The Matsya Purana (critical study)

by Kushal Kalita | 2018 | 74,766 words | ISBN-13: 9788171103058

This page relates ‘Andhra Dynasty’ of the English study on the Matsya-purana: a Sanskrit text preserving ancient Indian traditions and legends written in over 14,000 metrical verses. In this study, the background and content of the Matsyapurana is outlined against the cultural history of ancient India in terms of religion, politics, geography and architectural aspects. It shows how the encyclopedic character causes the text to deal with almost all the aspects of human civilization.

Śiśuka or Śimuka founded the dynasty of Andhra. He killed Suśarman, the last king of the Kanvāyana dynasty.  The Matsyapurāṇa has mentioned the list of the kings of this dynasty. [1]

The list as follows—

  1. Śimuka,
  2. Kṛṣṇa,
  3. Śrīsatakarṇī,
  4. Pūrṇotsaṅga,
  5. Skandhastambhi,
  6. Śāntakarṇi II,
  7. Lambodara,
  8. Āpītaka,
  9. Meghasvāti,
  10. Svāti,
  11. Skandasvāti,
  12. Mṛgendra Svātikarṇa,
  13. Kuntala Svātikarṇa,
  14. Svātivarṇa,
  15. Pulomā,
  16. Ariktavarṇa or Nemikṛṣṇa,
  17. Hāla,
  18. Mandulaka,
  19. Purīndrasena,
  20. Saumya
  21. Sundara Śāntikarṇa,
  22. Cakora Svātikarṇa,
  23. Śivasvāti,
  24. Gautamīputra,
  25. Pulomā,
  26. Śatakarṇi,
  27. Śivaśrī,
  28. Śivaskandha
  29. Yajñaśrī,
  30. Vijaya,
  31. Caṇḍaśrī,
  32. Puloma.

There are differences among the scholar on genealogy of the Andhra dynasty. It is important to note that only the Matsyapurāṇa has given a complete list of the Andhras. According to this Purāṇa these kings reigned for 460 years. Some other Purāṇas defer from this fact also. According to the Viṣṇupurāṇa, Bhāgavatapurāṇa and Brahmāṇḍapurāṇa these kings reigned for 456 years.[2]

Footnotes and references:




Viṣṇupurāṇa,.IV.24.43-50; Vāyupurāṇa, 99.348-358

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