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Mulavidya, aka: Mula-vidya, Mūlavidyā; 1 Definition(s)


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In Hinduism

General definition (in Hinduism)

Mūlavidyā (मूलविद्या).—There are four main or mūla-vidyās in Śrī-vidyā:

  1. Gāyatri: Vedic Gāyatri, the primary Vidyā that one is initiated into, before the Śrī-Vidyā mantras like Bāla or Pancadāsi.
  2. Bāla: The three lettered Vidyā. The presiding devata, Bāla Mahā Tripura Sundari, is a child. Bāla is said to be one of the most attractive and wonderful forms of Devi.
  3. Pancadāsi: Pancadāsi is the famous fifteen lettered Śrī-Vidyā mantra. Dakśiṇamūrti is said to be the seer of Pancadāsi.
  4. Śodasi: Śodasi is the sixteen lettered Śrī-Vidyā. Pancadāsi with an additional bīja (usually Śrībīja) becomes Śodasi.
Source: Hindupedia: The Hindu Encyclopedia

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