Thirty minor Upanishads

by K. Narayanasvami Aiyar | 1914 | 95,228 words

This book contains the English translation of thirty minor Upanishads.—Fourteen belonging to Vedanta, two are categorised as Physiological, three are Mantra, two are Sannyasa and the remaining nine are categorised as Yoga-Upanishads. These Upanishads are properly defined as the Aranya-portion of the Vedas (most ancient Hindu scriptures) and are so-...

Subala Upanishad of Shukla-yajurveda, Chapter XV

Again Raikva asked: "O Lord, when this Vijñāna-ghana goes out (of the body or the universe), what does it burn and how?" To which He replied: "When it goes away, it burns prāṇa, apāna, vyāna, udāna, samāna, vairambha, mukhya, antaryāma, prabhañjana, kumāra, śyena, kṛṣṇa, śveta, and nāga. Then it burns pṛthivī, āpas, tejas, vāyu, and ākāś; then it burns the waking, the dreaming, the dreamless sleeping and the fourth states as well as the maharlokas and worlds higher; then it burns the lokāloka (the highest world forming a limit to the other worlds). Then it burns dharma and adharma. Then it burns that which is beyond, is sunless, limitless, and worldless. Then it burns mahat; it burns avyakta; it burns akṣara; it burns mṛtyu; and mṛtyu becomes one with the great Lord. Beyond Him, there is neither Sat nor asat, nor Sat-asat. Thus is the exposition of Nirvāṇa, and thus is the exposition of the Vedas; yea, thus is the exposition of the Vedas."

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