Vastu-shastra (5): Temple Architecture

by D. N. Shukla | 1960 | 69,139 words | ISBN-10: 8121506115 | ISBN-13: 9788121506113

This page describes Group E: Regional Styles (The mixed ones) which is chapter 6 of the study on Vastu-Shastra (Indian architecture) fifth part (Temple architecture). This part deals with This book deals with an outline history of Hindu Temple (the place of worship). It furtherr details on various religious buildings in India such as: shrines, temples, chapels, monasteries, pavilions, mandapas, jagatis, prakaras etc. etc.

Chapter 6 - Group E: Regional Styles (The mixed ones)

1. Vāvāṭa Prāsādas (Digbhadra etc. 12 temples).

  1. Digbhadra,
  2. Śrīvatsa,
  3. Vardhamāna,
  4. Nandyāvarta,
  5. Nandivardhana,
  6. Vimāna,
  7. Padma,
  8. Mahāpadma,
  9. Śrīvardhamana,
  10. Mahāpadma,
  11. Pañcaśāla,
  12. Pṛthivījaya.

2. Bhūmija, Prāsādas.

I. Niṣadha etc. four temples (Square)

  1. Nisadha [Niṣadha?],
  2. Malayādri,
  3. Mālyavān,
  4. Navamālikā.

II. Vṛkṣajāti (Kumuda etc. 7 temples).

  1. Kumuda,
  2. Kamala,
  3. Kamalodbhava,
  4. Kiraṇa,
  5. Śataśṛṅga,
  6. Niravadya,
  7. Sarvāṅgasundara.

III. Aṣṭaśāla (Svastika etc. five Temples).

  1. Svastika,
  2. Vajrasvastika,
  3. Harmyatala,
  4. Udayācala,
  5. Gandhamādana.
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