Pushyanuga Churnam

Topic: Ayurveda

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Detailled product description:

Text: Ashtangahridayam
An Ayurvedic Medicine
Used in Leucorrhoea and other vagnial disorders diarrhea and dysentery Dose 5 to 10 grams
Patha 0.385 g
Jambu 0.385 g
Amrashti 0.385 g
Silodbhcdam 0.385 g
Rasanjanam 0.385 g
Ambastha 0.385 g
Sammalipicha 0.385 g
Samanga 0.385 g
Vatsakatwak 0.385 g
Bahilka 0.385 g
Vilwa 0.385 g
Ativisha 0.385 g
Lodhra 0.385 g
Toyada 0.385 g
Gairika 0.385 g
Sunthi 0.385 g
Madhuka 0.385 g
Mridwika 0.385 g
Raktachandana 0.385 g
Katphala 0.385 g
Katwanga 0.385 g
Vatsaka 0.385 g
Ananta 0.385 g
Dhataki 0.385 g
Madhuka 0.385 g
Anjana 0.385 g5 to 10 g As directed by the physician
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