Sanskrit sources of Kerala history

by Suma Parappattoli | 2010 | 88,327 words

This study deals with the history of Kerala based on ancient Sanskrit sources, such as the Keralamahatmyam. The modern state known as Keralam or Kerala is situated on the Malabar Coast of India. The first chapter of this study discusses the historical details from the inscriptions. The second chapter deals with the historical points from the Mahatm...

This book contains Sanskrit text which you should never take for granted as transcription mistakes are always possible. Always confer with the final source and/or manuscript.

Appendix 2 - Kings of Musaka Dynasty—According to Musakavamsa

-) Nandana
-) Ugra (Son)
-) Ugradhanva (Son)
-) Simhasena (Son)
-) Candravarman (Son)

-) Brhatsena (Son)
His brother Ugrasva went to the forest and performed Tapas. The king of Kerala invades Kola kingdom. Ugrasva who had been performing, penance for a long time decides to marry. He threw the Keralites from the kingdom and made his son Citraketana, king.

-) Citraketana (Son of Ugrasva)

-) Sutasoma (Son)
Performed a hundred sacrifices and is also known as Satasoma, built the famous Siva temple in Perincellur Brahmin village.

-) Asvasena (Son)
-) Simhaketu (Son)
-) Visvapala (Son)

-) Sarmadatta (Son)
Performed Tapas on Siva and Siva blessed that 21 generations of kings in his family would have their lives extended as long as they liked.

-) Rudravarma (Son)
-) Vyaghrasena (Son)
-) Prthudyumna (Son)
-) Vajradhara (Dayada)
-) Valahaka (Son)
-) Bhimavarma (Son)
-) Brhatsena (Son)
-) Daksa (Son)
-) Atula (Son)
-) Nayavardhana (Son)
-) Mitrasoma (Son)
-) Bhadra (Son)
-) Viravarma (Son)
-) Amitakratu (Son)
-) Jagadasva (Son)
-) Suradyumna (Son)
-) Arjunavarma (Son)
-) Ugrabahu (Son)
-) Jayaditya (Son)
-) Vratasena (Dayada)
-) Ulpalaksa (Son)
-) Mahakirti (Son)
-) Devadyumna (Son)
-) Brhaddanti (Son)
-) Ugra (Son)
-) Manu (Son)
-) Brhatgriva (Son)

-) Vatukavarma
Performed many sacrifices. He established the Vatukesvara temple and had Siva installed there.

-) Ahirana
Built the temple Ahiranesvara on the west coast of the river Prthana

-) Mahirana (Son)
Is said to have brought to the city a number of women he saw in the cave during a trip to the forest Sahyadri, obviously tribal women. He lived with them for a long time and return to the cave once a son was born to him.

-) Aryagupta (Acalan) (Son)
Established Acalapattanam

-) Asvasena (Son)
Deposed by Vikramasena (Brother)

-) Vinayavarma (Son)

-) Rajavarma (Son)
constructed a huge Jaina vihara

-) Jayamani (Son of deposed Asvasena)
Becomes king with the help of the Pandyan king after defeating Rajavarma.

-) Ranamani (Son)

-) Udayavarma (Son)
a strong supporter of Brahmins

-) Udayaditya (Son)
-) Virocana (Son)
defeated Pallava king in a fierce battle and married Harini, daughter of the Pallava king.

-) Virocana II (Son)
-) Kalasena (Son)
-) Vyalasena (Son)
-) Satrumtapa
-) Brhatbahu
-) Prthukirti
-) Amitrajith
-) Dipanika
-) Sasidatta and Janavrata (Sons) of Dipanika
Brothers fought for the kingdom and died.
Sasidatta’s wife who was pregnant at that time gave birth to a son.

-) Vajrasrara
-) Sura (Son)
-) Visala (Son)
-) Mahasvan (Son)
-) Ajita (Son)
-) Puskala (Son)
-) Bahukirti (Son)
-) Suketu (Son)
-) Vikata (Son)
-) Sudhanva
-) Satyavarata
-) Caturaketu
-) Udarakirti
-) Svarbhanu
-) Uttamakula
-) Sakala
-) Adriketu
-) Kamaprada
-) Nayadhana
-) Kavikarkasa
-) Parjanya
-) Paramayasas
-) Nipadavarma
-) Tivrasva
-) Sumati
-) Amitrah
-) Vicanda
-) Aksobhya
-) Samarasaha
-) Mahodaya
-) Sivacarita (Son of Mahodaya)
-) Isana (Son)
-) Kuncivarma

-) Isanavarma (Son)
(married Nandini daughter of the Cedi king and reinstalled the Cedi king in his domains married again a princess from Cola)

-) Nrparama (Son)
The Cedi queen also begets children from Isanavarma. They are Palaka and Nandini. Nrparama becomes king after Isanavarma.

-) Nrparama (Contd)

-) Candravarman (Son)
(infant dies Palaka, son of Isanavarma brought from Cedi kingdom were he was residing.

-) Validhara (Son of Palaka sister, matriarchal succession)
-) Ripurama (nephew)
-) Vikramarama
-) Janamani
-) Sankhavarma
-) Jayamani
-) Valabha (nephew)
-) Kundavarman (Young brother)
-) Palaka (nephew)
-) Ripurama (King of Bhatasthali)
-) Palaka (nephew)
-) Jayamani (Younger brother)
-) Valabha (nephew)
-) Srikantha (brother)

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