Cidgaganacandrika (study)

by S. Mahalakshmi | 2017 | 83,507 words

Cidgaganacandrika 172 [Mulatattva], English comparative study extracted from the two available commentaries—the Divyacakorika and the Kramaprakashika. The Cidgagana-candrika is an important Tantric work belonging to the Krama system of Kashmir Shaivism. Written by Kalidasa (Shrivatsa) in 312 Sanskrit verses, it deals with the knowledge regarding both the Macrocosmic and Microcosmic phenomena

This book contains Sanskrit text which you should never take for granted as transcription mistakes are always possible. Always confer with the final source and/or manuscript.

Verse 172 [Mūlatattva]

Sanskrit text, Unicode transliteration and English commentary of verse 172:

निर्विकल्पपरमाम्बराश्रयाः उज्झितेतरपदास्त्विषस्तव ।
स्फारिता हि यदि पूर्णतामधुः संभ्रमं जगति बाह्यमीश्वरे ॥ १७२ ॥

nirvikalpaparamāmbarāśrayāḥ ujjhitetarapadāstviṣastava |
sphāritā hi yadi pūrṇatāmadhuḥ saṃbhramaṃ jagati bāhyamīśvare || 172 ||

Comparative analysis of commentaries and excerpts in English:

[Mūlatattva—mūlatattvasya ābhyantara sattā svabhāvavilasaḥ]

The retinue of Śakti which resides in the abode of Cidākāśa in Nirvikalpa state, leaves the external forms of Paśyantī, Madhyamā and Vaikharī, in Parā, receives the sheen from Śakti to attain fullness in the internal level[1]. They, with their own prowess, proceed outwardly towards manifestation of universe, only due to their expansive effect.

Notes and Sanskrit references:

[1] Cf. [Kramaprakāśikā] p99 -[Cidgaganacandrikā]-172.—

cidākāśasthitā nirvikalpamarīcaya eva śaktyā karaṇena sphāritāḥ pūrṇatvaṃ dadhuri ||

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