Jnaneshwari (Bhavartha Dipika)

by Ramchandra Keshav Bhagwat | 1954 | 284,137 words | ISBN-10: 8185208123 | ISBN-13: 9788185208121

This is verse 9.26 of the Jnaneshwari (Bhavartha-Dipika), the English translation of 13th-century Marathi commentary on the Bhagavad-Gita.—The Dnyaneshwari (Jnaneshwari) brings to light the deeper meaning of the Gita which represents the essence of the Vedic Religion. This is verse 26 of the chapter called Raja-vidya and Raja-guhya Yoga.

26A leaf, a flower, a fruit, (even) water, whoso offers unto Me in devotion: that same, proffered in devotion by one whose soul is pure, I accept. (382)

Out of unbounded faith and devotion let a devotee hold out before Me, as an offering to Me, even a little fruit of a tree, and I clasp it in both hands (and take it) and swallow it without even removing the stalk () of it. Albeit I should smell a flower offered in token of love, but I thrust it into My mouth and taste it. And why a flower—even a leaf, fresh or dry, of whatever tree, when overlaid with the milk and honey of deepest love, I swallow like one hungry, who gulps down a nectar-drink to his satisfaction.

Should per chance, a leaf be not ready at hand, water at least may not be wanting, and is within reach unceasingly for nothing; and when a devotee of Mine out of love deep and unbounded, offers it to Me, he has indeed built for Me temples, greater in grandeur than the very Vaikuntha (paradise of God Vishnu), offered to Me jewels of lustre and purity more precious than the Kaustubha (the celebrated gem obtained with thirteen others at the churning of the ocean, and worn by Lord Vishnu on his breast), he has only made for me bed (rooms), more comfortable than My resting place in the milky ocean, he has burnt for My enjoyment fragrant incense big as the mountain Meru consisting of camphor, sandal wood, etc. and he has offered illuminations with stick-wicks (kāḍavātī) as lustrous and high as the Sun, on the spiral row of lamps (dīpamāla) and has offered rich vehicles as glorious as the very Garuda (garūḍa [garuḍa?]—Lord Vishnu’s riding bird-eagle); or has offered gardens of Kalpataru tree, or herd of Kamadhenus, or he has served Me rich dainties, more delicious than even the nectar.

So rich is the propitiation of even a drop of water devotedly offered in token of love by My devotees; what more need be said? Thou knowest well, O Kiriti, how impatiently I undid the knots (of the bundle) of parched rice (pohe) brought for Me by Sudama (Lord Krishna’s friend from childhood). Devotion and love is the one thing that I prize beyond all things, be it from high or low. The ties of such passionate love hold Me bound even to the meanest of creatures. Things like leaves or a flower or a fruit are indeed mere tokens and the one single touchstone of the path to reach Me is unalloyed devotion. Therefore, Oh Arjuna, I tell you and you do hear of the very easy and simple way to secure it. Make your mind pure and fasten it on Me unceasingly.

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