Kamba-Ramayana (in two volumes)

author: Shanti Lal Nagar
edition: 2008, Parimal Publication
pages: 999
language: English
ISBN-13: 9788171103164
Topic: Ramayana

Summary: The Kamba Ramayana is the Tamil version of the famous Sanskrit epic, written by Kambar (Kamban) around the 12th century. Also known as the Ramavataram, the Kamba Ramayana (Ramayanam) narrates the story of king Rama of Ayodhya in roughly 12,000 verses.

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The English translation of Tamil Ramayana of Sage Kamban (Kambar) in two volumes: Volume One: Bala Kanda, Ayodhya Kanda, Aranya Kanda, Kiskindha Kanda. Volume Two: Sundra-Kanda, Yuddha-Kanda (1st Half), Yuddha-Kanda (2nd Half).
The story of Rama has been dominating the Indian religious scene from the time immemorial. The complete story of the Ramayapa was hardly popular with the masses in complete form till it was composed by the sage Valmiki in a book form. The Ramayana which is known as the Adikavya or the first ornate poem according to the indigenous estimation is ascribed to the sage Valmiki, the Adikavi or the first author of the ornate poetry. The Ramayana deserves to be called as the Adikavya because of the characteristics of the ornate poetry, such as the description of nature and the presence of the figures of speech, both of words and the sense are quite auspicious.
A number of Ramayapas were composed in different parts of the country. The regional Ramayanas were composed not only in the north but also in the south, in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada languages. Of these regional works, the Kamba Ramayaa which was composed by Mahari Kamban, possibly was the earliest. The Kamba Ramayana comprises of six kandas instead of seven of the Valmiki Ramayana.
The sage Kamban was well-versed in the southern recension of the Valmiki Ramayana, which would be evident from the following episodes which have been included by him in his work:
1. The churning of the ocean and taking of Visnu in the form of Mohini.
2. Conversation between Laksmana and Tara.
3. Destruction of Dhrumkulya.
4. Battle between Sugriva and Ravana.
5. Journey of she-monkeys to Ayodhya.
6. Dialogue between Kumbhakarna and Vibhisana.
This is the first time that an English Translation of this great Tamil work is in front of the curious readers in two hardbound volumes.

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Contents of this online book (index):

The full text of the Kamba-Ramayana (in two volumes) in English can be quickly summarized in the following table of contents. Becaue these pages are not available to read online, I would recommend you buy the book.

Chapter 1: Nadi-Patala [link]
Chapter 2: Desa-Patala [link]
Chapter 3: Nagar-Patala [link]
Chapter 4: Rajyasasana-Patala [link]
Chapter 5: Sri Avatara-Patala [link]
Chapter 6: Hasta-Dharana-Patala [link]
Chapter 7: Tadaka-Vadha-Patala [link]
Chapter 8: Yajna-Patala [link]
Chapter 9: Ahalya-Patala [link]
Chapter 10: Mithila-Drsya-Darsana-Patala [link]
Chapter 11: Description of the Race of Raghu-Patala [link]
Chapter 12: The Bow-Patala [link]
Chapter 13: Departure-Patala [link]
Chapter 14: Saila-Darsana-Patala [link]
Chapter 15: The Flower Collection -Patala [link]
Chapter 16: Watewr-Sport-Patala [link]
Chapter 17: Drinking-Patala [link]
Chapter 18: Welcome-Patala [link]
Chapter 19: Moving in the Lanes of Mithila-Patala [link]
Chapter 20: Decoration-Patala [link]
Chapter 21: Marriage-Patala [link]
Chapter 22: Parasurama-Patala [link]
Chapter 1: Consultation-Patala [link]
Chapter 2: Manthara Conspiracy-Patala [link]
Chapter 3: Kaikeyi's Misdeed-Patala [link]
Chapter 4: Departure from the City-Patala [link]
Chapter 5: Offering of Oil-Patala [link]
Chapter 6: Ganga-Patala [link]
Chapter 7: Guha-patala [link]
Chapter 8: Forest Entry-Patala [link]
Chapter 9: Citrakuta-Patala [link]
Chapter 10: Bier-Patala [link]
Chapter 14: Marga-Gamana-Patala [link]
Chapter 12: GangaDarsana-Patala [link]
Chapter 13: Pattabhiseka-Patala [link]
Chapter 1: Viradha-Vadha-Patala [link]
Chapter 2: Sarabhanga-Patala [link]
Chapter 3: Agastya-Patala [link]
Chapter 4: Jatayu-Darsana-Patala [link]
Chapter 5: Surpanakha-Patala [link]
Chapter 6: Khara-vadha-Patala [link]
Chapter 7: Surpanakha-Conspiracy-Patala [link]
Chapter 8: Marica-Vadha-Patala [link]
Chapter 9: Jatayu-Vadha-Patala [link]
Chapter 10: Ayomukhi-Patala [link]
Chapter 11: Kabandhu-Vadha-Patala [link]
Chapter 12: Sabari-Patala [link]
Chapter 1: Pampa-Patala [link]
Chapter 2: Hanuman Patala [link]
Chapter 3: Friendship Patala [link]
Chapter 4: Salavrksa Patala [link]
Chapter 5: Dundubhi Patala [link]
Chapter 6: Pressenting of Ornament Patala [link]
Chapter 7: Vali Vadha Patala [link]
Chapter 8: Rajyasasana Patala [link]
Chapter 9: Rainy Season Patala [link]
Chapter 10: Kiskindha Patala [link]
Chapter 11: Inspection of Army Patala [link]
Chapter 12: Deputing of Monkey army for Search Patala [link]
Chapter 13: Entry into the Cave Patala [link]
Chapter 15: Sampati Patala [link]
Chapter 16: Mahendra Patala [link]
Chapter 1: Crossing of Ocean Patala [link]
Chapter 2: Lanka Search Patala [link]
Chapter 3: Sita Darsana Patala [link]
Chapter 4: Hanuman’s appearing Patala [link]
Chapter 5: Cudamani Patala [link]
Chapter 6: Garden Destrauction Patala [link]
Chapter 7: Kinkara-Vadha Patala [link]
Chapter 8: Killing of Jambumali Patala [link]
Chapter 9: Killing of Pancasenapati Patala [link]
Chapter 10: Aksaya Kumara Killing Patala [link]
Chapter 11: Pasa Bandhana Patala [link]
Chapter 12: Freedom from Bondage Patala [link]
Chapter 13: Lanka-Dahan Patala [link]
Chapter 14: Adoration of the feet of Rama Patala [link]
Chapter 1: Samudra-Sandarsana Patala [link]
Chapter 2: Consulation of Ranana Patala [link]
Chapter 3: Hiranya-Vadha Patala [link]
Chapter 4: Taking of Refuge by Vibhisana Patala [link]
Chapter 5: Lanka-Sravana Patala [link]
Chapter 6: Varuna Sranagamana Patala [link]
Chapter 7: Setubandha-Patala [link]
Chapter 8: Spy Patala [link]
Chapter 9: Lanka Sandarsana Patala [link]
Chapter 10: Ravana Inspects the Monkey Army Patala [link]
Chapter 11: Mukuta Bhanga Patala [link]
Chapter 12: Vyuha-Racana Patala [link]
Chapter 13: Angada Dautya Patala [link]
Chapter 14: First day War Patala [link]
Chapter 15: Kumbhakarna-Vadha Patala [link]
Chapter 16: Mahajanaka Patala [link]
Chapter 17: Atikaya-Vadha Patala [link]
Chapter 18: Nagapasa Patala [link]
Chapter 19: Senadhyaksa-Vadha Patala [link]
Chapter 20: Makaraksa-Vadha Patala [link]
Chapter 21: Brahmastra Patala [link]
Chapter 22: Viewing of the Battle field by Sita Patala [link]
Chapter 23: Bringing of the Medicine patala [link]
Chapter 24: The Sport of Drinking Wine Patala [link]
Chapter 25: Maya Sita Patala [link]
Chapter 26: Nikumbhila Sacrifica Patala [link]
Chapter 27: Killing of Indrajit Patala [link]
Chapter 28: Grief of Ravana Patala [link]
Chapter 29: Inspection of the Army Patala [link]
Chapter 30: Destruction of Basic Army Patala [link]
Chapter 31: Sakti Dharana Patala [link]
Chapter 32: Monkey’s inspection of Battle-field-Patala [link]
Chapter 33: Inspection of Battle Field by Ravana Patala [link]
Chapter 34: Ravana Mounting the Chariot Patala [link]
Chapter 35: Sri Rama Mounting over the Chariot Patala [link]
Chapter 36: Killing of Ravana Patala [link]
Chapter 37: Return ot Ayodhya Patala [link]
Chapter 38: Crowning of Rama Patala [link]
Chapter 39: The Departure Patala [link]

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