Vedanta Anviksiki Science and Philosophy

author: Girish Nath Jha
edition: 2017, D. K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
pages: 616
language: English
ISBN-10: 8124608970
ISBN-13: 9788124608975
Topic: Hindu-philosophy

Summary: This volume Vedanta Anviksiki, Science and Philosophy in Contemporary Perspective, which resonates the current expectations from Vedanta in a fast-changing world, is the proceedings of the 21st edition of International Congress of Vedanta organized by the Center of Indic Studies, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth during 11-13 July 2013. Ancient Indian thought system, well known for its relentless argumentation on varied contentious issues, paved the way for maturing deep philosophical a thoughts, and scientific and technological inventions.

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The volume presents thirty-one research papers from reputed scholars on wide ranging topics like metaphysics knowledge and hermeneutics, science and technology in ancient texts interpretation of key texts, digital libraries, yoga and ayurveda, spirituality and science, interfaith dialogue, Indian cosmology and psychology, Vedantic pedagogy, history, culture, social systems, corporate world, governance music and consciousness studies. These papers present vast treasures of India’s knowledge systems and offer potential for multidisciplinary research.

It would be of immense value to the students and scholars of Vedanta, and would stimulate them for more discussions and debates on Vedantic traditions and their contemporary relevance.

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Contents of this online book (index):

The full text of the Vedanta Anviksiki Science and Philosophy in English can be quickly summarized in the following table of contents. Becaue these pages are not available to read online, I would recommend you buy the book.

1 Intentionality and Reflexivity of Consciousness: Advaita Perspective 1
2 Liberation, Immortality and Life after Death: A Comparative Analysis of Vedanta and Islamic Philosophy 15
3 The Theory of Causation in Advaitavad 40
4 The Metaphysics of the Beyond 57
5 Concept of Time, Space and Mind in Yogavasistha 71
6 The Advaita Concept of Contentless Cognition: Some Problems 95
7 Vrtti (Psychosis) in Advaita Vedanta 105
8 Maya as Mulavidya in Kevaladvaita of Sankara and as an Ontological Reality in the Bhakti Vedanta School of Swaminarayana 118
9 Reality as Ananda: An Upanisadic Exposition 134
10 Advaita vedānta kī vyāpakatā 150
11 Dṛṣṭisṛṣṭivāda 160
12 The Return of the Missing Creative Couple 177
13 Call for Suddhi: Vedantic Model of Purification 192
14 Vajrasūcikopaniṣadi brāhmaṇatvanirdhāraṇamukhena pratipāditaṃ brahmatattvama 240
15 Influence of Advaita Vedanta on Sanskrit Rasa Theory 250
16 Agricultural Science in Sanskrit Literature with Special Reference to Krsiparasara 264
17 Jambudvipa : Scientific Interpretation of Sanatana Dharma 282
18 Physical Sciences in the Rgvedic Maruts: Generators of Speech and Force Incarnate 343
19 Vedantic View of Kalidasa and Deep Ecology: With References’ to Abhijnanasakuntalam 357
20 Śrīmadbhāgavadmahāpurāṇasya vaidikopajīvyaṃ purāṇavaiśiṣṭayañca 367
21 Jyotiṣāyurvedaśāstrayo: aṃgagibhāva 376
22 Sanatsujatiyam 379
23 Consciousness under the Phenomenological Microscope: Sankara’s Position 387
24 Dasabodh: A Classic Spiritual Text that Underlines the Importance of Vedas and Vedanta 405
25 Bṛhadāraṇyakopaniṣadi svapnatattvam [svapna-tattva] 423
26 Understanding Vedanta Applying Phonosemantics 433
27 Indic Non-Dual Traditions and Monotheism Contrasted: Necessity for Dialogue between Dharmic Traditions 451
28 Interfaith Dialogue between Vedanta and Christianity on the Concept of Liberation 499
29 The Notion of Harmony: Vedanta Perspective 516
30 Advaita Vedanta in Socio-Political Practices of Mahatma Gandhi 534
31 Ever-present State: A Scientific Solution to Our Individual Peace and Global Peace 549

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