The Linga Purana

by J. L. Shastri | 1951 | 265,005 words | ISBN-10: 812080340X | ISBN-13: 9788120803404

This page describes The Vidya of Vajreshvari which is chapter 51 of the English translation of the Linga Purana, traditionally authored by Vyasa in roughly 11,000 Sanskrit verses. It deals with Shaiva pilosophy, the Linga (symbol of Shiva), Cosmology, Yugas, Manvantaras, Creation theories, mythology, Astronomy, Yoga, Geography, Sacred pilgrimage guides (i.e., Tirthas) and Ethics. The Lingapurana is an important text in Shaivism but also contains stories on Vishnu and Brahma.

Chapter 51 - The Vidyā of Vajreśvarī

The sages said:

1. The excellent and terrible rite of Nigraha pertaining to Aghora has been recounted to us. O excellent one, it behoves you now to recount the Vajravāhanikā Vidyā.

Sūta said:

2-5. The Vajravāhanikā Vidyā is terrifying unto all enemies. One shall sprinkle the adamant with this mantra and try to achieve the objects of kings.[1] The Vajra shall be made in accordance with the śāstraic injunctions and then sprinkled. This mantra shall be engraved in gold in that piece of adamant. Then the learned devotee shall repeat each syllable a hundred thousand times with great concentration. He who has this Vajra shall perform ten thousand Homas in the Vajrakuṇḍa with ghee etc. That adamantine piece shall always be guarded well and given to the king. If the king marches against the enemies taking this Vajra along with him he shall conquer them in the battle.

6. Formerly this Vidyā[2] of Goddess Vajreśvarī was assiduously obtained by Brahmā for rendering help to Indra.

7-8. O sages of good holy rites, formerly Tvaṣṭṛ, Prajāpati’s son, was killed by Indra. He became inimical to Indra and performed a sacrifice wherein Soma juice was extracted. Indra of huge arms who had suppressed Viśvarūpa desired for the share in the Havis in. that sacrifice.

9. “O Indra you have killed my son. I will not give you a share. You do not deserve that since you killed my son Viśvarūpa.”

10-14. After saying this, he spread his power of delusion over the entire hermitage with his Māyā. But the suppressor of Viśvarūpa pierced through the Māyā and seized the Soma juice by force and drank it along with his attendants. Then the infuriated Prajāpati look the remaining part of Soma and consigned it to the fire saying—“O enemy of Indra, flourish. Svāhā”. Then a demon named Vṛtra appeared there. He resembled a black fire. He was called Vṛtra because he abided by his vows. Indra fled from there. He abandoned Heaven instantaneously. Being terrified he fled along with his attendants. Then the delighted lord Brahmā the creator of the Universe, said to him:—

15-20. “O supressor of enemies, hurl this thunderbolt and kill him”. Then the lord of Devas of mighty arms got ready along with Devas and killed him without any strain. He became free from ailments. Hence, Vajreśvarī Vidyā is a terror unto all enemies. The demons called Mandehas are conquered every day by means of this Vidyā. I shall mention that Vidyā which releases one from all sins.

“Oṃ Bhūrbhuvaḥ Svaḥ. We meditate upon that excellent refulgence of the sun that urges and guides our intellect. Oṃ Phaṭ, Jahi (kill) Huṃ phaṭ Chindhi (split) Bhindhi (pierce) Jahi, Hana Hana (kill) Svāhā”. This is the Vidyā named Vajreśvarī. It is a terror unto all enemies. O leading sages, even Śiva annihilates the Universe by means of this Vidyā.


Footnotes and references:


sādhayet—samarpayet Śivatoṣiṇī. shall give it to.


Vidyā prayatnataḥ—Brahmā received knowledge from lord Īśana. Cf. Īśānaḥ sarva-vidyānām—cited in Śivatoṣiṇī.

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