Brihat-samhita [sanskrit]

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The Sanskrit text of the Brihat-samhita from the 6th-century authored by Varaha Mihira in present-day Ujjain, India. It primarily deals with astrology and astronomy but is presented as an encyclopedia of knowledge.

एते यदि सुस्निग्धा वल्मीकैः परिवृतास्ततस्तोयम् ।
हस्तैस्त्रिभिरुत्तरतश्चतुर्भिरर्धेन च नरेण ॥ ५१ ॥

ete yadi susnigdhā valmīkaiḥ parivṛtāstatastoyam |
hastaistribhiruttarataścaturbhirardhena ca nareṇa || 51 ||

The Sanskrit text of Verse 53.51 is contained in the book Brihata Samhita (Sanskrit Text with Hindi Translation) by Pandit Achyutananda Jha. This book is available online or you could buy the latest edition:

Read online Buy now! The Sanskrit text by Pandit Achyutananda Jha (2001)

Glossary of Sanskrit terms

Note: This extracts Sanskrit terms and links to English definitions from the glossary, based on an experimental segmentation of verse (53.51). Some terms could be superfluous while some might not be mentioned. Click on the word to show English definitions.

Eta, Etad, Eti, Esha, Yadi, Yad, Susnigdha, Valmika, Parivrita, Tatah, Tad, Tata, Toya, Hasta, Tri, Uttaratah, Catus, Ardha, Nara,

Analysis of Sanskrit grammar

Note: this is an experimental feature and only shows the first possible analysis of the Sanskrit text (Verse 53.51). If the system was successful in segmenting the sentence, you will see of which words it is made up of, generally consisting of Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Participles and Indeclinables. Click on the link to show all possible derivations of the word.

  • Line 1: “ete yadi susnigdhā valmīkaiḥ parivṛtāstatastoyam
  • ete -
  • eta (noun, masculine)
    [locative single]
    eta (noun, neuter)
    [nominative dual], [vocative dual], [accusative dual], [locative single]
    etā (noun, feminine)
    [nominative dual], [vocative single], [vocative dual], [accusative dual]
    etad (noun, neuter)
    [nominative dual], [accusative dual]
    eti (noun, feminine)
    [vocative single]
    eṣā (noun, feminine)
    [nominative dual], [accusative dual]
    eṣa (noun, masculine)
    [nominative plural]
  • yadi -
  • yadi (indeclinable conjunction)
    [indeclinable conjunction]
    yadi (indeclinable relative)
    [indeclinable relative]
    yadi (indeclinable)
    yad (noun, masculine)
    [locative single]
  • susnigdhā* -
  • susnigdha (noun, masculine)
    [nominative plural], [vocative plural]
    susnigdhā (noun, feminine)
    [nominative plural], [vocative plural], [accusative plural]
  • valmīkaiḥ -
  • valmīka (noun, masculine)
    [instrumental plural]
    valmīka (noun, neuter)
    [instrumental plural]
  • parivṛtās -
  • parivṛta (noun, masculine)
    [nominative plural], [vocative plural]
    parivṛtā (noun, feminine)
    [nominative plural], [vocative plural], [accusative plural]
  • tatas -
  • tataḥ (indeclinable adverb)
    [indeclinable adverb]
    tataḥ (indeclinable correlative)
    [indeclinable correlative]
    tataḥ (indeclinable)
    tad (noun, neuter)
    [ablative single], [ablative dual], [ablative plural]
    tata (noun, masculine)
    [nominative single]
    tan -> tata (participle, masculine)
    [nominative single from √tan class 8 verb]
    sa (noun, masculine)
    [ablative single], [ablative dual], [ablative plural]
    (noun, feminine)
    [ablative single], [ablative dual], [ablative plural]
  • toyam -
  • toya (noun, neuter)
    [adverb], [nominative single], [accusative single]
    toyā (noun, feminine)
  • Line 2: “hastaistribhiruttarataścaturbhirardhena ca nareṇa || 51 |
  • hastais -
  • hasta (noun, masculine)
    [instrumental plural]
    hasta (noun, neuter)
    [instrumental plural]
  • tribhir -
  • tri (noun, masculine)
    [instrumental plural]
  • uttarataś -
  • uttarataḥ (indeclinable)
  • caturbhir -
  • catus (noun, neuter)
    [instrumental plural]
  • ardhena -
  • ardha (noun, masculine)
    [instrumental single]
    ardha (noun, neuter)
    [instrumental single]
  • ca -
  • ca (indeclinable conjunction)
    [indeclinable conjunction]
    ca (noun, masculine)
    [compound], [vocative single]
    ca (noun, neuter)
    [compound], [vocative single]
  • nareṇa -
  • nara (noun, masculine)
    [instrumental single]
    nara (noun, neuter)
    [instrumental single]
  • Cannot analyse 51

Other editions:

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Brhatsamhita with the Commentary of Bhattotpala
by Krishna Chandra Dwivedi (2016)

Publisher: Sampurnanand Sanskrit University; 1229 pages;

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Brihat Samhita with the Commentary of Utpalapatimala of Yogisvara
by K. V. Sharma (2012)

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Brihat Samhita (Hindi Translation)
by K. V. Sharma (2002)

Publisher: Sampurnanand Sanskrit University; 2359 pages; ISBN-13: 9789387890008.

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Cover of edition (2022)

Brhat Samhita (English translation)
by N. Chidambaram Iyer (2022)

Publisher: Parimal Publication Pvt. Ltd.; 801 pages; Edited by Dr. Shrikrishna Jugnu; ISBN-10: 8171104215; ISBN-13: 9788171104215.

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Cover of edition (2010)

Brhat Samhita (English with notes)
by M. Ramakrishna Bhat (2010)

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidas Publishers Pvt. Ltd.; 1155 pages; ISBN-10: 8120810600; ISBN-13: 9788120810600.

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Cover of edition (2020)

Brhat Samhita (Telugu translation)
by Sishtla Umamaheswara Sharma (2020)

Publisher: Mohan Publications, Andhra Pradesh; 846 pages.

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Preview of verse 53.51 in Kannada sript:
ಏತೇ ಯದಿ ಸುಸ್ನಿಗ್ಧಾ ವಲ್ಮೀಕೈಃ ಪರಿವೃತಾಸ್ತತಸ್ತೋಯಮ್ ।
ಹಸ್ತೈಸ್ತ್ರಿಭಿರುತ್ತರತಶ್ಚತುರ್ಭಿರರ್ಧೇನ ಚ ನರೇಣ ॥ ೫೧ ॥

Cover of Gujarati edition

Brhat Samhita (Gujarati translation)
by - (2000)

Publisher: Shree Harihar Pustakalay, Surat; Author: Shri Varahamihira Acharya (શ્રી વરાહમિહીરાચાર્ય); 432 pages.

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Preview of verse 53.51 in Gujarati sript:
એતે યદિ સુસ્નિગ્ધા વલ્મીકૈઃ પરિવૃતાસ્તતસ્તોયમ્ ।
હસ્તૈસ્ત્રિભિરુત્તરતશ્ચતુર્ભિરર્ધેન ચ નરેણ ॥ ૫૧ ॥

Cover of edition (2021)

Brhat Samhita (Kannada translation)
by Sripada Raghunatha Kulkarni (2021)

Publisher: Srinidhi Publications, Bangalore; 668 pages with illustrations.

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Preview of verse 53.51 in Kannada sript:
ಏತೇ ಯದಿ ಸುಸ್ನಿಗ್ಧಾ ವಲ್ಮೀಕೈಃ ಪರಿವೃತಾಸ್ತತಸ್ತೋಯಮ್ ।
ಹಸ್ತೈಸ್ತ್ರಿಭಿರುತ್ತರತಶ್ಚತುರ್ಭಿರರ್ಧೇನ ಚ ನರೇಣ ॥ ೫೧ ॥

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