Ramayana of Valmiki

by Hari Prasad Shastri | 1952 | 527,382 words | ISBN-10: 9333119590 | ISBN-13: 9789333119597

Summary: This Ramayana edition is the English translation of Hari Prasad Shastri and represents a prose rendering of the famous ancient Sanskrit epic traditionally assigned to Valmiki. The story narrates the legend of Rama and Sita and her abduction by Ravana, the king of Lanka. Many more secondary and side-stories are included involving famous characters such as Hanuman, Dasaratha and Shiva.

The Ramayana contains 24,000 Shlokas (metrical verses) roughly equaling to some 48,000 lines or 480,002 words of Sanskrit text. It is divided in seven sections: Adikanda or Balakanda, Ayodhyakanda, Aranyakanda, Kishkindhyakanda, Sundarakanda, Lankakanda and Uttarakanda

Other titles include: Vālmīki Rāmāyaṇa (वाल्मीकि रामायण) or Vālmīkirāmāyaṇa (वाल्मीकिरामायण)

Source: archive.org

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The full text of the Ramayana of Valmiki in English is available here and publically accesible (free to read online). Of course, I would always recommend buying the book so you get the latest edition. You can see all this book’s content by visiting the pages in the below index:


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