A Concise Encyclopaedia of Hinduism

author: Swami Harshananda
edition: 2008, Ramakrishna Math
pages: 2084
language: English
ISBN-13: 9788179070574
Topic: Hinduism

Summary: This is a Concise Encyclopaedia of Hinduism in three volumes containing a large amount of topics covering general aspects on Hinduism. Besides various philosophical, religious and scientific articles, this book also deals with various aspects of Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism.

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Of late, study of Hinduism is drawing the attention of scholars both from India and from other countries. However, books on general Hinduism covering all aspects are hard to find.
The book that is now in your hands is expected to remedy this problem to a considerable extent.
The subjects dealt with are: religion, philosophy, mythology, rituals, scriptural works, festivals and pilgrim centres, astrology, biographies of religious personalities, iconography, temples and religious institutions.
Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism which are closely allied to Hinduism have also been dealt with briefly.
Short biographical notes of the better known indologists have been added at the end as appendices.

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Contents of this online book (index):

The full text of the A Concise Encyclopaedia of Hinduism in English can be quickly summarized in the following table of contents. Becaue these pages are not available to read online, I would recommend you buy the book.

Abadhita [link]
Abhangas [link]
Abhasa [link]
Abhava [link]
Abhava-yoga [link]
Abhayahasta, abhayamudra [link]
Abhicara, abhicarakarma [link]
Abhicarika-murti [link]
Abhihitanvaya-vada [link]
Abhijit [link]
Abhimanyu [link]
Abhinavagupta [link]
Abhinivesa [link]
Abhiplava [link]
Abhiras [link]
Abhisava [link]
Abhisecaniya [link]
Abhiseka [link]
Abhisravana [link]
Abhivadana [link]
Abhyanga [link]
Abhyasa [link]
Abhyasayoga [link]
Abhyudaya [link]
Abhyudayika-sraddha [link]
Mount Abu [link]
Acalalinga [link]
Acamana [link]
Acara [link]
Acaralinga [link]
Acarya [link]
Acicchakti [link]
Acintya-bhedabheda School [link]
Acit [link]
Acyuta Preksa [link]
Adbhuta Brahmana [link]
Adbhuta Ramayana [link]
Adhana [link]
Adhara [link]
Adharacakra [link]
Adharasila [link]
Adharma [link]
Adhi [link]
Adhibhautika, adhidaivika, [link]
Adhyatmika [link]
Adhidaivika [link]
Adhikamasa, adhimasa [link]
Adhikara [link]
Adhikarana [link]
Adhikara Nandi [link]
Adhisavana [link]
Adhivasa [link]
Adhonivita [link]
Adhvara [link]
Adhvaryu [link]
Adhyaropa [link]
Adhyasa [link]
Adhyatma [link]
Adhyatma-prasada [link]
Adhyatma Ramayana [link]
Adhyatma Upanisad [link]
Adhyatmavidya [link]
Adhyayana and adhyapana [link]
Adimurti [link]
Adinatha [link]
Adiparva [link]
Adipurana [link]
Adisakti [link]
Adisesa [link]
Aditi [link]
Aditya, Adityas [link]
Aditya-darsana [link]
Aditya-hrdaya [link]
Adityapurana [link]
Aditya-santi-vrata [link]
Adityatirtha [link]
Adityavrata [link]
Adivaraha [link]
Adivasis [link]
Adoption [link]
Adravya [link]
Adrsta [link]
Adultery [link]
Advaitacarya [link]
Advaita-siddhi [link]
Advaita Vedanta Darsana [link]
Advayataraka Upanisad [link]
Agamani [link]
Agamanta Saivism [link]
Agamas [link]
Agami-karma [link]
Agastya [link]
Aghamarsana [link]
Aghamarsanasukta [link]
Aghamarsana-vrata [link]
Aghodaka [link]
Aghora [link]
Aghora-panthi [link]
Aghora Sivacarya [link]
Agnaukarana [link]
Agneya-krcchra [link]
Agneyi-dharana [link]
Agni [link]
Agnicayana [link]
Agnidhra [link]
Agnihotra [link]
Agniksetra [link]
Agniprakara [link]
Agnipurana [link]
Agnisara [link]
Agnisoma-pranayana [link]
Agnistoma [link]
Agnivesa [link]
Agnyadhana [link]
Agrahara [link]
Agrahayani [link]
Agrayana [link]
Ahalya [link]
Ahalyabai Holkar [link]
Ahankara [link]
Ahara [link]
Aharasuddhi [link]
Aharya [link]
Ahava [link]
Ahavaniya [link]
Ahimsa [link]
Ahina [link]
Ahirbudhnya Samhita [link]
Ahitagni [link]
Ahnika [link]
Ahobila Matha [link]
Ahuti [link]
Aihole [link]
Aikyasthala [link]
Aindri-santi [link]
Airavata [link]
Aisvarya, aisvaryas [link]
Aitareya [link]
Aitareya Aranyaka [link]
Aitareya Brahmana [link]
Aitareya Upanisad [link]
Aitihya [link]
Aja [link]
Ajada [link]
Ajagava [link]
Ajahal-laksana [link]
Ajamila [link]
Ajanta [link]
Ajapa-japa [link]
Ajatasatru [link]
Ajativada [link]
Ajina [link]
Ajiva [link]
Ajivakas [link]
Ajnacakra [link]
Ajnana [link]
Ajya [link]
Akala-bodhana [link]
Akampana [link]
Akasa [link]
Akasagamana [link]
Akasamandapa [link]
Akasidharana [link]
Akhandakara-vrtti [link]
Akhyana [link]
Akhyati [link]
Akincana-bhakti [link]
Akka Mahadevi [link]
Aksamala [link]
Aksamalika Upanisad [link]
Aksapada [link]
Aksapatala [link]
Aksara [link]
Aksarabhyasa [link]
Aksayapatra [link]
Aksayavata [link]
Aksayya [link]
Aksayya-trtiya [link]
Aksimocana [link]
Aksipurusa [link]
Aksipurusa-vidya [link]
Aksi Upanisad [link]
Alabdha-bhumikatva [link]
Alaka [link]
Alakananda [link]
Alakhnamis [link]
Alaksmi [link]
Alampur [link]
Alandi [link]
Alankara [link]
Alankara-sastra [link]
Alasya [link]
Alatasanti [link]
Alaukika-upaya [link]
Alaya-vijnana [link]
Alidhasana [link]
Alinga [link]
Allama Prabhu [link]
Alvars [link]
Amalaka, amalasara, amalasari [link]
Amantrana, nimantrana [link]
Amarakantaka [link]
Amarakosa [link]
Amaranatha [link]
Amarasimha [link]
Amaravati [link]
Amar Das, Guru [link]
Amasraddha [link]
Amatya [link]
Amavasya [link]
Amba [link]
Ambarisa [link]
Ambastha [link]
Ambhasi-dharana [link]
Ambika [link]
Amhaspati [link]
Amiksa [link]
Amnaya [link]
Amrt [link]
Amrta [link]
Amrtabindu Upanisad [link]
Amrtakalasa [link]
Amrtanada Upanisad [link]
Amrtatva [link]
Amrtsar [link]
Amsavatara [link]
Amsuman [link]
Anadhyaya, anadhyayana [link]
Anahatacakra [link]
Anahatanada [link]
Anaikantika [link]
Ananda [link]
Anandabodha [link]
Anandagiri [link]
Anandamayakosa [link]
Ananda Ramayana [link]
Anandasrama Mudranalaya [link]
Ananda-tirtha [link]
Ananta [link]
Ananta-caturdasi [link]
Ananta-sayana [link]
Anarabdha [link]
Anarta [link]
Anarya [link]
Anasakti-yoga [link]
Anasramin [link]
Anasuya [link]
Anatman [link]
Anavamala [link]
Anavastha [link]
Anavasthitatva [link]
Andal [link]
Andavan Matha [link]
Andhatamisra [link]
Andhra [link]
Anekantavada [link]
Anga [link]
Anga and linga [link]
Angad, Guru [link]
Angada [link]
Angamejayatva [link]
Anganyasa [link]
Angaraka [link]
Angasthala [link]
Angavidya [link]
Angiras [link]
Angirasa Smrti [link]
Angkor Vat [link]
Angula [link]
Anima [link]
Animal sacrifices [link]
Animandavya [link]
Aniruddha [link]
Anirvacaniya, anirvacaniya-khyati [link]
Anitya [link]
Anjalihasta [link]
Anjaneya [link]
Ankurarpana [link]
Anna [link]
Anna-homa [link]
Annakuta [link]
Annamacarya [link]
Annamaya-kosa [link]
Annaprasana [link]
Annapurna [link]
Annapurna Upanisad [link]
Anna-sukta [link]
Anrta [link]
Antahkarana [link]
Antarala [link]
Antarayas [link]
Antardhanatva [link]
Antardhauti [link]
Antariksa [link]
Antarvedi [link]
Antaryami Brahmana [link]
Antaryamin [link]
Antyaja [link]
Antyavasayin [link]
Antyesti [link]
Anu [link]
Anubandha-catustaya [link]
Anubandhya [link]
Anubhasya [link]
Anudatta [link]
Anugita [link]
Anugraha-murti [link]
Anukramani, anukramanika [link]
Anuloma [link]
Anumana [link]
Anumati [link]
Anupalabdhi [link]
Anupataka [link]
Anuradha [link]
Anusasana-parva [link]
Anusaya [link]
Anustarani [link]
Anuvada [link]
Anuvaka [link]
Anuvakya [link]
Anuvrata [link]
Anuvyakhyana [link]
Anuvyavasaya [link]
Anuyaja [link]
Anvadheya [link]
Anvaharya [link]
Anvaharya-pacana [link]
Anvastaka, anvastakya [link]
Anvaya [link]
Anviksiki [link]
Anvitabhidhana-vada [link]
Anyathakhyati [link]
Anyathasiddha [link]
Anyonyabhava [link]
Anyonyasraya [link]
Apaciti [link]
Apad-dharma [link]
Apadesa [link]
Apam-napat [link]
Apana [link]
Apankteya [link]
Apantara-tamas [link]
Aparanta-jnana [link]
Aparajita [link]
Apara-prakrti [link]
Apararka [link]
Apara-vidya [link]
Aparigraha [link]
Aparoksa [link]
Aparoksanubhuti [link]
Apasmara-purusa [link]
Apastamba [link]
Apathya [link]
Apavada [link]
Apavarga [link]
Aponaptriya [link]
Appar [link]
Appayya Diksita [link]
Aprakrta-sarira [link]
Aprameya [link]
Apri [link]
Aprthak-siddha [link]
Apsaras [link]
Apta-vakya [link]
Aptoryama [link]
Apurva [link]
Apurva-vidhi [link]
Arabdha [link]
Arambhavada [link]
Arani [link]
Aranyakas [link]
Aranyakanda [link]
Aranyaparva [link]
Aranyasasthi [link]
Arca [link]
Arcavatara [link]
Arciradi-marga [link]
Ardha-drcchra [link]
Ardha-mandapa [link]
Ardha-narisvara [link]
Ardra [link]
Argha [link]
Arghya [link]
Arhat [link]
Arisadvarga [link]
Arista [link]
Aristanemi [link]
Arjan, Guru [link]
Arjuna [link]
Arsa-jnana [link]
Arsa-linga [link]
Arsa-vivaha [link]
Arta [link]
Artha [link]
Artha-kriya-karitva [link]
Artha-pancaka [link]
Arthapatti [link]
Arthasastra [link]
Arthavada [link]
Arulnandi, Arunandi [link]
Aruna [link]
Arunagirinathar [link]
Arundhati [link]
Arundhati Darsana Nyaya [link]
Arundhati Nyaya [link]
Aruneyi Upanisad Aruni [link]
Aruni [link]
Aryabhata [link]
Aryaman [link]
Aryans [link]
Aryasamaj [link]
Aryavarta [link]
Asadha [link]
Asamavayi-karana [link]
Asamprajnata [link]
Asana [link]
Asanamurti [link]
Asat [link]
Asatkaryavada [link]
Asatkhyati [link]
Asatya [link]
Asauca, asauca [link]
Asaya [link]
Ascetics [link]
Asiatic Society, The [link]
Asiddha [link]
Asidhara-vrata [link]
Asikni [link]
Asita-devala [link]
Aslesa [link]
Asmarohana [link]
Asmita [link]
Asoka [link]
Asokastami [link]
Asokavana [link]
Asparsa-yoga [link]
Asprsyata [link]
Asrama [link]
Asrama Upanisad [link]
Astadasa-vidyas [link]
Asta-dhatus [link]
Astadhyayi [link]
Astaka [link]
Astaksari [link]
Astalohas [link]
Astamangalas [link]
Asta-murti [link]
Astanga-hrdaya [link]
Astanga-yoga [link]
Astapasas [link]
Astasiddhis [link]
Astatala [link]
Astavakra [link]
Astavaranas [link]
Astavasus [link]
Asteya [link]
Asthisancayana [link]
Astika [link]
Astika-darsana [link]
Astottarasatanama-stotra [link]
Astrology [link]
Astronomy [link]
Asuddha-maya [link]
Asuklakrsna [link]
Asuras [link]
Asuri [link]
Asvalayana [link]
Asvalayana-Grhyasutras [link]
Asvalayana-Srautasutras [link]
Asvamedha [link]
Asvamedhika-parva [link]
Asvapati [link]
Asvatirtha [link]
Asvattha [link]
Asvatthaman [link]
Asvayuji [link]
Asvinasastra [link]
Asvini [link]
Asvini-mudra [link]
Asvins [link]
Atala [link]
Atharvan [link]
Atharvana-jyotisa [link]
Atharvangirasa [link]
Atharva-parisista [link]
Atharvasikha Upanisad [link]
Atharvasira Upanisad [link]
Atharvaveda [link]
Atheism [link]
Atidesa [link]
Atikrantabhavaniya [link]
Atikrcchra [link]
Atipataka [link]
Atiratra [link]
Atirudra [link]
Atisantapana [link]
Atithi [link]
Ativahika [link]
Atmabodha [link]
Atmaguna [link]
Atmahatya [link]
Atmajnana [link]
Atmakhyati [link]
Atma-maya [link]
Atman [link]
Atmanatma-viveka [link]
Atmaprabodha Upanisad [link]
Atmasamarpana [link]
Atmasrayatva [link]
Atma-upanisad (Atmopanisad) [link]
Atreya [link]
Atri [link]
Atri Smrti [link]
Atura-samnyasa [link]
Atyantabhava [link]
Aulukya-darsana [link]
Aupanisada-vrata [link]
Aupasada [link]
Aupasanagni [link]
Aurasa [link]
Aurobindo [link]
Aurva [link]
Ausadha [link]
Ausanasa Dharmasastra, [link]
Ausanasa-smrti [link]
Avabhrtha [link]
Avaccheda-vada [link]
Avadhuta [link]
Avadhutagita [link]
Avadhuta Upanisad [link]
Avahana [link]
Avakirnin [link]
Avantara-diksa [link]
Avanti [link]
Avarana [link]
Avarana-devata [link]
Avarana-sakti [link]
Avasathya [link]
Avastha-parinama [link]
Avastha-traya [link]
Avatara [link]
Avesavatara [link]
Avesti [link]
Avidhava-navami-sraddha [link]
Avidya [link]
Avikrta-parinama-vada [link]
Avirati [link]
Avita [link]
Aviyoga-vrata [link]
Avvaiyar [link]
Avyakta [link]
Avyakta Upanisad [link]
Avyanga [link]
Ayacita [link]
Ayadi-sadvarga [link]
Ayamukha [link]
Ayana [link]
Ayanamsa [link]
Ayasarira [link]
Ayodhya [link]
Ayodhya-kanda [link]
Aayudha [link]
Ayudha-purusa [link]
Ayurveda [link]
Ayusya [link]
Ayuta-siddha [link]
Ayyappan [link]
Babhravya [link]
Babhruvahana [link]
Bandami [link]
Badarayana [link]
Badarikasrama [link]
Badarinatha [link]
Badha [link]
Badhita [link]
Bahispavamana [link]
Bahlika [link]
Bahuda [link]
Bahudaka [link]
Bahuka [link]
Bahula [link]
Bahvrca [link]
Bahvrca-upanisad (Bahvrcopanisad) [link]
Baindava-sarira [link]
Baka [link]
Baka-dalbhya [link]
Bakapancaka [link]
Bala [link]
Balabhadra [link]
Baladeva [link]
Baladeva Vidyabhusana [link]
Bala-Ganapati [link]
Balaji [link]
Balakanda [link]
Balaki [link]
Balakrcchra [link]
Balakrida [link]
Balalaya [link]
Balapramathini [link]
Balarama [link]
Balasiddhi [link]
Balasubrahmanya [link]
Balavikarani, Balavikaranika [link]
Bali [link]
Baliharana [link]
Balipitha [link]
Balipratipada [link]
Bana [link]
Banalinga [link]
Bandha, bandhana [link]
Bandhu [link]
Baramula [link]
Bargit [link]
Barhaspatya-mana [link]
Barhis [link]
Barhisads [link]
Basavesvara [link]
Basti [link]
Baudhayana [link]
Bauls [link]
Bera [link]
Besnagar Inscription [link]
Bhadracalam [link]
Bhadra-kali [link]
Bhadrapitha [link]
Bhadrasana [link]
Bhaga [link]
Bhagavadgita [link]
Bhagavan, Bhagavat [link]
Bhagavanta-bhaskara [link]
Bhagavata [link]
Bhagavata-dharma [link]
Bhagavati [link]
Bhagiratha [link]
Bhagirathi [link]
Bhairava [link]
Bhairavi [link]
Bhaisajya-suktas [link]
Bhajana [link]
Bhakta [link]
Bhaktaa-Vighnesvara [link]
Bhakti [link]
Bhaktiyoga [link]
Bhamati [link]
Bhandasura [link]
Bhanga [link]
Bharadvaja [link]
Bharani [link]
Bhaarata [link]
Bharata-savitri [link]
Bharatavarsa [link]
Bharati [link]
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan [link]
Bhargava [link]
Bhartrhari [link]
Bhartrprapanca [link]
Bhasa [link]
Bhasapariccheda [link]
Bhaskara [link]
Bhaskaracarya [link]
Bhaskara-raya [link]
Bhasma [link]
Bhasma-jabala-upanisad (jabalopanisad) [link]
Bhatta, Bhattas [link]
Bhava [link]
Bhavabhuti [link]
Bhavadeva-bhatta [link]
Bhavana [link]
Bhavani [link]
Bhavana-upanisad (Bhavanopanisad) [link]
Bhavapratyaya [link]
Bhavarupa [link]
Bhavatarini [link]
Bhavisya-purana [link]
Bhavayoga [link]
Bhedabheda-vada [link]
Bheri [link]
Bhiksa [link]
Bhiksatana-murti [link]
Bhiksu [link]
Bhiksugita [link]
Bhiksuka-upanisad (Bhiksukopanisad) [link]
Bhiksusutras [link]
Bhima [link]
Bhimaikadasi [link]
Bhimaratha-santi [link]
Bhisma [link]
Bhismaparva [link]
Bhoga [link]
Bhoga-murti [link]
Bhoganga [link]
Bhogya [link]
Bhoja [link]
Bhojana [link]
Bhojavrtti [link]
Bhoktr [link]
Bhrama [link]
Bhrama-samskaras [link]
Bhrantidarsana [link]
Bhratr-dvitiya [link]
Bhrgu [link]
Bhrgusamhita [link]
Bhrngin [link]
Bhrunahatya [link]
Bhudevi [link]
Bhujangi [link]
Bhujangini-mudra [link]
Bhuloka [link]
Bhuman [link]
Bhusukta [link]
Bhuta [link]
Bhutagana [link]
Bhutajaya [link]
Bhutamata [link]
Bhutarthavada [link]
Bhutarutajnana [link]
Bhutasuddhi [link]
Bhutavidya [link]
Bhutayajna [link]
Bhuvana [link]
Bhuvanajnana [link]
Bhuvanesvara [link]
Bhuvanesvari [link]
Bhuvaraha [link]
Bhuvarloka [link]
Bija [link]
Bijabhidhana [link]
Bijaksara [link]
Bijamantra [link]
Bijanighantu [link]
Bilva [link]
Bilvamangal [link]
Bimba-pratibimba-vada [link]
Bindu [link]
Bindu-madhava [link]
Bindusaras [link]
Black-magic [link]
Bodhana [link]
Bodhayana [link]
Bodh-gaya [link]
Bodhivrksa [link]
Bodhyagita [link]
Bopadeva [link]
Brahma [link]
Brahmabhaga [link]
Brahmacarin [link]
Brahmacarini [link]
Brahmacarya [link]
Brahmadvaita-vada [link]
Brahmagita [link]
Brahmagupta [link]
Brahmahatya [link]
Brahmajnana [link]
Brahmakrcchra [link]
Brahmaloka [link]
Brahma-mantra [link]
Brahma-mimamsa [link]
Brahman [link]
Brahmana [link]
Brahmanacchamsin [link]
Brahmanadi [link]
Brahmanagita [link]
Brahmanas [link]
Brahmanaspati [link]
Brahmanda [link]
Brahhmanda-dana [link]
Brahmandapurana [link]
Brahmani [link]
Brahmanirvana [link]
Brahmanism [link]
Brahma-parinama-vada [link]
Brahmapura [link]
Brahmapurana [link]
Brahmarandhra [link]
Brahmarsi [link]
Brahma-Samaj [link]
Brahma-sarovara [link]
Brahmasiddhi [link]
Brahmasila [link]
Brahmastra [link]
Brahmasutra [link]
Brahmasutras [link]
Brahmavada [link]
Brahmavadini [link]
Brahma-vaivarta-purana [link]
Brahmavidya [link]
Brahmavidya Upanisad [link]
Brahma-vivaha [link]
Brahmayajna [link]
Brahmayamala [link]
Brahmi [link]
Brahmi-sthiti [link]
Brahmodya [link]
Brahmoism [link]
Brahma-upanisad (Brahmopanisad) [link]
Brahmotsava [link]
Branding [link]
Brhadaranyaka Upanisad [link]
Brhad-devata [link]
Brhad-dharma-purana [link]
Brhadisvara Temple [link]
Brhad-yogi-yajnavalkya [link]
Brhajjabala-upanisad (Brhajjabalopanisad) [link]
Brhajjataka [link]
Brhannala [link]
Brhan-naradiya-purana [link]
Brhaspati [link]
Brhati [link]
Brhat-parasara-samhita [link]
Brhatsamhita [link]
Brndavana [link]
Buddha [link]
Buddhi [link]
Buddhism [link]
Buddhiyoga [link]
Budha [link]
Burial [link]
Caitanya [link]
Caitanya Mahaprabhu [link]
Caitra [link]
Caitya [link]
Cakra [link]
Cakradhara [link]
Cakraka [link]
Cakrapanidatta [link]
Cakrapuja [link]
Cakrapuskarini [link]
Cakras [link]
Cakratirtha [link]
Cakravala [link]
Cakravartin [link]
Caksurdana [link]
Caksurvrata [link]
Caksus [link]
Caksusi [link]
Calalinga [link]
Calamurti [link]
Calendar [link]
Camara [link]
Camasa [link]
Campa [link]
Camunda [link]
Canakya [link]
Candala [link]
Candana [link]
Candesvara [link]
Candi [link]
Candidasa [link]
Candikavrata [link]
Candipatha [link]
Candra [link]
Candrabhaga [link]
Candragrahana [link]
Candravamsa [link]
Candrayana [link]
Candrika [link]
Cangadeva [link]
Cape Comorin [link]
Caraka [link]
Caraka-samhita [link]
Caralinga [link]
Caramasloka [link]
Carana [link]
Caranadasa [link]
Caranavyuha [link]
Carmanvati [link]
Caru [link]
Carvaka-darsana [link]
Carya, caryapada [link]
Caste System [link]
Caturdhama [link]
Caturguna [link]
Caturmasya [link]
Caturmukha [link]
Caturmurtis [link]
Caturopayas [link]
Caturthavisarga [link]
Caturthikarman [link]
Caturvarga [link]
Caturvarga-cintamani [link]
Caturvedasvami [link]
Caturvimsati-murti [link]
Caturvimsati-tattva [link]
Caturvyuhas [link]
Caturyugas [link]
Catus-sana [link]
Caula [link]
Cauri [link]
Causat Yogini Temples [link]
Cauvery [link]
Cave Temples [link]
Chala [link]
Chandas [link]
Chandas-sastra, Chandas-sutra [link]
Chandoga-parisista [link]
Chandogya Upanisad [link]
Chaya [link]
Child-marriage [link]
Chinnamasta [link]
Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office [link]
Cicchakti [link]
Cidakasa [link]
Cidambaram [link]
Cikitsa [link]
Cinacara [link]
Cinmudra [link]
Cintamani [link]
Cirajivins [link]
Cit [link]
Citi, citisakti [link]
Citragupta [link]
Citrakuta [link]
Citrangada [link]
Citrapurnima [link]
Citsukha, Citsukhi [link]
Citta [link]
Citta-bhumi, citta-dharma, citta-prasadana, citta-samvit, citta-viksepa and citta-vrtti [link]
Cognition [link]
Cokhamela [link]
Consciousness [link]
Conversion [link]
Coronation [link]
Cosmic mind [link]
Cosmology [link]
Cow [link]
Creation [link]
Cremation [link]
Crime and punishment [link]
Cudakarana [link]
Cudakarma [link]
Cudala [link]
Cyavana [link]
Dadhi [link]
Dadhici [link]
Dadu [link]
Dagdhayoga [link]
Dahana [link]
Daharavidya [link]
Daityas [link]
Daiva [link]
Daivata-linga [link]
Daiva-vivaha [link]
Daivisampat [link]
Dakini [link]
Daksa [link]
Daksasmrti (Daksa-smrti) [link]
Daksayana [link]
Daksayani [link]
Daksina [link]
Daksinacara [link]
Daksinagni [link]
Daksinamurti [link]
Daksinamurti Upanisad [link]
Daksinapatha [link]
Daksinayana [link]
Daksinesvara [link]
Dama [link]
Damara [link]
Damaru [link]
Damayanti [link]
Dana [link]
Danavas [link]
Danda [link]
Dandadhauti [link]
Dandaka [link]
Dandakaranya [link]
Dandaniti [link]
Dandapani [link]
Dandi [link]
Dandin [link]
Dantadhavana [link]
Dantadhauti [link]
Dantavakra [link]
Darbha [link]
Darpana [link]
Darsana [link]
Darsapurnamasa [link]
Darujalinga [link]
Dasa and dasi [link]
Dasabodha [link]
Dasagva [link]
Dasahara [link]
Dasahotarah [link]
Dasakuta [link]
Dasamahavidyas [link]
Dasanamis [link]
Dasapavitra [link]
Dasara [link]
Dasarajna [link]
Dasaratha [link]
Dasarathajataka [link]
Dasatala [link]
Dasavataras [link]
Dasyus [link]
Dattaka [link]
Dattatreya [link]
Dattatreya Upanisad [link]
Daurmanasya [link]
Daya [link]
Dayabhga [link]
Dayananda Sarasvati, Svami [link]
Dehatmavada [link]
Deoghar [link]
Devadasis [link]
Devahuti [link]
Devaki [link]
Devala [link]
Devalaya [link]
Devannabhatta [link]
Deevapi [link]
Devapuja [link]
Deva-rna [link]
Devarsi [link]
Devas [link]
Devasena [link]
Devatas [link]
Devavrata [link]
Devayajna [link]
Devayana [link]
Devayatrotsava [link]
Devi [link]
Devibhagavata [link]
Devigita [link]
Devimahatmya [link]
Devipurana [link]
Devisukta [link]
Devi Upanisad [link]
Dhama [link]
Dhami Sect [link]
Dhanurveda [link]
Dhanus [link]
Dhanuskoti [link]
Dhanvantari [link]
Dhanyadhivasa [link]
Dharana [link]
Dharesvara [link]
Dharma [link]
Dharmabhutajnana [link]
Dharmameghasamadhi [link]
Dharmaparinama [link]
Dharmaraja [link]
Dharmarajaratha [link]
Dharmasastras [link]
Dharmasindhu [link]
Dharmaskandha [link]
Dharmasthala [link]
Dharmasutras [link]
Dharmavyadha [link]
Dharmayuddha [link]
Dhatu [link]
Dhatuprasada [link]
Dhaumya [link]
Dhauti [link]
Dhenumudra [link]
Dhrstadyumna [link]
Dhrtarastra [link]
Dhruva [link]
Dhurvabera [link]
Dhupa [link]
Dhvaja [link]
Dhvaja-Ganapati [link]
Dhvajastambha [link]
Dhvamsabhava [link]
Dhvani [link]
Dhyana [link]
Dhyanabindupanisad [link]
Dhyanayoga [link]
Digbandhana [link]
Diggajas [link]
Digvijaya [link]
Dikpalakas [link]
Diksa [link]
Diksaniya [link]
Dilipa [link]
Dipakalika [link]
Dipana [link]
Dipastambha [link]
Dipavali [link]
Dirghatamas [link]
Diti [link]
Divali [link]
Divine Incarnations [link]
Divodasa [link]
Divorce [link]
Divya [link]
Divyabhava [link]
Divyadesa [link]
Divyadrsti [link]
Divya-prabandham [link]
Divyasrotra [link]
Dolayatra [link]
Dosa [link]
Dramidopanisat [link]
Drasta [link]
Draupadi [link]
Draupadi-ratha [link]
Dravida [link]
Dravidians [link]
Dravya [link]
Dravyayajna [link]
Dreams [link]
Dreskana [link]
Drinking [link]
Drk [link]
Dronacarya [link]
Dronakalasa [link]
Dronaparva [link]
Drsad and upala [link]
Drstanta [link]
Drsti-srstu-vada [link]
Drsya [link]
Duhkha [link]
Dundubhi [link]
Durga [link]
Durgapuja or Durgotsava [link]
Durgasaptasati [link]
Durgastami-vrata [link]
Durgasukta [link]
Durga Temple [link]
Durgotsava [link]
Durohana [link]
Durva [link]
Durvasas [link]
Duryodhana [link]
Dussasana [link]
Dusyanta [link]
Dvadasaha [link]
Dvadasi [link]
Dvaipayana [link]
Dvaita [link]
Dvaitadvaita [link]
Dvaita Vedanta Darsana [link]
Dvaparayuga [link]
Dvara [link]
Dvaradevata [link]
Dvaraka [link]
Dvarapalas or dvarapalakas [link]
Dvayamantra [link]
Dvesa [link]
Dvibhanga [link]
Dvija [link]
Dvipa [link]
Dvitala [link]
Dvivedi [link]
Dvyanuka [link]
Dyaus [link]
Dyavaprthivi [link]
Dyumatsena [link]
Dyuta [link]
Dyutapratipada [link]
Eclipse [link]
Education [link]
Effigy, burning the [link]
Ekabera [link]
Ekabhakta [link]
Ekabhavika doctrine [link]
Ekacakranagara [link]
Ekadandin [link]
Ekadanta [link]
Ekadasa-gurus [link]
Ekadasa-Rudras [link]
Ekadasi [link]
Ekadasini [link]
Ekadesin [link]
Ekadhana [link]
Ekagnikanda [link]
Ekaha [link]
Ekajata [link]
Ekajivavada [link]
Ekaksara-Ganapati [link]
Ekaksarakosa [link]
Ekaksara Upanisad [link]
Ekalavya [link]
Ekalinga [link]
Ekamra-ksetra [link]
Ekamukhalinga [link]
Ekanaksatra vivaha [link]
Ekanamsa [link]
Ekanatha [link]
Ekantadharma [link]
Ekantin [link]
Ekapadamurti [link]
Ekastaka [link]
Ekatala [link]
Ekavakyata [link]
Ekayana [link]
Ekoddista [link]
Elephanta [link]
Ellora [link]
Epigraphica Indica [link]
Esanatraya [link]
Eschatology [link]
Ethics [link]
Fasting [link]
Father [link]
Festivals [link]
Five fires [link]
Flesh-eating [link]
Food [link]
Funeral monuments [link]
Funeral rites [link]
Gada [link]
Gaja [link]
Gajacchaya [link]
Gajahasta [link]
Gajalaksmi [link]
Gajasura [link]
Gajendra-moksa [link]
Gambling [link]
Gana [link]
Ganapati [link]
Ganapati Upanisad [link]
Ganapatyas [link]
Gandabherunda [link]
Gandakala [link]
Gandaki [link]
Gandanta [link]
Gandha [link]
Gandhamadana [link]
Gandhara [link]
Gandhari [link]
Gandharva [link]
Gandharvas [link]
Gandharva-veda [link]
Gandha-tanmatra [link]
Gandhi, M. K. [link]
Gandiva [link]
Ganesa [link]
Ganesa-caturthi [link]
Ganesagita [link]
Ganesapurana [link]
Ganga [link]
Gangadvara [link]
Gangaikonda-cola-puram [link]
Gangasagara [link]
Gangavatarana [link]
Gangesa [link]
Garbhadhana [link]
Garbhagrha [link]
Garbhanyasa [link]
Garbharaksana [link]
Garbha-upanisad (Garbhopanisad) [link]
Gardhabhejya [link]
Garga [link]
Gargi Vacaknavi [link]
Gargya [link]
Garhapatya [link]
Garhasthya [link]
Garuda [link]
Garudapurana [link]
Garuda Upanisad [link]
Gatha [link]
Gatha-narasamsi [link]
Gati [link]
Gaudapada [link]
Gauranga [link]
Gauri [link]
Gaurikunda [link]
Gautama [link]
Gautama Dharmasutras [link]
Gavamayana [link]
Gaya [link]
Gayasraddha [link]
Gayatri [link]
Gayatri-mantra [link]
Ghanapatha [link]
Ghanta [link]
Ghantakarna [link]
Ghata [link]
Ghatam [link]
Ghatasphota [link]
Ghatotkaca [link]
Gheranda Samhita [link]
Ghora Angirasa [link]
Ghosa [link]
Ghrta [link]
Girija-Narasimha [link]
Gita [link]
Gita-govinda [link]
Gita Press [link]
Gitarthasangraha [link]
Gobhila [link]
Gobind Singh, Guru [link]
Gocara [link]
God [link]
Godana [link]
Godavari [link]
Godhuli [link]
Gokarna [link]
Gokula [link]
Golden Temple [link]
Goloka [link]
Gomati [link]
Gommatesvara [link]
Gomukha [link]
Gomukha-prasava-santi [link]
Gopala-purvatapini Upanisad [link]
Gopala-uttaratapini Upanisad [link]
Gopastami [link]
Gopatha Brahmana [link]
Gopicandana [link]
Gopigita [link]
Gopis [link]
Gopura [link]
Gorakhnath [link]
Gorakhpur [link]
Gosthipurna [link]
Gosvami [link]
Gotama [link]
Gotra [link]
Govardhana [link]
Govardhana Matha [link]
Govindabhasya [link]
Govindananda [link]
Grahana [link]
Grahas [link]
Grahayajna [link]
Gramadevata [link]
Grantha script [link]
Granthi [link]
Granth-Sahib [link]
Gravastut [link]
Graves [link]
Grhakarman [link]
Grhapravesa [link]
Grhastha [link]
Grhyasutras [link]
Grtsamada [link]
Gudimallam [link]
Guha [link]
Gujarati Printing Press [link]
Guna [link]
Gunatita [link]
Gunatraya [link]
Gunavada [link]
Gupta-godavari [link]
Gupta-kasi [link]
Gupta script [link]
Gurmukhi script [link]
Guru [link]
Gurudaksina [link]
Gurudvara [link]
Gurukula [link]
Guruvayur [link]
Guruvrtti [link]
Hadividya [link]
Haihaya [link]
Haimavati [link]
Halahala [link]
Halayudha [link]
Halebidu [link]
Hampi [link]
Hamsa [link]
Hamsagita [link]
Hamsavidya [link]
Hamsa-upanisad (Hamsopanisad) [link]
Hanuman [link]
Hanumannataka [link]
Haradatta [link]
Haragauri [link]
Harappa [link]
Hargobind, Guru [link]
Haridasas, of Karnataka [link]
Haridasa, Svami [link]
Haridas, Sadhu [link]
Haridra-Ganapati [link]
Haridvara [link]
Harihara [link]
Harijans [link]
Harikatha [link]
Harimandir [link]
Hariscandra [link]
Harita [link]
Haritagita [link]
Haritalika [link]
Harivamsa [link]
Harivasara [link]
Harivyasadeva [link]
Harkisan, Guru [link]
Har Rai, Guru [link]
Hasta [link]
Hastamalaka [link]
Hasta-samudrika-sastra [link]
Hastinapura [link]
Hathayoga [link]
Hathayoga-pradipika [link]
Havana [link]
Havirdhana [link]
Haviryajna [link]
Havis [link]
Havisya [link]
Hayagriva [link]
Hayagrivasamhita [link]
Hayagriva Upanisad [link]
Heaven [link]
Hedonism [link]
Heliodoros [link]
Hell [link]
Hemadri [link]
Hemakuta [link]
Hemasraddha [link]
Heramba-Ganapati [link]
Heretics [link]
Hetu [link]
Hetvabhasa [link]
Himalayas [link]
Himsa [link]
Hinduism [link]
Hindu Temples [link]
Hinkara [link]
Hiranyagarbha [link]
Hiranyagarbha Sukta [link]
Hiranyakasipu [link]
Hiranyakesi Dharmasutras [link]
Hiranyaksa [link]
Hita [link]
Hitopadesa [link]
Hladini [link]
Holi, Holika [link]
Homa [link]
Hora [link]
Horoscope [link]
Hospitality [link]
Hotr [link]
House [link]
Hrdaya [link]
Hrd-dhauti [link]
Hrim [link]
Humours [link]
Hymnology [link]
Icchasakti [link]
Iconography [link]
Ida [link]
Idhma [link]
Idhmavaha [link]
Idols [link]
Ignorance [link]
Iksvaku [link]
Ila [link]
Illusion [link]
Ilvala [link]
Image worship [link]
Immortality [link]
Immortals [link]
Incarnation [link]
Indian Philosophy [link]
Indra [link]
Indradhvaja [link]
Indradyumna [link]
Indrajala [link]
Indrajit [link]
Indraksi [link]
Indrani [link]
Indraprastha [link]
Indriyadharana [link]
Indriyanigraha [link]
Indriyas [link]
Indus Valley Civilisation [link]
Inheritance [link]
Intercalary month [link]
Isana [link]
Isavasya Upanisad [link]
Istadevata [link]
Istaka [link]
Istalinga [link]
Istapurta [link]
Istasiddhi [link]
Isti [link]
Isvara [link]
Isvaracandra Vidyasagara [link]
Isvaragita [link]
Isvarakrsna [link]
Isvarapranidhana [link]
Itara [link]
Itihasa [link]
Itikartavyata [link]
Jabala Upanisad [link]
Jabali [link]
Jabali Upanisad [link]
Jadabharata [link]
Jagannathadasa [link]
Jagannatha Pandit [link]
Jagannatha-Puri [link]
Jagannatha Temple [link]
Jagati [link]
Jagrat [link]
Jahad-ajahal-laksana [link]
Jahal-laksana [link]
Jahnavi [link]
Jaigisavya [link]
Jajali [link]
Jaimini [link]
Jaimini-sutras [link]
Jaiminiya Grhyasutras [link]
Jaina Ramayanas [link]
Jainism [link]
Jalabasti [link]
Jaladhivasa [link]
Jalakrcchra [link]
Jalandharabandha [link]
Jalpa [link]
Jamadagni [link]
Jambavan [link]
Jambudvipa [link]
Janaka [link]
Janaloka [link]
Janamejaya [link]
Janana [link]
Janapada [link]
Janardana Svamin [link]
Janasruti [link]
Janasthana [link]
Jangama [link]
Janmastami [link]
Japa [link]
Japamala [link]
Jarasandha [link]
Jaratkaru [link]
Jata [link]
Jataka [link]
Jatakarma [link]
Jatamukuta [link]
Jatapatha [link]
Jatayu [link]
Jati [link]
Jatijnana [link]
Jatukarnya [link]
Java [link]
Jaya [link]
Jayadeva [link]
Jayakhya Samhita [link]
Jayantis [link]
Jayarambati [link]
Jayatirtha [link]
Jimutavahana [link]
Jinas [link]
Jivagosvamin [link]
Jiva, jivatman [link]
Jivana [link]
Jivanmukti [link]
Jivanmuktiviveka [link]
Jivat-sraddha [link]
Jivotkranti [link]
Jnana [link]
Jnanakanda [link]
Jnana-karma-samuccaya-vada [link]
Jnanamarga [link]
Jnanmudra [link]
Jnanasakti [link]
Jnanasambandhar [link]
Jnanayoga [link]
Jnanendriyas [link]
Jnanesvar, Sant [link]
Jnatrtva [link]
Juhu [link]
Jupiter [link]
Jyautisa [link]
Jyestha [link]
Jyotirlingas [link]
Jyotir Matha [link]
Jyotismati [link]
Jyotistoma [link]
Kabandha [link]
Kabir [link]
Kaca [link]
Kadividya [link]
Kadru [link]
Kahola [link]
Kaikeyi [link]
Kailasa [link]
Kailasanatha Temple [link]
Kaitabha [link]
Kaivalya [link]
Kaivalya Upanisad [link]
Kakini [link]
Kala [link]
Kalabhairava [link]
Kaladi [link]
Kalagnirudra [link]
Kalahasti [link]
Kalaksepa [link]
Kalamukha [link]
Kalanirnaya [link]
Kalaratri [link]
Kalasa [link]
Kalayavana [link]
Kali [link]
Kalidasa [link]
Kalikapurana [link]
Kalindi [link]
Kalinga [link]
Kalisantarana Upanisad [link]
Kalivarjya [link]
Kaliyuga [link]
Kalki [link]
Kalmasapada [link]
Kalpa [link]
Kalpanagaurava [link]
Kalpanalaghava [link]
Kalpasutras [link]
Kalpataru [link]
Kama [link]
Kamadhenu [link]
Kamakala [link]
Kamakhya [link]
Kamaksi [link]
Kamalakara [link]
Kamandaka [link]
Kamandalu [link]
Kamarpukur [link]
Kamasastra [link]
Kambhoja [link]
Kamesvara [link]
Kamesvari [link]
Kamsa [link]
Kamyakarma [link]
Kamyesti [link]
Kanada [link]
Kanakadasa [link]
Kanakhala [link]
Kancipuram [link]
Kancukas [link]
Kandariya Mahadeva Temple [link]
Kandarsi [link]
Kangri Gurukula [link]
Kankana [link]
Kannagi [link]
Kannappa [link]
Kantakasodhana [link]
Kanva [link]
Kanvasakha [link]
Kanya [link]
Kanyadana [link]
Kanyaka-Paramesvari [link]
Kanyakumari [link]
Kapala [link]
Kapalabhati [link]
Kapalika [link]
Kapila [link]
Kapilagita [link]
Kapisthala-Kathaka-Samhita [link]
Karana [link]
Karanasarira [link]
Karanda-mukuta [link]
Karanyasa [link]
Karavira [link]
Kardama [link]
Karma [link]
Karmakanda [link]
Karma-mala [link]
Karmamarga [link]
Karmamimamsa [link]
Karmasamnyasa [link]
Karmasaya [link]
Karmavipaka [link]
Karmayoga [link]
Karmendriyas [link]
Karna [link]
Karnaparva [link]
Karnarandhra-dhauti [link]
Karnavedha [link]
Kartaviryarjuna [link]
Kartrtva [link]
Karttikeya [link]
Karya [link]
Karya-karana-bhava [link]
Kasaya [link]
Kasi [link]
Kasmir Saivism [link]
Kasyapa [link]
Kasyapa Samhita [link]
Katha Upanisad [link]
Kathaka Grhyasutras [link]
Kathakali [link]
Katha Samhitha [link]
Kathaka Samhita [link]
Katharudra-upanisad (Katharudropanisad) [link]
Katyayana [link]
Katyayani [link]
Kaula [link]
Kaulacara, Kaulamarga [link]
Kaumari [link]
Kaumodaki [link]
Kausalya [link]
Kausika [link]
Kausika Grhyasutras [link]
Kausika Sutras [link]
Kausitaki Brahmana [link]
Kausitaki Brahmana Upanisad [link]
Kausitaki Grhyasutras [link]
Kaustubha [link]
Kautilya [link]
Kautsasukta [link]
Kautukabera [link]
Kavadi [link]
Kavasa Ailusa [link]
Kaveri [link]
Kavya Usanas [link]
Kayasampat [link]
Kayastha [link]
Kayasuddhi [link]
Kayavyuhajnana [link]
Kedaranatha [link]
Kena Upanisad [link]
Kesabandha [link]
Kesanta [link]
Kesavacandra Sen [link]
Kesavapana [link]
Kesavapaniya [link]
Ketu [link]
Keyura [link]
Khadga [link]
Khadira Grhyasutras [link]
Khajuraho [link]
Khalsa [link]
Khandana-khanda-khadya [link]
Kharosthi [link]
Khatvanga [link]
Khecarimudra [link]
Khetaka [link]
Khila [link]
Khyati [link]
Kicaka [link]
Kimpurusas [link]
King [link]
Kinnaras [link]
Kirata [link]
Kirita [link]
Kirtana [link]
Kirtimukha [link]
Kiskindha [link]
Klesa [link]
Kojagari Purnima [link]
Kolhapur [link]
Kolluru [link]
Konarka [link]
Kosa [link]
Kosala [link]
Kotihoma [link]
Kramamukti [link]
Kramaparinama [link]
Kramapatha [link]
Krantas [link]
Krcchra [link]
Krcchratikrcchra [link]
Kriyasakti [link]
Kriyayoga [link]
Kriyayogasara [link]
Krkala [link]
Krsna [link]
Krsna-dvaipayana [link]
Krsna-janmastami [link]
Krsnajina [link]
Krsnamisra [link]
Krsna Yajurveda [link]
Krtayuga [link]
Krttika [link]
Krtyakalpataru [link]
Krtyaratnakara [link]
Krusta [link]
Ksana [link]
Ksara [link]
Ksarapurusa [link]
Ksattriya [link]
Ksemankari [link]
Ksetra [link]
Ksetrajna [link]
Ksetrapala [link]
Ksipta [link]
Ksirabhavani [link]
Ksirasamudra [link]
Ksirasvamin [link]
Kubera [link]
Kucela [link]
Kuhu [link]
Kuja [link]
Kukke Subrahmanya [link]
Kula [link]
Kulaparvata [link]
Kulapati [link]
Kulasekhara Alvar [link]
Kullukabhatta [link]
Kumara [link]
Kumara-Vyasaa [link]
Kumarila Bhatta [link]
Kumbhaka [link]
Kumbhakarna [link]
Kumbhakonam [link]
Kumbhamela [link]
Kundalini [link]
Kundika-upanisad (Kundikopanisad) [link]
Kunti [link]
Kural [link]
Kurca [link]
Kuresa [link]
Kurma [link]
Kurmapurana [link]
Kuru [link]
Kurukesa [link]
Kuruksetra [link]
Kusa [link]
Kusasana [link]
Kutaslokas [link]
Kuticaka [link]
Laghava [link]
Laghima [link]
Laghu Harita Smrti [link]
Laghurudra [link]
Laghu Visnusmrti [link]
Laghuyogavasistha [link]
Lagnanirnaya [link]
Lajahoma [link]
Laksahoma [link]
Laksana [link]
Laksana-parinama [link]
Laksmana [link]
Laksmi [link]
Laksmidhara [link]
Lakshmi Venkateswara Steam Press [link]
Lakulisa [link]
Laldasis [link]
Lalita [link]
Lalitasahasranama [link]
Lalitatrisati [link]
Lalitopakhyana [link]
Lanka [link]
Lankakanda [link]
Lava [link]
Laukiki [link]
Laya [link]
Layayoga [link]
Lepaksi [link]
Liberation [link]
Licchavis [link]
Likhita [link]
Lilamurtis [link]
Lilasuka [link]
Linga [link]
Lingadharana [link]
Lingapurana [link]
Lingasarira [link]
Lingasthala [link]
Lingayata Sect [link]
Lobha [link]
Logic [link]
Loka [link]
Lokacarya [link]
Lokaloka [link]
Lokapalas [link]
Loksangraha [link]
Lokayata [link]
Lomaharsana [link]
Lopamudra [link]
Mada [link]
Madalasa [link]
Madanaparijata [link]
Madanaratna [link]
Madhavacarya [link]
Madhu [link]
Madhubhumika [link]
Madubrahmana [link]
Madhucchandas [link]
Madhumati [link]
Madhuparka [link]
Madhura [link]
Madhurabhava [link]
Madhurakavi Alvar [link]
Madhusudana Sarasvati [link]
Madhuvidya [link]
Madhvacarya [link]
Madhyadesa [link]
Madhyandina-sakha [link]
Madurai [link]
Madyapana [link]
Mahabalipuram [link]
Mahabhagavata [link]
Mahabharata [link]
Mahabhasya [link]
Mahabhava [link]
Mahabhisava [link]
Mahabhiseka [link]
Mahabhutas [link]
Mahadana [link]
Mahadeva [link]
Mahahavis [link]
Mahajanapadas [link]
Mahakala [link]
Mahalaksmi [link]
Mahalaya [link]
Mahalayasraddha [link]
Mahamaya [link]
Mahanamni [link]
Mahanarayana Upanisad [link]
Mahanataka [link]
Mahanirvana Tantra [link]
Mahapatakas [link]
Mahapralaya [link]
Mahaprasthana [link]
Mahapurana [link]
Maharaurava [link]
Maharloka [link]
Maharsi [link]
Maharudra [link]
Mahasantapana [link]
Mahasanti [link]
Mahasivaratrivrata [link]
Mahasveta [link]
Mahat [link]
Mahatala [link]
Mahatparinama [link]
Mahavakyas [link]
Mahavakya-upanisad (Mahavakyopanisad) [link]
Mahavedi [link]
Mahavira [link]
Mahavrata [link]
Mahayajnas [link]
Mahayoga [link]
Mahendra [link]
Mahesvara [link]
Mahesvarasutras [link]
Mahesvari [link]
Mahidhara [link]
Mahisasura [link]
Mahismati [link]
Maitravaruna [link]
Maitrayaniya Samhita [link]
Maitrayaniya Upanisad [link]
Maitreya [link]
Maitreyi [link]
Maitri [link]
Makara [link]
Makara Sankranti [link]
Mala [link]
Malamasa [link]
Malavaha [link]
Malaviya, Madanmohan [link]
Mamsabhaksana [link]
Mamsahara [link]
Manana [link]
Manas [link]
Manasa [link]
Manasa-pratyaksa [link]
Manasara [link]
Manasa-sarovara [link]
Manasa-snana [link]
Manasollasa [link]
Manavala Mamuni [link]
Mandala [link]
Mandala-brahmana-upanisad (brahmanopanisad) [link]
Mandana Misra [link]
Mandapa [link]
Mandara [link]
Mandavya [link]
Mandhatr [link]
Mandodari [link]
Mandukyakarika [link]
Mandukya Upanisad [link]
Mangala [link]
Mangalasutra [link]
Mani [link]
Manikanthan [link]
Manikkavacagar [link]
Manipravala [link]
Manipuracakra [link]
Mankigita [link]
Manmatha [link]
Manomayakosa [link]
Manonmani [link]
Mantra [link]
Mantrabhidhana [link]
Mantradrasta [link]
Mantrarthabhidhana [link]
Mantralaya [link]
Mantrapuspa [link]
Mantrasamskara [link]
Mantrasiddhi [link]
Mantrasnana [link]
Mantrayoga [link]
Mantrin [link]
Manu [link]
Manus [link]
Manusa-linga [link]
Manusmrti (Manu-smrti) [link]
Manusya-yajna [link]
Manvadi-tithi [link]
Manvantara [link]
Marana [link]
Marici [link]
Marjana [link]
Markandeya [link]
Markandeyapurana [link]
Marriage [link]
Marudgana [link]
Maskarin [link]
Mata [link]
Matanga [link]
Materialism [link]
Matha [link]
Mathura [link]
Matrkanighantu [link]
Matrkanyasa [link]
Matrkayantra [link]
Matsyapurana [link]
Matsyavatara [link]
Matsyayantra [link]
Matsyendranatha [link]
Mauni-amavasya [link]
Mausalaparva [link]
Maya [link]
Mayiyamala [link]
Medhajanana [link]
Medhasukta [link]
Medhatithi [link]
Meditation [link]
Meghanada [link]
Melkote [link]
Meru [link]
Meykandar [link]
Mimamsa Darsana [link]
Mind [link]
Mirabai [link]
Mitaksara [link]
Mithila [link]
Mithya [link]
Mitra, mitra [link]
Mlecchas [link]
Moha [link]
Mohenjo Daro [link]
Mohini [link]
Moksa [link]
Moksadharmaparva [link]
Monasticism [link]
Monks [link]
Moon [link]
Morality [link]
Mother [link]
Mrtyu [link]
Mucukunda [link]
Muddusvami Diksitar [link]
Mudgala [link]
Mudgalapurana [link]
Mudgala Upanisad [link]
Mudra [link]
Muhurta [link]
Mukambika Temple [link]
Mukhalinga [link]
Mukhamandapa [link]
Muktabai [link]
Muktapurusa [link]
Mukti [link]
Muktika-upanisad (Muktikopanisad) [link]
Muktiyogyas [link]
Mukuta [link]
Mula [link]
Muladhara [link]
Mular [link]
Mulasodhana [link]
Mulaveda [link]
Mulavidya [link]
Mumuksutva [link]
Munda [link]
Mundaka Upanisad [link]
Mundana [link]
Muni [link]
Murdhestaka [link]
Murtisilpasastra [link]
Murtyastaka [link]
Musala [link]
Music [link]
Mustika [link]
Mysticism [link]
Mythology [link]
Nabhadasa [link]
Nabhanedistha [link]
Nabhi [link]
Naciketagni [link]
Naciketas [link]
Nada [link]
Nadabindupanisad [link]
Nadanusandhana [link]
Nadi [link]
Nadistuti [link]
Nadisuddhi [link]
Naga [link]
Nagapancami [link]
Nagapasa [link]
Nagara [link]
Nagarakhanda [link]
Nagarjuna [link]
Nagas [link]
Nagavayu [link]
Nagoji Bhatta [link]
Nahusa [link]
Naigamas [link]
Naimisaranya [link]
Naimittika-karma [link]
Nairatmyavada [link]
Naiskarmya [link]
Naiskarmyasiddhi [link]
Naisthika-brahmacarin [link]
Naiyayika [link]
Naksatra [link]
Naksatrasnana [link]
Nakta, naktavrata [link]
Nakula [link]
Nakulisa [link]
Nala [link]
Nalanda [link]
Nalayira Prabandham [link]
Namakarana [link]
Namaskara [link]
Nambudiri [link]
Namdev [link]
Nammalvar [link]
Nanak, Guru [link]
Nanda [link]
Nandaka [link]
Nandana [link]
Nandanar [link]
Nandapandita [link]
Nandi [link]
Nandimukhasraddha, nandisraddha [link]
Nandipurana [link]
Nandotsava [link]
Nara, Nara [link]
Narabali [link]
Narada [link]
Narada Bhaktisutras [link]
Narada-parivrajaka-Upanisad [link]
Naradasmrti (Narada-smrti) [link]
Naradiya-purana [link]
Narahari Tirtha [link]
Naraka [link]
Narakasura [link]
Nara-Narayana [link]
Narasamsigatha [link]
Narasimha [link]
Narasimhapurana [link]
Narayana [link]
Narayanabali [link]
Narayana Bhattatiri [link]
Narayana Guru [link]
Narayanasukta [link]
Narayana Upanisad [link]
Narayani [link]
Narayaniya [link]
Narmada [link]
Narsi Mehta [link]
Nasdiyasukta [link]
Nasik [link]
Nastika [link]
Nastika Darsanas [link]
Nataraja [link]
Natha Cult [link]
Nathamuni [link]
Natyasastra [link]
Nauli [link]
Navadurgas [link]
Navadvipa [link]
Navagrahamakha [link]
Navagrahas [link]
Navagrahasantis [link]
Navagva [link]
Navanna [link]
Navaratra [link]
Navatala [link]
Navyanyaya [link]
Nayanars [link]
Neo-Vedanta [link]
Neti [link]
Netronmilana [link]
Nibandhas [link]
Nidhana [link]
Nidhikumbha [link]
Nididhyasana [link]
Nidra, nidra [link]
Nigada [link]
Nigama [link]
Nigamana [link]
Nigamanta Desika [link]
Nighantu [link]
Nigrahasthana [link]
Nilakantha [link]
Nilakantha Bhatta [link]
Nilakantha Caturdhara [link]
Nilakantha Diksita [link]
Nilaksa-nakula [link]
Nilapurana [link]
Nilasukta [link]
Nimantrana [link]
Nimbarka [link]
Nimitta [link]
Nimittakarana [link]
Nirajana [link]
Nirayana [link]
Nirbijasamadhi [link]
Nirgarbha [link]
Nirisvara-sankhya [link]
Nirmanacitta [link]
Nirnayasagara Press [link]
Nirnayasindhu [link]
Nirodha-samadhi [link]
Nirrti [link]
Nirudhapasubandha [link]
Nirukta [link]
Nirupadhika [link]
Nirvana [link]
Nirvicarasamapatti [link]
Nirvikalpaka [link]
Nirvikalpa-samadhi [link]
Nirvisesa [link]
Nirvitarkasamapatti [link]
Nisada [link]
Nisadasthapati [link]
Nisedha [link]
Niseka [link]
Nisiddhakarma [link]
Niska [link]
Niskamakarma [link]
Niskramana [link]
Nispatti-avastha [link]
Nissreyas [link]
Niti [link]
Nitisara [link]
Nitisastra [link]
Nitya [link]
Nityakarma [link]
Nityalila [link]
Nityamukta [link]
Nityanuvada [link]
Nityasamsari [link]
Nivedita, Sister [link]
Nivid [link]
Nivita [link]
Nivrtti [link]
Nivrttimarga [link]
Nivrttinath [link]
Niyama [link]
Niyamavidhi [link]
Niyoga [link]
Nrga [link]
Nrsimha-tapini Upanisad [link]
Nrttamurti [link]
Nyasa [link]
Nyaya [link]
Nyaya Darsana [link]
Nyayakusumanjali [link]
Nyayamrta [link]
Nyayaparisuddhi [link]
Nyayas [link]
Nyayasudha [link]
Nyayasutras [link]
Oghavati [link]
Onam [link]
Onkara [link]
Onkaresvara [link]
Oriental Research Institutes of India [link]
Padakrcchra [link]
Padapatha [link]
Padartha [link]
Padma [link]
Padmanabha Temple [link]
Padmapada [link]
Padmapitha [link]
Padmapurana [link]
Padmasana [link]
Padmavati [link]
Paila [link]
Paisacavivaha [link]
Paithinasi [link]
Paitrka-mantras [link]
Pakayajna [link]
Paksa [link]
Palasavrksa [link]
Pali [link]
Pallavas [link]
Palmistry [link]
Pampa [link]
Pancabana [link]
Pancabhedas [link]
Pancacabhutalingas [link]
Pancabhutas [link]
Pancabrahmamantras [link]
Pancacaras [link]
Pancadasaksari-mantra [link]
Pancadasi [link]
Pancagavya [link]
Pancagnis [link]
Pancagnividya [link]
Pancajana [link]
Pancajanya [link]
Pancakosas [link]
Pancaksari [link]
Pancamahayajnas [link]
Pancamakaras [link]
Pancamas [link]
Pancanada [link]
Pancanana [link]
Pancanga [link]
Pancangasuddhi [link]
Pancapranas [link]
Pancaratra Agamas [link]
Pancasamskaras [link]
Pancasikha [link]
Pancatala [link]
Pancatantra [link]
Pancatapas [link]
Pancatattvas [link]
Pancavati [link]
Pancavimsa Brahmana [link]
Pancayajnas [link]
Pancayatanapuja [link]
Pancikarana [link]
Pancopacaras [link]
Pancopasakas [link]
Pandavagita [link]
Pandavas [link]
Pandharpur [link]
Pandu [link]
Panduranga [link]
Panigrahana [link]
Panini [link]
Paniniya Siksa [link]
Panktipavanas [link]
Papa [link]
Para, para [link]
Parabrahman [link]
Parakala Matha [link]
Parakayapravesa [link]
Paramahamsa [link]
Paramanu [link]
Paramapurusartha [link]
Paramarthika [link]
Paramatman [link]
Paramesvara [link]
Parananda Sutras [link]
Paraprakrti [link]
Parasakti [link]
Parasara [link]
Parasarabhatta [link]
Parasaragita [link]
Parasara Smrti [link]
Paraskara Grhyasutras [link]
Parasu [link]
Parasurama [link]
Paravartana [link]
Para-vidya [link]
Parijata [link]
Parikarma [link]
Pariksit [link]
Parinama [link]
Parinamavada [link]
Parinaminitya [link]
Pariplava [link]
Parisad [link]
Parisankhyavidhi [link]
Parisista [link]
Parivaradevatas [link]
Parivedana [link]
Parivrajaka [link]
Parnakurca [link]
Paroksa [link]
Parsvanatha [link]
Partition [link]
Parvanasraddha [link]
Parvanasthalipaka [link]
Parvati [link]
Paryagnikarana [link]
Paryankasauca [link]
Paryayamahotsava [link]
Pasa [link]
Pasandin [link]
Pascat-tapa [link]
Pasu [link]
Pasubandha [link]
Pasupata [link]
Pasupata Darsana [link]
Pasupatasutras [link]
Pasupati [link]
Pasupatinatha Temple [link]
Pasuvadha [link]
Pasyanti [link]
Pataka [link]
Patala [link]
Pataliputra [link]
Patanjali [link]
Patitasavitrika [link]
Pativrata [link]
Patnisala [link]
Pattadakal [link]
Ppattini cult [link]
Paurnamasi-vratas [link]
Pauskaragama [link]
Pavahari Baba [link]
Pavamanasukta [link]
Pavitra [link]
Pavitraropana-vrata [link]
Periyalvar [link]
Periyapuranam [link]
Pilgrimage [link]
Pillai Lokacarya [link]
Pinaka [link]
Pinda [link]
Pindapitryajna [link]
Pingala [link]
Pingalamata [link]
Pipilikamadhya [link]
Pippalada [link]
Pisaca [link]
Pita [link]
Pitha [link]
Pitrgatha [link]
Pitrloka [link]
Pitrmedha [link]
Pitrpaksa [link]
Pitr-rna [link]
Pitrs [link]
Pitryajna [link]
Pitryana [link]
Planets [link]
Plavini [link]
Polyandry [link]
Polygamy [link]
Pongal [link]
Prabandham [link]
Prabodhacandrodaya [link]
Prabhakara [link]
Prabhamandala [link]
Prabhasa [link]
Pracinavita [link]
Pradaksina [link]
Pradesamatra [link]
Pradhana [link]
Pradhvamsabhava [link]
Pradosa [link]
Pradyumna [link]
Pragavhava [link]
Prahlada [link]
Prajapati [link]
Prajapati Smrti [link]
Prajapatya [link]
Prajna [link]
Prajnajyoti [link]
Prakara [link]
Prakasananda Yati [link]
Prakasatman [link]
Prakrt [link]
Prakrti [link]
Prakrtika-pralaya [link]
Prakrtilaya [link]
Pralaya [link]
Prama [link]
Pramada [link]
Pramanas [link]
Pramathagana [link]
Prana [link]
Pranagnihotra [link]
Pranalinga [link]
Pranamayakosa [link]
Pranapratistha [link]
Pranava [link]
Pranavatanu [link]
Pranavidya [link]
Pranayama [link]
Pranita [link]
Prapaancasara [link]
Prapannagita [link]
Prapatti [link]
Prarabdhakarma [link]
Prarthana Samaj [link]
Prasastapada [link]
Prasna Upanisad [link]
Prastara [link]
Prastava [link]
Prasthanatraya [link]
Prastotr [link]
Prasvasa [link]
Prataparudra Deva [link]
Prataranuvaka [link]
Pratardana [link]
Pratas-savana [link]
Prathamakalpika [link]
Pratibandhikalpana [link]
Pratibha [link]
Pratibhasika [link]
Pratibimbavada [link]
Pratigara [link]
Pratihara, pratihartr [link]
Pratijna [link]
Pratikopasana [link]
Pratiloma [link]
Pratima [link]
Pratinidhi [link]
Pratipattikarma [link]
Pratisakhya [link]
Pratisedha [link]
Pratisthapana [link]
Pratiyogi [link]
Pratyabhijna [link]
Pratyabhijnadarsana [link]
Pratyabhivada [link]
Pratyagatman [link]
Pratyahara [link]
Pratyaksa [link]
Pratyamnaya [link]
Pratyavarohana [link]
Pratyutthana [link]
Pravahana Jaivali [link]
Pravara [link]
Pravargya [link]
Prayaga [link]
Prayaja [link]
Prayaniya [link]
Prayascitta [link]
Preta [link]
Pretyabhava [link]
Preyas [link]
Prsadajya [link]
Prthu [link]
Prthvi [link]
Puja [link]
Pujabhaga [link]
Pulastya [link]
Pumsavana [link]
Punaradheya [link]
Punarbhu [link]
Punarjanma [link]
Punarvasu [link]
Pundra [link]
Punya [link]
Punyahavacana [link]
Puraka [link]
Puranas [link]
Puranasamhita [link]
Purandaradasa [link]
Purascarana [link]
Puri [link]
Purnahuti [link]
Purnakumbha [link]
Purnapatra [link]
Purnaprajna [link]
Purnavatara [link]
Purodasa [link]
Purohita [link]
Puronuvakya [link]
Purta [link]
Puru [link]
Purukutsa [link]
Pururavas [link]
Purusa [link]
Purusamedha [link]
Purusarthas [link]
Purusasukta [link]
Purusavidya [link]
Purusottama [link]
Purusottamamasa [link]
Purusottamatirtha [link]
Purvamimamsa [link]
Purvapaksa [link]
Purvavat [link]
Puryastaka [link]
Pusan [link]
Pusskara [link]
Puspaka [link]
Pustaka [link]
Pustimarga [link]
Pusya [link]
Pusyasnana [link]
Putra [link]
Putrakamesti [link]
Putrika [link]
Radha [link]
Radhastami [link]
Raga [link]
Raga-dvesa [link]
Raganugabhakti [link]
Raghavendratirtha [link]
Raghu [link]
Raghunandana [link]
Rahasyatraya [link]
Rahasyatrayasara [link]
Rahu [link]
Raidas [link]
Raikva [link]
Raja [link]
Rajadharma [link]
Rajamarttanda [link]
Rajaniti [link]
Rajarajesvara [link]
Rajarajesvari [link]
Raja Rammohan Roy [link]
Rajarsi [link]
Rajas [link]
Rajasuya [link]
Rajavidya [link]
Rajayoga [link]
Rajyangas [link]
Raka [link]
Raksabandhana [link]
Raksasas [link]
Raksasa-vivaha [link]
Raksoghna-mantras [link]
Raktacamunda [link]
Rama [link]
Ramacarita-manasa [link]
Ramadasa [link]
Ramadas, Guru [link]
Ramadasa, Samartha [link]
Ramagita [link]
Ramakrishna Math [link]
Ramakrishna Mission [link]
Ramakrishna Order, The [link]
Ramakrsna [link]
Ramalila [link]
Ramalinga [link]
Ramalingar [link]
Ramana Maharsi [link]
Ramananda [link]
Ramanavami [link]
Sakadvipa [link]
Sakalya [link]
Sakambhari [link]
Sakamedha [link]
Saketa [link]
Sakhas [link]
Sakhyabhakti [link]
Sakini [link]
Sakradhvjamahotsava [link]
Saksi [link]
Sakta [link]
Saktagamas [link]
Saktaism [link]
Ssakti [link]
Sakticalani-mudra [link]
Saktivisistadvaita [link]
Sakuna [link]
Sakuni [link]
Sakuntala [link]
Sala [link]
Salagrama [link]
Salihotra [link]
Salivahana-Saka [link]
Salokya [link]
Salya [link]
Salyaparva [link]
Sama [link]
Samabhanga [link]
Samadhana [link]
Samadhi [link]
Samadisatka [link]
Samaga [link]
Samahartr [link]
Saman [link]
Samana [link]
Samantapancaka [link]
Samanu [link]
Samanya [link]
Samanyatodrsta [link]
Samapatti [link]
Samarohana [link]
Samaropana [link]
Samavartana [link]
Samavaya [link]
Samaveda [link]
Samavidhana Brahmana [link]
Samayacaryas [link]
Samayamata [link]
Sambandhar [link]
Sambandhavarttika [link]
Sambapurana [link]
Sambarasura [link]
Sambhavimudra [link]
Samhara [link]
Samhita-upanisad (Samhitopanisad) Brahmana [link]
Sami [link]
Samidh [link]
Samidheni [link]
Samipya [link]
Samiti [link]
Samitr [link]
Samjna [link]
Samnayya [link]
Samnyasa [link]
Samnyasa-upanisad (Samnyasopanisad) [link]
Sampakagita [link]
Sampati [link]
Sampradaya [link]
Samprajnata [link]
Samsara [link]
Samsaya [link]
Samskaras [link]
Samskrta [link]
Samudra [link]
Samudramathana [link]
Samudrayana [link]
Samvadasuktas [link]
Samvargavidya [link]
Samvarta-smrti [link]
Samyama [link]
Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatkumara and Sanatsujata [link]
Sanatanadharma [link]
Sanatan Gosvamin [link]
Sanatsujatiya [link]
Sancitakarma [link]
Sanda [link]
Sandhi [link]
Sandhya [link]
Sandhyavandana [link]
Sandilya [link]
Sandilya Bhakti Sutras [link]
Sandilya Upanisad [link]
Sandilyavidya [link]
Sandipani [link]
Sangava [link]
Sanghata-sraddha [link]
Sangita [link]
Sani [link]
Sanjaya [link]
Sankalpa [link]
Sankara [link]
Sankaradeva [link]
Sankaranarayana [link]
Sankarsana [link]
Sankha [link]
Sankha-likhita-dharmasutras [link]
Sankhayana [link]
Sankhayana Aranyaka [link]
Sankhayana Brahmana [link]
Sankhayana Grhyasutras [link]
Sankhya Darsana [link]
Sankhyakarika [link]
Sankhya-yoga [link]
Sankranti [link]
Sanksepa-sariraka [link]
Sanmukha [link]
Sanskrit Language [link]
Santabhava [link]
Santanagopala [link]
Santapana [link]
Santatiya-mantra [link]
Santiparva [link]
Santis [link]
Santisuktas [link]
Santosa [link]
Sapatha [link]
Sapinda [link]
Ramanujacarya [link]
Rama-purvatapaniya Upanisad [link]
Ramarahasya Upanisad [link]
Ramatirtha [link]
Ramatirtha, Svami [link]
Ramayana [link]
Ramesvaram [link]
Ramottaratapaniya Upanisad [link]
Ranganatha [link]
Rani Rasamani [link]
Rantideva [link]
Rasa [link]
Rasalila [link]
Rasamani [link]
Rasatala [link]
Rasavidya [link]
Rasesvara Darsana [link]
Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh [link]
Rasi [link]
Ratha [link]
Rathakara [link]
Rathantarasama [link]
Rathasaptami [link]
Rathayatra [link]
Rathotsava [link]
Rati [link]
Ratnapatra [link]
Ratnaprabha [link]
Ratri [link]
Ratrisukta [link]
Raudri [link]
Raurava [link]
Ravana [link]
Rbhus [link]
Rc, rk [link]
Rcika [link]
Rddhi [link]
Recaka [link]
Renuka [link]
Renukacarya [link]
Rgveda [link]
Rgvidhana [link]
Rkpratisakhya [link]
Rna [link]
Rnatraya [link]
Rohini [link]
Romaharsana [link]
Romapada [link]
Rsabha [link]
Rsi [link]
Rsika [link]
Rsipancami-vrata [link]
Rsiyajna [link]
Rsyasrnga [link]
Rta [link]
Rtambharaprajna [link]
Rtavya [link]
Rtvik [link]
Rudra [link]
Rudrabhaga [link]
Rudragayatri [link]
Rudragita [link]
Rudraksa [link]
Rudraksa Jabala Upanisad [link]
Rudraprasna [link]
Rudraprayaga [link]
Rudrayamala [link]
Rukmangada [link]
Rukmini [link]
Rupagosvami [link]
Sabara-bhasya [link]
Sabarasvamin [link]
Sabari [link]
Sabarimalai [link]
Sabarotsava [link]
Sabda [link]
Sabdabrahman [link]
Sabdavaita [link]
Sabdapramana [link]
Sabdibhavana [link]
Sabha [link]
Sabhaparva [link]
Sabhapati, Sabhapati [link]
Sabhya [link]
Saci [link]
Sadacara [link]
Sadadharapratistha [link]
Sadadhva [link]
Sadaksari [link]
Sadanama [link]
Sadananda [link]
Sadananda Kasmiraka [link]
Sadanganyasa [link]
Sadangas [link]
Sad-asat-khyati [link]
Sadasiva [link]
Sadavrata [link]
Sad-darsandas [link]
Sad-darsana-samuccaya [link]
Sadguna [link]
Sadhanabhakti [link]
Sadhanacatustaya [link]
Sadharanadharma [link]
Sadhus [link]
Sadhya [link]
Sadrsaparinama [link]
Sadvidhalingas [link]
Sadvimsa brahmana [link]
Sadyah-sauca [link]
Sadyojata [link]
Sadyovadhu [link]
Sagara [link]
Sagara; samudra [link]
Sagarbha [link]
Sagotra [link]
Saguna-Brahman [link]
Sahadeva [link]
Sahajiyas [link]
Saharsalinga [link]
Saharanamastotras [link]
Sahasrara [link]
Sai Baba of Shrdi [link]
Saivagamas [link]
Saivasiddhanata [link]
Saivism [link]
Sajatiyabheda [link]
Sapnidikarana [link]
Saptabhumikas [link]
Saptavipas [link]
Saptajnanabhumika [link]
Saptamatrikas [link]
Saptapadi [link]
Saptapuri [link]
Saptarcis [link]
Saptarsis [link]
Saptasadhana [link]
Saptasamudra [link]
Saptatala [link]
Sarabha [link]
Sarabhanga [link]
Saradadevi Sri [link]
Sarada Math or Sri Sarada Math [link]
Sarada math [link]
Saradatilaka [link]
Sarama [link]
Sarangati [link]
Sarasvati [link]
Sarasvati Rivr [link]
Sarasvativilasa [link]
Sarayu [link]
Sarirakasutras [link]
Sarirasthana [link]
Sarnga [link]
Sarpayaga [link]
Sarupa-vigraha [link]
Sarvadarsanasangraha [link]
Sarvajnatma Muni [link]
Sarvamangala [link]
Sarvamula [link]
Sarvanukramani [link]
Sarvaprayascitta [link]
Sarvarthasiddhi [link]
Sasta [link]
Sasthi [link]
Sastitantra [link]
Sastra [link]
Sastrasiddhantalesansangraha [link]
Sastyabhdapurti-santi [link]
Sat [link]
Satacandi; Sahsracandi [link]
Satadusani [link]
Satapatha Brahamna [link]
Satarudriya [link]
Satatupa [link]
Satcakrabheda [link]
Sathakopa [link]
Sati [link]
Satkarmas [link]
Satkaryavada [link]
Satkhyati [link]
Satpratipaksa [link]
Satra [link]
Satrughna [link]
Satsthala [link]
Satsthalasiddhanta [link]
Sat-tala [link]
Sattrayaga [link]
Sattva [link]
Satvata [link]
Satya [link]
Satybhama [link]
Satyaki [link]
Satyaloka [link]
Satyanarayana-vrata [link]
Satyarthaprakasa [link]
Satavan [link]
Satyavati [link]
Sauca [link]
Saunaka [link]
Saunaka-smrti [link]
Saundaryalahari [link]
Sautikaparva [link]
Saurapurana [link]
Sauti [link]
Sautramani [link]
Sauva-udgitha [link]
Savanna [link]
Savasadhana [link]
Savicara-samapatti [link]
Savikalpaka [link]
Savitri [link]
Savitrimantra [link]
Savitripravesa [link]
Savitrivrata [link]
Savyabhicara [link]
Sayana [link]
Sayanamurti [link]
Sayujya [link]
Sayyadhivasa [link]
Sesa [link]
Sesa, sesin [link]
Sesavat [link]
Sesvara-sankhya [link]
Sibi [link]
Siddhanta [link]
Siddhantabindu [link]
Siddhantasiromani [link]
Siddhas [link]
Siddhasrama [link]
Siddhis [link]
Sikhandin [link]
Sikhara [link]
Sikhism [link]
Siksa [link]
Silappadikaram [link]
Silpasastra [link]
Simantonnnayana [link]
Simhasana [link]
Sin [link]
Sindhu [link]
Sinivali [link]
Sisnadevas [link]
Sistas; sistacara [link]
Sisumara [link]
Sisupala [link]
Sisya [link]
Sita [link]
Sitala [link]
Siva [link]
Sivadharmapurana [link]
Sivadharmottarapurana [link]
Sivaduti [link]
Sivagita [link]
Sivajnanabodham [link]
Sivalinga [link]
Sivanada svami [link]
Sivanubhava-mantapa [link]
Sivapurana [link]
Sivaratri [link]
Sivarkamanidipika [link]
Sivasutras [link]
Skambha [link]
Skanda [link]
Skandapurana [link]
Skandavamin [link]
Slavery [link]
Slokavarttika [link]
Smrti [link]
Smrticandrika [link]
Smrtirantnakara [link]
Snake worship [link]
Snana [link]
Snanayatra [link]
Snataka [link]
Sodasaksari-mantra [link]
Sodasa-mahadana [link]
Sodasa-samskaras [link]
Sodasi [link]
Sodasin [link]
Sodasopacaras [link]
Soma [link]
Somanathapura [link]
Somanath temple [link]
Samasutra [link]
Samayaga [link]
Saosyani-karma [link]
Soul [link]
Sapanda [link]
Sparsayoga [link]
Sphotavada [link]
Sphurana [link]
Sphya [link]
Spiritualism [link]
Sraddha [link]
Srautasutras [link]
Sreyas [link]
Sri Sridevi [link]
Sribhasya [link]
Sricakra [link]
Sridharasvamin [link]
Sriharsa [link]
Srikantha [link]
Srikarabhasya [link]
Srikrsna [link]
Srikrsna Caitanya [link]
Srinivasa [link]
Sripadaraja [link]
Sripancami [link]
Srirama [link]
Srirangam [link]
Srirangapattana [link]
Srisailam [link]
Srisukta [link]
Srivaisnava [link]
Srivaisnavism. [link]
Srividya [link]
Srotriya [link]
Srati [link]
Srutaprakasika [link]
Stars [link]
Sthalapurana [link]
Sthalipaka [link]
Sthanaka [link]
Sthandila [link]
Sthapati [link]
Sthapatyaveda [link]
Sthitaprajna [link]
Sthuladhyana [link]
Sthulasarira [link]
Stobha [link]
Stoma [link]
Stotra [link]
Stri [link]
Strldhana [link]
Striparva [link]
Styana [link]
Subala Upanisad [link]
Subhadra [link]
Subrahmanya [link]
Subrahmanya-sasthi [link]
Sucihasta [link]
Sucindram [link]
Sudama [link]
Sudarsana [link]
Sudarsanacakra [link]
Sudarsanasuri [link]
Sudasa [link]
Suddhadvaita [link]
Suddhamaya [link]
Suddhasattva [link]
Suddhavidyatattva [link]
Suddhi [link]
Sudras [link]
Sugriva [link]
Suicide [link]
Suka [link]
Sukanasi [link]
Sukla Yajurveda [link]
Suklayajurveda Samhita [link]
Sukra [link]
Sukracarya [link]
Sukranitisara [link]
Sukriya [link]
Suksmadhyana [link]
Suksmakriya [link]
Suksmasarira [link]
Sukta [link]
Suktavaka [link]
Sulabha [link]
Sulagava [link]
Sulapani [link]
Sulbasutras [link]
Sumantra [link]
Sumantu [link]
Sumedhas [link]
Sumitra [link]
Sunasiriya [link]
Sunassepha [link]
Sundarakanda [link]
Sundaramurti [link]
Suparna [link]
Surabhi [link]
Surapana [link]
Suras [link]
Surasena [link]
Suratha [link]
Surdas [link]
Suresvara [link]
Surpanakha [link]
Surya [link]
Suryabhedana [link]
Suryagita [link]
Suryagrahana [link]
Suryakunda [link]
Suryanamaskara [link]
Suryanarayana [link]
Suryasiddhanta [link]
Suskabhasti [link]
Susruta [link]
Susrutasamhita [link]
Susumna [link]
Susupti [link]
Suta [link]
Sutagita [link]
Sutaka [link]
Sutala [link]
Sutapuranika [link]
Sutaamhita [link]
Sutiksna [link]
Sutratman [link]
Sutudri [link]
Svadha [link]
Svadharma [link]
Svadhisthana [link]
Svadhyaya [link]
Svagatabheda [link]
Svaha [link]
Svami-Naryana [link]
Svapna [link]
Svapnesvara [link]
Svarga [link]
Svargarohanaparva [link]
Svarita [link]
Svarloka [link]
Svarodayavijnana [link]
Svarupalaksana [link]
Svarupasakti [link]
Svasa [link]
Svastika [link]
Svastikuta [link]
Svastivacana [link]
Svayamacaryas [link]
Svayambhuvalinga [link]
Svayamprabha [link]
Svayamvara [link]
Svetadvipa [link]
Svetaketu [link]
Svetasvatara Upanisad [link]
Syamantakamani [link]
Syamasastri [link]
Tadana [link]
Taijasa [link]
Taittiriya Aranyaka [link]
Taittiriya Brahmana [link]
Taittiriya Pratisakhya [link]
Taittiriya samhita [link]
Taittiriya Upanisad [link]
Taksaka [link]
Taksasila [link]
Tala [link]
Talatala [link]
Talavakaras [link]
Talavakara Upanisad [link]
Tamas [link]
Tambula [link]
Tamraparni [link]
Tandy-Mahabrahmana [link]
Tanka [link]
Tanmatras [link]
Tantras [link]
Tantravarttika [link]
Tapas [link]
Tapoloka [link]
Taptakrcchra [link]
Taptamudradharana [link]
Tara [link]
Tarakamantra [link]
Tarakasura [link]
Tarka [link]
Tarkasangraha [link]
Tarksya [link]
Tarpana [link]
Tatasthalaksana [link]
Tattvamuktakalapa [link]
Tattvavaisaradi [link]
Tayumanavar [link]
Tegh Bahadur, Guru [link]
Tejas [link]
Tejobindu Upanisad [link]
Temples Hindu [link]
Tengalai [link]
Tilak, Bal Gangadhar [link]
Tirthayatra [link]
Tirukkural [link]
Tirumala-Tirupati [link]
Tirumalisai Alvar [link]
Tirumangai Alvar [link]
Tirumular [link]
Tirupati [link]
Tiruppad [link]
Tiruppanalvar [link]
Tiruppavai [link]
Tiruvalluvar [link]
Tiruvaymoli [link]
Tiryakpundra [link]
Tithinirnaya [link]
Titksa [link]
Todarananda [link]
Tondaradippodi Alvar [link]
Totapuri [link]
Trasadasyu [link]
Trataka [link]
Trcakalpanamaskara [link]
Tretayuga [link]
Tridandin [link]
Trigunatita [link]
Trijata [link]
Trika [link]
Trikaprasavasanti [link]
Trimurti [link]
Tripundra [link]
Tripura [link]
Tripurabhairavi [link]
Tripurasundari [link]
Triratravrata [link]
Trisanku [link]
Trisikhabrahmana-upanisad (Trisikhabrahmanopanisad) [link]
Tristhali [link]
Trisula [link]
Trisuparnamantras [link]
Trita [link]
Tritala [link]
Trivarga [link]
Triveni [link]
Trivikrama [link]
Trivrtkarana [link]
Tryambakahoma [link]
Tryambaksvara [link]
Tukaram [link]
Tuladhara [link]
Tulajapur [link]
Tulapurusa [link]
Tulasi [link]
Tulasidasa [link]
Tulasivivaha [link]
Tulavidya [link]
Tumburu [link]
Turiya [link]
Tusti [link]
Tvasta [link]
Tyasa [link]
Tyagaraja [link]
Ubhayabharati [link]
Ubhayavedanta [link]
Uccaisravas [link]
Uccatana [link]
Ucchista [link]
Ucchista-ganapati [link]
Udakasanti [link]
Udana [link]
Udanka [link]
Udarabhandha [link]
Udasis [link]
Udatta [link]
Udayana [link]
Udayaniya [link]
Uddalaka [link]
Uddalakavrata [link]
Uddhava [link]
Uddhavagita [link]
Uddiyanabandha [link]
Udatr [link]
Udgitha [link]
Udgithavidy [link]
Udupi [link]
Udyapana [link]
Udyogaparva [link]
Ugrarathasanti [link]
Ujjayini [link]
Uma [link]
Unchavrtti [link]
Unmanimudra [link]
Upacaras [link]
Upadanakarana [link]
Upadesasahasri [link]
Upadhi [link]
Upadhyaya [link]
Upakarma [link]
Upakosala [link]
Upakosalavidya [link]
Upakrama [link]
Upakurvana-brahmacarin [link]
Upala [link]
Upamana [link]
Upamanyu [link]
Upamsujapa [link]
Upanayana [link]
Upanisads [link]
Upaniskramana [link]
Upaptaka [link]
Upapuranas [link]
Uparati [link]
Upasana [link]
Upasanakanda [link]
Upasangrahana [link]
Upasruti [link]
Upastarana [link]
Upasthana [link]
Upavarsa [link]
Upavasa [link]
Upavasatha [link]
Upaveda [link]
Upavita [link]
Upaya [link]
Urdhvapundra [link]
Urmila [link]
Urvasi [link]
Usa [link]
Usanas [link]
Usas [link]
Usasti Cakrayana [link]
Usinara [link]
Utathyagita [link]
Utpalacarya [link]
Utpata [link]
Utsarga [link]
Utsava [link]
Utsavamurti [link]
Uttamapurusa [link]
Uttara [link]
Uttaragita [link]
Uttarakanda [link]
Uttarakumara [link]
Uttaramimamsa [link]
Uttaravedi [link]
Uttarayana [link]
Utthanadvadasi [link]
Uvata [link]
Vac [link]
Vacanakaras [link]
Vacanas [link]
Vacaspati [link]
Vacaspati Misra [link]
Vacika [link]
Vada [link]
Vadagalais [link]
Vadiraja [link]
Vagbhata [link]
Vahana [link]
Vaidhibhakti [link]
Vaidyanatha [link]
Vaidyanathadham [link]
Vaijatya [link]
Vaijayanti [link]
Vaikhanasa Agama [link]
Vaikhari [link]
Vaikuntha [link]
Vairagis [link]
Vairagya [link]
Vairamudi [link]
Vaisampayana [link]
Vaisesika Darsana [link]
Vaishno Devi [link]
Vaisnava Bhagavata [link]
Vaisnavadevi [link]
Vaisnavi [link]
Vaisnavism [link]
Vaisravana [link]
Vaisvadeva [link]
Vaisvanara [link]
Vaisya [link]
Vaitarani [link]
Vaivasvata [link]
Vajapeya [link]
Vajasaneya samhita [link]
Vajra [link]
Vajrayudha [link]
Vak [link]
Vakyabheda [link]
Valakhilyas [link]
Vali [link]
Vallabha [link]
Valmiki [link]
Vamacara [link]
Vamadeva [link]
Vamadevagita [link]
Vamana [link]
Vamanapurana [link]
Vanadurga [link]
Vanamala [link]
Vanaprastha [link]
Vanivilasa press Srirangam [link]
Vapana [link]
Varadaraja [link]
Varhamihira [link]
Varahapurana [link]
Varahavatara [link]
Varahi [link]
Varaha-upanisad (Varahopanisad) [link]
Varakaris [link]
Varanasi [link]
Vararuci [link]
Varavaramuni [link]
Vardhamana Mahavira [link]
Varisara [link]
Varivasyarashasya [link]
Varna [link]
Varnasankara [link]
Varnasramadharma [link]
Varsaganya [link]
Vartta [link]
Varuna [link]
Varunakrcchra [link]
Varunapraghasa [link]
Varuni [link]
Vasana [link]
Vasantapancami [link]
Vasantaraja sakuna [link]
Vasistha [link]
Vasistha Dharmasutras [link]
Vasishta Ramayana [link]
Vasordhara [link]
Vastradhauti [link]
Vastupurusa [link]
Vastusanti [link]
Vasudeva [link]
Vasudeva-upanisad (Vasudevopanisad) [link]
Vasuki [link]
Vasus [link]
Vatapi [link]
Vatasavitrivrata [link]
Vatsalyabhava [link]
Vatsyayana [link]
Vatulasuddhagama [link]
Vayu [link]
Vayupurana [link]
Vedadhyayana [link]
Vedangas [link]
Vedanta Darsana [link]
Vedanta Desika [link]
Vedantasutras [link]
Vedarambha [link]
Vedarthasangraha [link]
Vedas [link]
Vedavati [link]
Vedavratas [link]
Vedavyasa [link]
Vedha [link]
Vedi [link]
Vedic sacrifices [link]
Venkatesa venkaesvara [link]
Vesara [link]
Vesya [link]
Vibhandaka [link]
Vibhava [link]
Vibhisana [link]
Vibhuti vibhutis [link]
Videhakavialya videhamukti [link]
Vidhi [link]
Vidura [link]
Viduranti [link]
Vidurasvattha [link]
Vidya [link]
Vidyadharas [link]
Vidyadvara [link]
Vidyapati [link]
Vidyarambha [link]
Vidyaranya [link]
Vidyas [link]
Vidyasagara [link]
Vidyasukta [link]
Vijatiyabheda [link]
Vijaya [link]
Vijayadasa [link]
Vijayadasami [link]
Vijnana [link]
Vinjanabhiksu [link]
Vijnanesvara [link]
Vikalpa [link]
Vikhanas [link]
Vikramaditya [link]
Vikramasila [link]
Viksepa [link]
Vimana [link]
Vimarsa [link]
Vimuktatman [link]
Vinasana [link]
Vinata [link]
Vinayaka [link]
Vinayakasanti [link]
Vindhaya [link]
Viniyogavidhi [link]
Vipaka [link]
Viparitakhyati [link]
Viparyaya [link]
Vipasa [link]
Vipra [link]
Vipranarayana [link]
Virabhadra [link]
Virabhava [link]
Viraj, virat [link]
Virajahoma [link]
Virasaivism [link]
Virasana [link]
Virata [link]
Virataparva [link]
Virocana [link]
Viruddha [link]
Virupaksa temple [link]
Vishwa Hindu Parishad [link]
Visistadvaita Vedanta Darsana [link]
Visnu [link]
Visnubali [link]
Visnubhaga [link]
Visnubhagavata [link]
Visnucitta [link]
Visnudharmapurana [link]
Visnudharmasutra [link]
Visnudharmottarapurana [link]
Visnupurana [link]
Visnusahasranama [link]
Visnusukta [link]
Visnutattvavinirnaya [link]
Visoka [link]
Visti [link]
Visuvasankranti [link]
Visuddhacakra [link]
Visvajit [link]
Visvakarma [link]
Visvamitra [link]
Visvanatha Temple [link]
Visvarupa [link]
Visvedevas [link]
Vitahavya [link]
Vitala [link]
Vitanda [link]
Vitarka [link]
Vitasta [link]
Vitasti [link]
Vivaha [link]
Vivaranaprameyasangraha [link]
Vivaranaprasthana [link]
Vivartavada [link]
Viveka [link]
Vivekacudamani [link]
Vivekakhyati [link]
Vivekananda Svami [link]
Vratas and utsavas [link]
Vratyas [link]
Vratyastoma [link]
Vrddha smrtis [link]
Vrddhisraddha [link]
Vrndaban [link]
Vrsotsarga [link]
Vrtragita [link]
Vrtrasura [link]
Vrtti [link]
Vrttikara [link]
Vyabhicara [link]
Vyadhi [link]
Vyaghata [link]
Vyahrtihoma [link]
Vyahrtis [link]
Vyakarana [link]
Vyana [link]
Vyasa [link]
Vyasana [link]
Vyasasmrti (Vyasa-smrti) [link]
Vyasatirtha [link]
Vyatipata [link]
Vyatireka [link]
Vyavahara mayukha [link]
Vyuhas [link]
Vyutthanasamskara [link]
War [link]
Women, Hindu [link]
Yadavaprakasa [link]
Yadu [link]
Yaga [link]
Yajna [link]
Yajnacakra [link]
Yajnamurti [link]
Yajnavalkya [link]
Yajnavalkya smrti [link]
Yajnavaraha [link]
Yajnayajniya [link]
Yajnayudha [link]
Yajnopavita [link]
Yajurveda [link]
Yajya [link]
Yaksa [link]
Yaksagana [link]
Yaksapransna [link]
Yama [link]
Yamgita [link]
Yamaloka [link]
Yamasmrti (Yama-smrti) [link]
Yamasukta [link]
Yamuna [link]
Yamnuacarya [link]
Yantra [link]
Yaska [link]
Yasoda [link]
Yati [link]
Yatidharmasanraha [link]
Yatindramatadipika [link]
Yatudhana [link]
Yavamadhya [link]
Yavanas [link]
Yayati [link]
Yoga [link]
Yogacudamani Upanisad [link]
Yogadarsana [link]
Yogajapratyaksa [link]
Yogaksema [link]
Yogamaya [link]
Yogamudra [link]
Yoganala [link]
Yoganarasimha [link]
Yoganga [link]
Yoganidra [link]
Yogapatta [link]
Yogasanas [link]
Yogasarasangraha [link]
Yogasayanamurti [link]
Ogasikha-upanisad (Ogasikhopanisad) [link]
Yogasutras [link]
Yogatattva-upanisad (Yogatattvopanisad) [link]
Yogavarttika [link]
Yogavasistha [link]
Yogavidhi [link]
Yogavighanas [link]
Yoga Yajnavalkya [link]
Yogesvari [link]
Yogi [link]
Yoginis [link]
Yoktra [link]
Yuddha [link]
Yuddhakanda [link]
Yudhisthira [link]
Yugadharma [link]
Yugadi [link]
Yugapurana [link]
Yugas [link]
Yuktyabhasa [link]
Yupa yupastambha [link]
Yutasiddha [link]
Zero [link]
Zodiacal Signs [link]
Indologists of India [link]
Foreign Indologists [link]

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