Vishnu-samhita [sanskrit]

22,492 words | ISBN-10: 8170302234 | ISBN-13: 9788170302230

Summary: The Sanskrit text of the Vishnu-samhita, an ancient text belonging to the Pancaratra tradition. Topics include details regarding Mandalas, Philosophy, especially allied with Samkhya, Yoga and discussions related to the powers and qualities of God. The Vishnusamhita also details a system called Bhagavatayoga, enforcing bodily and moral control in order to purify the mind.

Alternative titles: Viṣṇusaṃhitā (विष्णुसंहिता), Viṣṇu-saṃhitā (विष्णु-संहिता), Visnusamhita, Visnu.


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Cover of edition (1990)

Vishnu Samhita
by M M T Ganapati Sastri (1990)

विष्णु संहिता; Sanskrit Only; [Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications A Division of Indian Books Centre Delhi, India]

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