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The Natyashastra

General info:

Translator:Manomohan Ghosh
Book date:1951
Word count: 240,273 Words
Characters: 1,518,093 Characters
Read Level: 2, Average
Added on: 2017-01-16

Short Introduction:

The English translation of the Natyashastra, a Sanskrit work on drama, performing arts, theater, dance, music and various other topics. The word natyashastra also refers to a global category of literature encompassing this ancient Indian tradition of dramatic performance.

The authorship of this work dates back to as far as at least the 1st millennium BCE.

The term Shastra (śāstra) denotes a specific category of literature and the word Natya (nāṭya) roughly translates to drama, theater, performing arts, etc.

This online edition contains the full English translation of the Natyashastra including additional notes, proofread and free to read. Other titles include: Natya-shastra, Natyasastra, Nāṭyaśāstra (नाट्यशास्त्र), Nāṭyaveda (नाट्यवेद).

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