The Shiva Purana (English translation)

by J. L. Shastri | 1970 | 616,585 words

This page relates “miraculous feat of karttikeya” as found in the Shiva-purana, which, in Hinduism, represents one of the eighteen Mahapuranas. This work eulogizes Lord Shiva as the supreme deity, besides topics such as cosmology and philosophy. It is written in Sanskrit and claims to be a redaction of an original text consisting of 100,000 metrical verses.

Chapter 6 - The miraculous feat of Kārttikeya

Brahmā said:—

1. There Kumāra showed a miraculous feat. O Nārada, listen to it that bestows devotion.

2. Then a certain brahmin Nārada came there, seeking refuge in Kumāra. He was glorious and had been performing a sacrifice.

3. Approaching Kumāra, bowing to and eulogising him with auspicious hymns the delighted brahmin related his tale.

The brahmin said:—

4. O lord, listen to my words. Relieve my distress. You are the lord of the universe. I seek refuge in you.

5. I began a goat sacrifice. The goat got loosened and strayed away from my house.

6. I do not know where it has gone. I have searched for it here and there but have not found it. Hence this will cause a serious default in my sacrifice.

7. While you are the lord, how can there be an obstacle to my sacrifice? O lord, after pondering over this matter please fulfil my task.

8. O lord, O son of Śiva, who else can I approach except you, who are worthy of being resorted to, who are the lord of the entire universe and are served by all the gods.

9-10. You are the kinsman of the distressed. You are worthy of being served well. You are favourably disposed to your devotees. You are the great lord eulogised by Viṣṇu, Brahmā and other gods. You are Skanda the delighter of Pārvatī, the sole destroyer of enemies, the great soul, the lord who bestows his own self upon the good seeking refuge in him.

11. O lord of the distressed, O great lord, O son of Śiva, O lord of the three worlds, O master of magical art, I have to seek refuge in you. O favourite of the brahmins, save me. You are the lord of all. You are eulogised by Brahmā and other gods who bow to you. You have assumed forms through magical art. You are the bestower of happiness to your devotees. You are eager to protect. You wield power of deluding others.

12. You love devotees as your own vital air. You are the receptacle of all attributes. You are beyond three attributes. You are the beloved of Śiva. You are Śiva Himself. You confer welfare. You are the bestower of happiness with delight. You are the great Existent and cosmic consciousness. You are the son of Śiva, the omniscient who ḍestroyed the three cities of Asuras. You are always subservient to great and pious love. You have six faces. You love the saintly persons who kneel to you. You are the lord of all people and their benefactor. You destroy those, who harass the good. You are the preceptor of even Śiva. You are the lord of the entire universe. Your feet are served by all the gods. O lover of service, save me.

13. O Skanda, terrible to the enemies, the benefactor of the devotees, I bow to your lotus-like feet. You are the refuge of people and source of their happiness. Please hear my submission through your ears. Please instil into the heart of everyone the feelings of devotion to you.

14. If you are the protector with efficient honour what harm can an opponent do even if he be strong and efficient and protected on either side? What harm can even Takṣaka[1] or even a carnivorous animal do unto him.

15. Even the preceptor of the gods cannot eulogise you adequately. Then tell me, how can I a foolish and wretched creature? O Skanda, pure or impure, noble or ignoble, of whatever nature I be, I pray unto the dust of your lotus-like feet.

16. O lord of all, ocean of mercy, favourably disposed to devotees, I am your own servant. May even a hundred sins of your own servant or a leader of the Gaṇas be forgiven. O lord, you know even the slightest act of devotion done anywhere. You are the destroyer of the distress of your servants. O lord, there is no other protector save you and no other wretched vulgar person than I.

17. O lord, you are the cause of welfare, the destroyer of the sins of Kali age and a friend of Kubera. Your heart melts with pity. You have twelve eyes and you shine with six faces. Please make my sacrifice complete and perfect.

18. You are the protector of the three worlds, favourite of those who seek refuge in you. You are the performer and sustainer of sacrifices. You remove those who bring in obstacles.

19. O warder of obstacles, the cause of the creation of the good in every respect, O son of Īśāna, please make my sacrifices complete. Obeisance be to you,

20. O Skanda, you are the protector of all, the knower of all and the lord of all and Īśāna. By your penetration you protect all.

21. You alone are the knower of music, the great lord and knower of the Vedas. You are all-in-all, the creator, the lord of the gods and the goal of the good.

22. You are the joy of Pārvatī, the son of Śiva. You are the perfect wisdom, the self-ruler, the meditator and the object of meditation. You are the father of the fathers and the source of origin of good souls.

Brahmā said:—

23. On hearing his words, Śiva’s son, the emperor of the gods, sent his attendant Virabāhu on that mission.

24. At his bidding, the great hero Virabāhu who bowed to his master with devotion started in search of it.

25. He searched throughout the universe but nowhere did he find the goat (although) he heard about the havoc done by it.

26. Then he went to Vaikuṇṭha where he saw the powerful goat working havoc with the sacrificial stake tied to its neck.

27. The hero dragged it catching hold of its horns and brought it quickly before his lord even as it was bleating loudly.

28. On seeing it, lord Kārttikeya who could carry the weighty universe, and the worker of great miracles, quickly rode on it.

29. Within a Muhūrta, O sage, the goat walked round the universe and without exhaustion returned to the same place.

30. Then the lord got down and resumed his seat. The goat stood there itself. Then the brahmin Nārada told the lord.

Nārada said:—

31. Obeisance to you, O lord of gods, O storehouse of mercy, give the goat to me. Let me perform the sacrifice with pleasure. Please assist me as my friend.

Kārttikeya said:—

32. O brahmin Nārada, this goat does not deserve to be killed. Return home. May your sacrifice be complete. It has been so ordained by my favour.

Brahmā said:—

33. On hearing the words of the lord, the brahmin was delighted. He returned home after bestowing his excellent blessings.

Footnotes and references:


Takṣaka, the son of Kadru, is a venomous serpent chief.