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Alternative spellings of this word include Rahit.

In Hinduism

Shaktism (Shakta philosophy)

Source: Google Books: Manthanabhairavatantram

Rahita (रहित) means “without” (i.e., devoid of), according to the Manthānabhairavatantra, a vast sprawling work that belongs to a corpus of Tantric texts concerned with the worship of the goddess Kubjikā.—Accordingly, “[...] I will now expound the sixfold introduction to the differentiated (sakala aspect). The Śāmbhava (state), supreme and tranquil, is above the six (Wheels). It is liberation (kaivalya), unique (kevala), tranquil, devoid of the Five Voids [i.e., khapañca-rahita] and beneficial. It is consciousness, supreme and pure. It is the inexplicable (kiñcit) Śāmbhava (state) that is pure consciousness (cinmātra). It is supreme. It is the supreme Nirvāṇa, the body made of consciousness along with Śiva. The subtle, pure consciousness of the Person is said to be subtle and omnipresent. (Thus) consciousness is said to be of three kinds, Individual (āṇava), Empowered (śākta), and Śāmbhava.

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Shakta (शाक्त, śākta) or Shaktism (śāktism) represents a tradition of Hinduism where the Goddess (Devi) is revered and worshipped. Shakta literature includes a range of scriptures, including various Agamas and Tantras, although its roots may be traced back to the Vedas.

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Languages of India and abroad

Pali-English dictionary

Source: BuddhaSasana: Concise Pali-English Dictionary

rahita : (adj.) deprived of; without.

Source: Sutta: The Pali Text Society's Pali-English Dictionary

Rahita, (pp. of rah) 1. lonely, forsaken Th. 2, 373 (gantum icchasi rahitaṃ bhiṃsanakaṃ mahāvanaṃ).—2. deprived of, without (-°) J. III, 369 (buddhiyā rahitā sattā); DA. I, 36 (avaṇṇa°); PvA. 63 (bhoga°), 67 (ācāra°), 77 (gandha°). Note. samantarahita is to be divided as sam-antarahita. (Page 567)

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Pali is the language of the Tipiṭaka, which is the sacred canon of Theravāda Buddhism and contains much of the Buddha’s speech. Closeley related to Sanskrit, both languages are used interchangeably between religions.

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Marathi-English dictionary

Source: DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary

rahita (रहित).—a (S) Destitute or void of; unaccompanied with; standing or being without. Used in comp. without end; as jalarahita, dugdharahita, vidyā- rahita, dhanarahita, kāmarahita, krōdharahita.

--- OR ---

rahīta (रहीत).—a (rāhaṇēṃ) Remaining; lying over from the former account;--used esp. by Karkuns or accountants, and with such words as -aḍāvā-jamā- kharca-bērīja-rakama-tārīkha-mitī-vyāja-śilaka. 2 Left, remaining, lying; i. e. that is not now to be done, used, taken &c.

Source: DDSA: The Aryabhusan school dictionary, Marathi-English

rahita (रहित).—a Void of; being without.

--- OR ---

rahīta (रहीत).—a Remaining, lying over the former account.

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Marathi is an Indo-European language having over 70 million native speakers people in (predominantly) Maharashtra India. Marathi, like many other Indo-Aryan languages, evolved from early forms of Prakrit, which itself is a subset of Sanskrit, one of the most ancient languages of the world.

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Sanskrit dictionary

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary

Rahita (रहित).—p. p. [rah-karmaṇi kta]

1) Quitted, left, abandoned, deserted.

2) Separated from, free from, deprived or destitute of, without (with instr. or at the end of comp.); रहिते भिक्षुभिर्ग्रामे (rahite bhikṣubhirgrāme) Y.3.59; गुणरहितः (guṇarahitaḥ); सत्त्वरहितः (sattvarahitaḥ) &c.

3) Lonely, solitary.

-tam Secrecy, privacy; नोपासितव्यौ रहिते कदाचित् (nopāsitavyau rahite kadācit) Mb.3.234.1.

Source: Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries: Shabda-Sagara Sanskrit-English Dictionary

Rahita (रहित).—mfn.

(-taḥ-tā-taṃ) 1. Left, quitted, abandoned. 2. Free from, devoid of. E. rah to leave, aff. kta .

Source: Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries: Cappeller Sanskrit-English Dictionary

Rahita (रहित).—[adjective] left, deserted, alone; destitute of, wanting ([instrumental], °— or —°).

Source: Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries: Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary

1) Rahita (रहित):—[from rah] mfn. left, quitted, forsaken, deserted, lonely, solitary, [Mahābhārata; Rāmāyaṇa] etc. (te ind. or teṣu ind. in secret, secretly, privately)

2) [v.s. ...] deserted by, separated or free from, deprived or void or destitute of ([instrumental case] or [compound]), [Yājñavalkya; Mahābhārata etc.]

3) [v.s. ...] ([in the beginning of a compound]) wanting, absent (cf. below).

Source: Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries: Yates Sanskrit-English Dictionary

Rahita (रहित):—[(taḥ-tā-taṃ) a.] Left, abandoned.

Source: DDSA: Paia-sadda-mahannavo; a comprehensive Prakrit Hindi dictionary (S)

Rahita (रहित) in the Sanskrit language is related to the Prakrit word: Rahia.

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Sanskrit, also spelled संस्कृतम् (saṃskṛtam), is an ancient language of India commonly seen as the grandmother of the Indo-European language family (even English!). Closely allied with Prakrit and Pali, Sanskrit is more exhaustive in both grammar and terms and has the most extensive collection of literature in the world, greatly surpassing its sister-languages Greek and Latin.

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Hindi dictionary

Source: DDSA: A practical Hindi-English dictionary

Rahita (रहित) [Also spelled rahit]:—(a) without, devoid of, bereft of.

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