Ramayana of Valmiki

by Hari Prasad Shastri | 1952 | 527,382 words | ISBN-10: 9333119590 | ISBN-13: 9789333119597

This page is entitled “tara defends sugriva” and represents Chapter 35 of the Kishkindha-kanda of the Ramayana (English translation by Hari Prasad Shastri). The Ramayana narrates the legend of Rama and Sita and her abduction by Ravana, the king of Lanka. It contains 24,000 verses divided into seven sections [viz., Kishkindha-kanda].

Chapter 35 - Tara defends Sugriva

Thus spoke Lakshmana, the son of Sumitra, inflamed with anger and Tara, whose face was as fair as the moon, answered him saying:—

“O Lakshmana, the King of the Monkeys has not merited this harsh language, particularly from your lips. Sugriva is not ungrateful nor false nor worthy of condemnation nor, O Hero, does he utter what is not true nor is he an impostor!

“The valiant monkey, Sugriva, has not forgotten the assistance rendered to him by Rama on the field of battle, which no other was able to give. With the aid of the magnanimous Rama, Sugriva has regained his glory and the lasting dominion of the monkey realm and has been restored to Ruma and myself once again, 0 Scourge of your Foes!

“Having been subject to cruel adversity and now enjoying the summit of good fortune, he has become insensible to the arrival of the time for the fulfilment of his promise, as was the Sage Vishvamitra of old. For ten years, that virtuous Sage was attached to the nymph Ghritaci and failed to perceive that time was passing, he, who was skilled in discerning time.

“Sugriva had been deprived of physical pleasures over a long period, he was exhausted and had not experienced any relaxation, O Lakshmana, therefore Rama should pardon him. And you, O Lakshmana, should not give way to wrath like an inferior person without ascertaining what has taken place. Virtuous people like you, O Lion among Men, do not give way to immediate and unreasoning anger. In all humility, I appeal to you on behalf of Sugriva to control the grief that gives rise to this anger in you. It is my firm conviction that Sugriva is ready to renounce Ruma, Angada, myself, kingdom, wealth, grain and herds to please Rama. Having slain that vile demon, Sugriva will restore Sita to Rama, as the moon is re-united with Rohini.

“In Lanka there are hundreds, thousands and millions of irrepressible demons able to change their shape at will; without destroying these formidable beings, it is impossible to overcome Ravana, by whom Maithili has been borne away. Sugriva is unable to defeat those demons of terrible exploits without the support of auxiliaries, O Lakshmana. This was Bali’s considered opinion, that resourceful and experienced monarch of the monkeys. Knowing nought of the matter, I heard it from his lips.

“In order to render you assistance, the foremost of the monkeys have been summoned for this enterprise with innumerable carefully selected troops. Awaiting those valiant and powerful monkeys, chosen to assure the success of Rama’s undertaking, the King of the Monkeys has not yet left the city.

“O Lakshmana, some time ago Sugriva, wisely ordered that these monkeys should come together this very day. Thousands and millions of bears and hundreds of Golangulas as well as innumerable kotis of monkeys, burning with energy, will be at your disposal to-day.

“Therefore O Conqueror of Your Foes, subdue your wrath. Seeing your face distorted with anger and thine eyes inflamed, the wives of these foremost of monkeys, far from being reassured, are suffering all the anguish of their former fear.”

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