Bhagavati-sutra (Viyaha-pannatti)

by K. C. Lalwani | 1973 | 185,989 words

The English translation of the Bhagavati-sutra which is the fifth Jaina Agama (canonical literature). It is a large encyclopedic work in the form of a dialogue where Mahavira replies to various question. The present form of the Sutra dates to the fifth century A.D. Abhayadeva Suri wrote a vritti (commentary) on the Bhagavati in A.D. 1071. In his J...

Part 2 - On measurable time

Q. 114. Bhante! How many respirations make a muhūrta?

A. 114. Gautama! Uncountable number of samaya units make an āvalikā. A countable number of āvalikās make one ucchvāsa and a countable number of āvalikās make one niḥśvāsa

For a person hail and hearty,
One ucchvāsa-niḥśvāsa make one prāṇa,
Seven prāṇas a stoka, seven stokas a lava,
Seventy-seven lavas together give a muhūrta.
Which is the same as 3773 ucchvāsas making a muhūrta.
This making of a muhūrta has been seen
By those who possess infinite knowledge. 1-3

Thirty of such muhūrtas make one day-night,
fifteen day-nights make a pakṣa (fortnight),
two fortnights make a month,
two months make a season,
three seasons make an ayana,
two ayanas make one year,
five years make a yuga,
20 yugas make a century,
10 centuries make a millennium,
100-times a millennium make 1,00,000 years,
84,00,000 years make one pūrvāṅga,
84,00,000 pūrvāṅgas make one pūrva,
84,00,000 pūrvas make one truṭitāṅga,
84,00,000 truṭitāṅgas make one truṭita, and so on;
and aṭata,
and avava,
and hūhūka,
and utpala,
and padma,
and nalina,
and arthanupūra,
and ayuta,
and prayuta,
and nayuta,
and culikā,
and śīrṣaprahelikāṅga and śīrṣaprahelikā.

Numerals end at this point, and this much is the subject-matter of arithmetic. After this, time is expressed by comparison.

Notes (based on commentary of Abhayadeva Sūri):

(There is no commentary available for this section).

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