Atharvaveda and Charaka Samhita

by Laxmi Maji | 2021 | 143,541 words

This page relates ‘Treatment of Rakta-vikara (Haemoptysis)’ found in the study on diseases and remedies found in the Atharvaveda and Charaka-samhita. These texts deal with Ayurveda—the ancient Indian Science of life—which lays down the principles for keeping a sound health involving the use of herbs, roots and leaves. The Atharvaveda refers to one of the four Vedas (ancient Sanskrit texts encompassing all kinds of knowledge and science) containing many details on Ayurveda, which is here taken up for study.

Atharvaveda talks about Rakta-vikāra or Haemoptysis disease. On tying Audumbara maṇi this disease can be neutralized. Other than this, in Atharvaveda, the following medications are recommended as having curative properties with regards to this disease–Dūrvā, Puṇḍrīka and Plakṣa etc. Also, in Maitrāyaṇī and Kāṭhaka Saṃhitā Tilvaka and Bhūrja trees are mentioned. This can be used to treat Rakta-vikāra disease[1]. Atharvaveda talks about Raktātisāra. Maitrāyaṇī Saṃhitā mentions Upavāka or Upavākā medicine or Indrayava as a treatment for Rakta-vikāra disease[2]. Atharvaveda talks of Khadira as a cure for Raktātisāra[3]. Other than this Bilva, Maṇḍūkī or root of Maṇḍūkaparṇī is good for this disease. Ṛgveda mentions Śālmali tree as a cure for Raktātisāra[4].

Footnotes and references:


bhūrjo vai nāmaiṣa vṛkṣaḥ | Maitrā. S.–1/10/12.


badarairupavākābhirbheṣajam | Maitrā. S.–3/11/ 2.


bhadrāt plakṣānnistiṣṭhasyaśvatthāt khadirāddhavāt |
bhadrānnyagrodhāt parṇāt sā na ehyarundhati ||
(AV. –V/5/5); Acarya Vedanta Tirtha (ed.), Atharvaveda–Vol.1, Delhi, Manoj Publication, 2012, p. 219.


sukiṃ śukaṃ śalmaliṃ viśvarūpaṃ hiraṇyavarṇaṃ suvṛtaṃ sucakram |
ā roha sūrye amṛtasya lokaṃ syona patye vahatuṃ kṛṇuṣva ||
(ṚV. -X/85/20); Acharya Vedanta Tirtha (ed.), Ṛgveda–Vol. 4, Delhi, Manoj Publication, 2012, p. 391.

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