Harshacharita (socio-cultural Study)

by Mrs. Nandita Sarmah | 2014 | 67,792 words

This essay represents a Socio-Cultural study of the Harshacharita which is a Sanskrit poem (kavya) as well as a Historical book from the 7th century written by Banabhatta. Officially classified as a Gadyakavya, the author (Bana Bhatta) based his Harshacharita on the life of the Gupta emperor Harshavardhana. This study researches the knowledge refle...


At the very beginning, I express my deep sense of gratitude to my respected supervisor Prof. Shrutidhara Chakravarty of Department of Sanskrit, Gauhati University, for her inspiring guidance and unfailing help offered to me during the preparation of the present work. Without her encouragement and guidance, the present work would not be fulfilled.

I offer my thanks to all the teachers of the Department of Sanskrit, Gauhati University for their blessings and valuable suggestions. Here, I would like to convey my sincere gratitude to Prof. Mukta Biswas, HoD, Dept. of Sanskrit, G.U., Prof. Manjula Devi, Prof. Nalini Devi Mishra, Prof. Sujata Purukayastha, Dr. Jagadish Sarma, and Dr. Kameswar Sukla of the Department of Sanskrit, Gauhati University; and Dr. Bandana Handique and Dr. Nabanita Goswami, Associate Prof. of K. K. H. Govt. Sanskrit College, Dr. Kalpita Bujarboruah, Associate Prof. of B. Boruah College for their valuable suggestions whenever required during the period of this work.

I acknowledge the help received from my friends Arundhati Goswami, Dr. Sunitee Ballav Goswami and my loving sister Dr. Nilakshi Devi, Asst. Prof. of K. K. H. Govt. Sanskrit College for their valuable help and affection. Also I thank all my colleagues and the staff of the K. K. H. Govt. Sanskrit College.

I express my sincere thanks to the authorities and all the staffs of the K. K. Handique Library G.U., K. K. Handique Government Sanskrit College Library, Jalukabari, Indian Council of Historical Research Library of North East Regional Centre for their help and co-operation that I received during the period of this work.

I acknowledge with gratitude the help I received in every part of my life from my mother Mrs. Aruna Boruah and my father Mr. Dinesh Ch. Sarmah; and my grand-mother Mrs. Dhanada Boruah who caressed me throughout. Again, I express my gratitude towards my mother-in-law Mrs. Parul lata Thakuria and my loving father-in-law Mr. Krisna Ram Thakuria who are the incessant courage and strength for me.

I take the opportunity to offer my heartfelt thanks to sister-in-law Rumi Thakuria who has taken utmost care during the whole period of this study. Also, I sincerely offer my thanks of gratitude towards Md. Safikul Islam of Tihu and all family members and all my well-wishers.

Last but not the least I thank my husband, Mr. Chabin Ch. Thakuria who has supported me to get this project and also vital source of strength for every step of my life. I dedicate this endeavour to him and my loving children Anasuya and Anubhav.

Nandita Sarmah

Date: 31-03-2014

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