Significance of the Moon in Ancient Civilizations

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This study analyzes the Significance of the Moon in Ancient Civilizations and it’s contribution to modern astrology. This thesis also aims at integrated scientific explanations on New and Full Moon and their influence of Geo-physical phenomena and also analyzes how significant a role the moon plays in keeping the life on earth. Astrology is the or...

4. Horoscope Analsys (Walking Abnormalities)

[Table 14.6: Horo Chart of Miss Karthika]

Horo Chart of Miss Karthika

Name of the Native:

Karthika, Female,Date of Birth 3rd May 2003, Palghat.

Planetary Positions

planetary positions karthika

Birth Star:

Krittikai (Karthika)

Balance Dasa at Birth:

0 Year, 3 Moths and 14 Days


Malavya, Sunabha, Anabha, Vasi, Alpa-Vasumad (Ascendant), Sam-Vasumad Yoga from Moon, Kahala and Dama Yoga. The qualitative yoga bestowed all the external benefic results such as royal family, economic prosperity, name, fame, movable and immovable properties except body strength in view of the weak moon combined with rahu. For Rahu Moon is the enemy and Taurus is the powerful sign. The star Karthika itself is a Samhara Nakashtra.

Ongoing Mahadasha is Mars which is exalted in Capricon receiving due aspect from Jupiter owned an exaltes sign of Jupier. The tenure of Mars period commences from 18-082013 to 17-08-2020 which is remain as controversial with forbidding deeds, contact with disregarded women, deception connected with traditional wealth and property in possession. Meanwhile the native will suffer disease connected with blood, bile and fever. The Kandakashani effect also makes the life miserable. Presently, the sub-period of Saturn in Mars will extend over 09-01-2016 to 17-02-2017 will add insult to the nearest, illness and demoralisation from the enemies. The forth coming bhukti of Mercury from 18-02-2017 to 1402-2018 also integrate mental distress, disturbance from enemies and other bad effects. The exalted Moon combined with Manadi and Rahu will adversely affect the life of the native with mental torments.

According to Brihajjataka 4th Chapter, The person who is born in Moon in Aries sign will be of round red-eyes, vegetarian, fond of hot food stuff, quickly relenting nature, fond of travel and sexual union, having strong knees, temporarily wealthy, skilled and befriending, haughty, possessing disfigured nails, wound headed, fickle minded, afraid of water and having lines of shakti in her hand.

[...] (Brihajjataka Paddathi 4/29)

Planetary Position

Sun Exalted (10o) Old Aged 18o 40 while birth
Moon Exalted (3o) Old Aged 39o 20 while birth
Mars Exalted (28o) Youthful 12o 52 while birth
Jupiter Exalted (5o) Youthful 15o 27 while birth
Venus Exalted (27o) Minor. 20o 18 while birth

The planetary position at the time of birth does not have the extreme state of exaltation whereas they positioned in their exalted sign. If the Grahasputas and Bhavasputas becomes equal, the planets will bestow perfect results. Against the instant case, the sputas of exalted planets are not matching with the Bhavasputa which adversely affected the native of getting auspicious results.


According toMantrswara’s Phaladeepika Chap-8, Ver-38, pp-88, the rule has been substantiated fundamentally. In this horoscope, the lord ascendant Mercury has been posited in 8th bhava along with the sun who is at exlated sign. The sun is also the lord of 12th bhava which made the lord ascendant bitter malefic.

[...] (Prashna-marga 14/80).

This combination denotes the paternal wrath and rage of Lord shiva, eye disease, bleeding bilious indignation, fear from fire, mental infuriation and penetrating adversities from the rulers and higher authorities.

The Lord Ascendant Mercury possessing the state of combustion and posited at 8th bhava along with malefic exalted Sun, duly aspected by the 8th lord Mars is highly crucial to this native. The notable fact is that the 8th bhava gets special aspect from the 3rd and 8th lord Mars. The exalted Sun located in 8th bhava wherein the lord ascendant combust mercury gets the special aspect from the exalted Mars (Maraka for Virgo Ascendant) enhance the malefic effect to Ashtama Bhava. The lord of 8th bhava from 8th bhava is the Mars who owned at exalted sign of Capricorn. In this chart Moon does not have any strength even though is owned at exalted sign. As per bhava the lord of fortune Venus has been combined with the enemy (exalted sun) does not offer better results. The Saturn located at Gemini bestows different kinds of grief with fastened state.

[...] (Brihajjataka Paddathi 4/54)

The Sun is owned at exalted sign with 18o is the eight bhava from Ascendant which could not give much to the Atma-Bhava.

[...] (Phaladeepika-15/3).

[...] (Phaladeepika-15/4).

[...] (Phaladeepika-5/5).

The lord ascendant Mercury is positioned in dusthana (8th Bhava) is not beneficial and destroy that bhava. As per Navamsha, Mercury and Jupiter is position in Scropio wherein the lord ascendant is in enemy’s house. Meanwhile Jupieter offers enormous qualities along with supporters.

The Lord Ascendant becomes combust and located at destroyable sign without due aspect from he benefic, that bhava spoil the particular bhava. In view of that the first bhava becomes deteriorated. The significant planet of first bhava (sun) is posited at 8th have also become crucial to the native. The sun is the 12th lord which located at 8th with exalted state also boost up the malefic effect on the body of the native.

The 6th bhava stands for disease part of the body. As per body part the Acuarius sign stands for 6th bhava represents legs.

[...] (Jatakadesa-1/2)

The lord of sign acuarius is Saturn which stands for nerves and veins in the body and hence the native suffer from inflammation of vein called Phlebitis. The Moon is located in its exalted sign along with Rahu makes the body weak. Originally the native is gaunt, having neuro problems and need external support to move.

[...] (Krishneeyam-21/21).

If four or five planets become exalted the native will become a celestial damsel. This rule is generally applicable to both Prashna and horoscope analysis. Meanwhile, the exlated planets get aspect from a malelfic planet even though it is exalted, the native gets mean longevity.

Findings:According to specified results related with female horoscope and special attributes against Chandra Nakshtra Krittika vide verses of Varahamihira’s Brihajjataka as:

[...] ( Brihajjataka Paddathi 3/56)

The woman who born with n Chitra, Ardra, Aslesha, Jyeshta, Satabhisha, Moola, Krittika or Pushya Star will be barren woman, widow, owing immatured progenies and bereaved or separated from husband. In this physical world, majority of Astologers carelessly pasing these Nakastras attributes along with other versifications of Trimshamsha effects. It can be generalised that in a way or other or initial or later stage of one’s life, the aforesaid results are becoming true, as experienced by the learneds. The living examples are the true symbols signifies Astrology, a holistic science.

The notable fact is that the horoscope contains five planets located in their exalted sign. All the exlatd plantes shower thier effects at a stretch make the effects and results will be blunt by nullifying thier minute effects and make the life miserable even with the support of fortune giving planets.

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