Natyashastra (English)

by Bharata-muni | 1951 | 240,273 words | ISBN-13: 9789385005831

The English translation of the Natyashastra, a Sanskrit work on drama, performing arts, theater, dance, music and various other topics. The word natyashastra also refers to a global category of literature encompassing this ancient Indian tradition of dramatic performance. The authorship of this work dates back to as far as at least the 1st millenn...

Dedicated to the memory of those great scholars of India and the West who by their indefatigable study and ingenious interpretation of her Religion, Philosophy, Literature and Arts, have demonstrated the high value of India’s culture to the World at large and have helped her towards a reawakening and, political liberation, and who by their discovery of the Universal aspect of this culture have made patent India’s spiritual kinship with the other ancient nations of the World and have paved the way for an ultimate triumph of Internationalism.

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