Historical Elements in the Matsya Purana

by Chaitali Kadia | 2021 | 91,183 words

This page relates ‘Dana (donation) in the Matsya Purana’ of the study on the historical elements of the Matsya-purana: one of the eighteen Mahapuranas which are Sanskrit texts that have preserved the cultural heritage, philosophy, religion, geography, etc of ancient India. This Matsyapurana was originally written in 20,000 verses and deals with topics such as architecture, ancient history, polity, religion and philosophy.

Dāna (donation) in the Matsya Purāṇa

Also in different chapters of the Matsya Purāṇa many types of donation rules (Dāna vidhi ) have been mentioned.

Gudadhenu Dāna:

It is a part of Viśokadvādaśī vow. This Gudadhenu is donated during Uttarāyana, Dakṣināyana, Punyprada, Viṣuvyoga, Vyatipātayoga or eclipse of the Sun and Moon. The Matsya Purāṇa discussed the dāna in the 82nd chapter.

Parvata Dāna:

There are ten types of Meru Dāna or Parvata Dāna . The result of giving this Dāna is so auspicious that no one can get that result even by reciting Vedas , Purāṇas , performing rituals or building temples to Gods. These ten types of Dāna are–

1. Dhānyaśaila: If the Moon or Sun disappears during the eclipse, Uttarāyana, Dakṣināyana , auspicious Viṣuvayoga, Tṛtīya , Dvādaśī or full moon of Śuklapakṣa is the appropriate time for this dāna . This dāna is mentioned in the 82nd chapter of the Matsya Purāṇa .

2. Lavanācala: By this dāna , human beings get Śivaloka . This dāna is mentioned in the 84th chapter of the Matsya Purāṇa . Besides, it is mentioned in Ballalsen’s Dānasāgara as “Viṣṇudaivata Dāna ”.

3. Gudaparvata: As a result of this dāna , rich people are worshiped as gods and receive heaven. This dāna is mentioned in the 85th chapter of the Matsya Purāṇa .

4. Suvarṇācala: It is a dāna from the sinner. As a result of this dāna brahmaloka is received. Chapter 86th deals with the rules of this dāna .

5. Tilaśaila: As a result of this dāna , man receives the Viṣṇuloka . The man who donates Tilācala gets longevity in this world. The Matsya Purāṇa in the 87th chapter points out this dāna .

6. Kārpāsacala: Chapter 88 of the Matsya Purāṇa mentions the rules of this dāna . As a result of this dāna , one can become rich and receive Rudraloka .

7. Ghṛtācala: Chapter 89 discusses this dāna . He who gives alms according to this alms rules, even though he is a great sinner, he gets Śivaloka .

8. Ratnācala: This dāna is discussed in the chapter 90 of the Matsya Purāṇa .

9. Rajatācala: The result of this dāna is equal to donation of ten thousand cows. chapter 91 of the Matsya Purāṇa discuses about the dāna . 255

10. Śarkaraśaila: By this dāna Lord Viṣṇu, Rudra and Surya become satisfied ever. There are discussions in details about this dāna in the chapter 92 of the Matsya Purāṇa .

In spite of these dāna Matsya Purāṇa also discussed about the rules of Ādityavāra Kalpa (MP-97), rules of worshiping Guru and Śukra (MP-76) and rules about Navagraha Śānti (Peace of planets) (MP-93).

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