Abhinaya-darpana (English)

by Ananda Coomaraswamy | 1917 | 16,981 words | ISBN-13: 9788121500210

The English translation of the Abhinaya-darpana (“the mirror of gesture”) by Nandikeshvara: an encyclopedic manual of the art of gesticulation. It belongs to a wide range of literature known as Natya-shastra: the ancient Indian art of dramatic performance, theatrics, dance and music. The Abhinaya Darpana is an abridgement of the Bharatarnava, a m...

Chapter 27 - Hands denoting Flying Creatures

Hands that indicate Flying Creatures.

Dove, the Kapota hand fluttered (puṅkhita);

Pigeon, the same hand moved horizontally (tiryak)-, Hawk, Śukatuṇḍa hand;

Owl, Gaja-danta hands face to face in contact;

Gaṇḍa-bheruṇḍa, Ardha-candra hands face downwards, touching at the wrists, and all the fingers separated;

Cātaka, the Lāṅgula hand fluttered;

Cock, the Bhramara hand;

Kokila, the Arāla hand fluttered;

Crow, the Saṃ-daṃsa-mukula hand, i. e. the forefinger of the Bhramara hand is placed on the thumb, and the hand fluttered;

Osprey, the Sūci hand relaxed (apaviddha);

Parrot, the Śukatuṇḍa hand fluttered; Crane (sārasa), the Pradiṣa-mukula hand, i. e. the Mukula hand with the little finger slightly bent;

Crane (baka), the mingled-Haṃsa hand, i. e. the forefinger and thumb are joined, the second and third fingers extended, and the little finger made to touch the palm, this is also used in Mantra-bheda-, Curlew, the Līnālapadma hand is used, i. e. the little finger of the Alapadma hand is bent to touch the palm;

Firefly, the Haṃsa-mukha hand, i. e. the thumb is joined to the topmost joint of the middle finger, and the hand relaxed;

Bee, the Bhramara hand fluttered;

Swan (haṃsa), the Haṃsāsya hand;

Cakravāka, Alapadma hands fluttered;

Paddy-bird (koyaṣṭika), the Arāla-patāka hand, i. e. Arāla with the right hand, Patāka with the left, and the hands touching;

Vyāli, the Vyāli hand, i. e. the forefinger and middle finger bent like a bow, the third finger placed at the base of the thumb, the little finger bent.

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