Significance of the Moon in Ancient Civilizations

by Radhakrishnan. P | 2017 | 51,158 words

This study analyzes the Significance of the Moon in Ancient Civilizations and it’s contribution to modern astrology. This thesis also aims at integrated scientific explanations on New and Full Moon and their influence of Geo-physical phenomena and also analyzes how significant a role the moon plays in keeping the life on earth. Astrology is the or...

3. Horoscope Chart of Ramakrishnan

Birth Star:

Jyeshta (Triketta) 3RD Pada

Balance Dasa at Birth:

Mercury: 6 Year, 10 Months and 20 Days.

[Table 14.5: Horo Chart of Ramakrishnan]

Horo Chart of Ramakrishnan

Planetary Positions

planetary positions

The Moon is posited in Scorpio Sign which is debilitated state is highly malicious to this native. The lord of 6th Bhava Mars is owned at 12th bhava of Moon Ascendant. From the Ascendant, the lord of Cancer Moon stands as Ashtamadhipa and Maraka.

Saturn in Chandralanga (Janma):

[...] (Brihajjataka Paddathi Ver-39/pp-507)

As per Gochara, when the Saturn is located at Janma, the native will trouble with fire or poison, given up by the kith and kin, away from home, and aggrieved by several grief. As the Saturn being the Astamadhipa that is not good for the longevity. As per the native chart, the Sturn is in 12th Bhava which good for the life. Jathakadesh says that the position of Saturn in Janma is causative for different diseases( [...] ) [...] . Venus and Mars are having deadly state combined with Dwiteeya Marakadhipa Saturn. Even though Jupiter is at exalted sign it is also under deadly state. The sub-period of Saturn during Rahu Dasha is not satisfactory to the native.

[...] (Phaladeepika 21/31).

The native will be suffered from diseases pertaining to bile, rhumatic problems, injuries, quarrel withe the family members and servants and change from the own province, This period is malficeint to longevity do to disease and attract surgery as the Ketu is located at 4th from Janma Rashi. The debilitated moon is the 8th lord from Ascendant which is Maraka for the native.

In the natal chart, Moon is in debilitated with childhood state. Jupiter owned exalted with deadly phase and Saturn stand exalted.The position of Rahu with the Ascendant makes the native anaemic and unhealthy. In this chart the 3rd and 6th lords (Saturn and Venus) are considered as malefic. From the ascendant, the Saturn is having Gulika-Bhavanadhipatya Dosha.

The Janma Rashi Scorpio itself is a debilitated sign of Moon. The Saturn is the Gulika Bhavanadhipa and hence the inimical intensity will be more.

[...] (Brihajjataka Paddathi 13/4)

During the Rahu main period rahu is combined with Ascendant, the native become irrational, afraid of poison, Fire and weapons, failures, and grief from the malicious diseases.

[...] ( Saravali Verse 4 pp. 559)

Moon is located in Scorpio sign hemmed with the malefics between Mars and Saturn is the symptoms of death consequent to fire or usage of weapons.


In all the natal charts, if the moon becomes debilitated, and owned at afflicted bhava of 12th that provide negative results even though fortunate yoga is available. The disease occurred due to wickendness brought forward in one’s life will reach at the zenith due to transitional movement of the planets.

When the malefic planet reached the moon sign of the natal chart become crucial and fatal during mahadasha with malefic planets such as Saturn even though it stands exalted. Just few days before the 21/2 years Janma Shani the native had been passed away on 19-12-2106. The toes were removed due to blood cancer affected the bone-marrow.

As per the Vimshottari, Rahu Dasha with the bhukti of Saturn (Ashatamadhipa) period stands ferocious to the native with effect from 03-10-2016 to 08-08-2019 during which the disease reaches at the peak. Meanwhile Gochara phala of Janamshani was there that deteriorated his paid and agony (Saturn reached Moon Sign of Scorpio).

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