Yoga-sutras (with Vyasa and Vachaspati Mishra)

by Rama Prasada | 1924 | 154,800 words | ISBN-10: 9381406863 | ISBN-13: 9789381406861

The Yoga-Sutra 3.41, English translation with Commentaries. The Yoga Sutras are an ancient collection of Sanskrit texts dating from 500 BCE dealing with Yoga and Meditation in four books. It deals with topics such as Samadhi (meditative absorption), Sadhana (Yoga practice), Vibhuti (powers or Siddhis), Kaivaly (isolation) and Moksha (liberation).

Sanskrit text, Unicode transliteration and English translation of Sūtra 3.41:

कायाकाशयोः संबन्धसंयमाल् लघुतूलसमापत्तेश् चाकाशगमनम् ॥ ३.४१ ॥

kāyākāśayoḥ saṃbandhasaṃyamāl laghutūlasamāpatteś cākāśagamanam || 3.41 ||

kāyākāśayoḥ—between the body (kāya) and the Ākāśa. sambandha—over the relation, saṃyamāt—by Saṃyama. laghulight. tūlacotton, samāpatteḥ—by attaining to. ca—and. ākāśa—through space. gamanam—passage.

41. By Saṃyama on the relation between the body and the Ākāśa, or by attaining to (the state of thought transforming as) the lightness of cotton, &c., passage through space (ākāśa).—147.

The Sankhya-pravachana commentary of Vyasa

[English translation of the 7th century commentary by Vyāsa called the Sāṅkhya-pravacana, Vyāsabhāṣya or Yogabhāṣya]

[Sanskrit text for commentary available]

Wherever there is the body, there is the Ākāśa. The body becomes related to the Ākāśa, because the latter gives room to the former. Having mastered the relation by the attainment of the state of thought transforming into light things such as cotton, &c., down to the atom, the Yogī becomes light. Thence does he get the power of roaming through space and walking over water with his feet. He walks over a spider’s web, and then walks over the rays of light. Then does he get the power of roaming through space at will.—147.

The Gloss of Vachaspati Mishra

[English translation of the 9th century Tattvavaiśāradī by Vācaspatimiśra]

By performance of Saṃyama on the relation between the body and the Ākāśa, or having attained by Saṃyama on cotton, &c., the state of the mind transforming itself as such, it becomes the cause of manifesting the qualities present therein. The Commentator mentions the stage of the attainmentsMoves over water, &c.’—41.

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