbilicus and exterior re-productive organ of a woman for the purpose of effecting a speedy and painless parturition. O thou, bull-riding celestial, washings of rice, taken with honey and sugar, prove curative in blood-dysentery.

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