Harivamsha Purana

by Manmatha Nath Dutt | 1897 | 293,872 words | ISBN-10: 8178542188 | ISBN-13: 9788178542188

This page is entitled “krishna’s boon to jvara” and represents Chapter 125 of the second book (‘Vishnu Parva’) of the Harivamsa (English translation in Prose). The Harivamsha Purana narrates the lineage and life-story of Krishna (Hari). Although not officially mentioned in the list of Puranas, this book includes topics such as geology, creation theory, time (manvantaras), ancient historical legends and accounts of royal dynasties.

Chapter 125 - Krishna’s Boon to Jvara

1-5. Vaishampayana said:—Considering Jvara, assailed with his arms, dead Krishna, the slayer of enemies, threw him down on the surface of the earth. Released from his arms, Jvara, of incomparable energy, did not leave Krishna’s body but entered into it. Possessed by Jvara (fever) of incomparable energy Krishna had his movements slackened and repeatedly supported himself by touching the ground. He was possessed by sleep, his steps were slackened and his hairs stood erect. He repeatedly sighed and yawned. Thus possessed by weakness and yawning repeatedly the great Yogin Krishna, the victor of the enemy’s cities, regained his natural state after a long time.

5-12. Thereupon knowing himself possessed by Jvara Purosottama created another for its destruction. With his energy, the energetic Janarddana, of dreadful power, created a dreadful Jvara, highly terrible unto creatures. Catching hold, by force, of the former Jvara the one, created by Krishna, presented it before him. Having thus driven out that Jvara from his body through one created by him the highly powerful and angry Vasudeva struck him down on the ground and was about to tear him into pieces. Thereat Jvara, bewildered, said "O Janarddana, it behoves you to protect me." However while Krishna, of incomparable energy, was about to strike that Jvara on the ground an invisible voice was heard in the sky:—"O Krishna, O large-armed Krishna, the enhancer of the delight of the Yadavas, do not kill this Jvara. O sinless one, he is worthy of being protected by you".

13-18. Thus addressed Hari, the lord of the past, future and present and the great preceptor of the world let Jvara off. Thereupon prostrating himself with bent head at Hrishikesha’s feet Jvara said:—"O descendant of Yadu, O Govinda, hear what I have to submit unto you. Hear, O large-armed deity, what I have got in my mind and do you accomplish it. O lord, I pray from you for this boon only that I may be the only Jvara in this world and no one else may flourish." The lord said:—"It is proper to confer a boon on one who prays for it. Besides you have sought my protection. May you fare well therefore, O Jvara. You will have what you are praying for. As before you will be the only Jvara. May he, whom I have created, dissolve in me".

19-28. Vaishampayana said:—Having said this the highly illustrious Krishna, the foremost of strikers, again spoke to Jvara:—"Hear, how you will range in the world, having spread yourself amongst the entire creation mobile and immobile. If you seek my pleasure divide yourself into three parts. With one do you possess the four-legged animals, with the second the immobile objects and with the third the human beings. And with the fourth portion of your third part you will always live in the midst of the birds. Dividing yourself into four parts namely appearing every day, after two days, three days and four days you are to live amongst mankind. Hear how you are to live amongst other creatures. In trees you will live in the shape of an insect and the disease that withers up the leaves and turns them pale; in the fruits you will live like Aturya disease; in the lotuses like frost, in the earth like a desert, in the water like Neelika (a plant), in the peacocks like the growing of the tuft, in the mountain like mineral and in the cows like Khoraka or a cow-disease; you will live on earth under these numerous forms. With your very view and touch the animals will be shorn of their lives. Only gods and men will be able to withstand you".

29-32. Vaishampayana said:—Hearing the words of Krishna Jvara was delighted and with folded hands saluted him and said:—"O Madhava, blessed I am for your giving me soverignty over all creatures and objects. O Purusottama I wish now to carry out any other order of yours. O large-armed Govinda, order me what I am to do. Formerly I had been created by Hara the slayer of Tripura and of other animals. Now vanquished by you in battle I have become your servant. You are now my master".

33-37. Vaishampayana said:—Hearing the words of Jvara Vasudeva said:—"Hear, what resolution I cherish at heart." Jvara said:—"O holder of discus, I have been favoured and blessed with what good you have done for me. Order me, what what pleasure of thine I may carry out." The lord said:—"O Jvara, the man, who having saluted me, will attentively read this account of prowess displayed only by our arms in the great battle, will be freed from fever." Thus addressed by Krishna, the foremost of Yadus, the highly powerful Jvara said:—"So be it." Having thus obtained the boon and promised, Jvara, saluting Krishna, left the battle-field.

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