Cidgaganacandrika (study)

by S. Mahalakshmi | 2017 | 83,507 words

Cidgaganacandrika 118 [Kali in the Form of Krodhani], English comparative study extracted from the two available commentaries—the Divyacakorika and the Kramaprakashika. The Cidgagana-candrika is an important Tantric work belonging to the Krama system of Kashmir Shaivism. Written by Kalidasa (Shrivatsa) in 312 Sanskrit verses, it deals with the knowledge regarding both the Macrocosmic and Microcosmic phenomena

Verse 118 [Kāli in the Form of Krodhani]

Sanskrit text, Unicode transliteration and English commentary of verse 118:

यत्प्रकृत्यवधितत्त्वमण्डलं क्ष्मामुखं परिमितग्रहास्षदम् ।
क्रोधनी त्वमसि तज्जिहीर्षया मन्त्रमूर्तिरिह ते विजृम्भते ॥ ११८ ॥

yatprakṛtyavadhitattvamaṇḍalaṃ kṣmāmukhaṃ parimitagrahāsṣadam |
krodhanī tvamasi tajjihīrṣayā mantramūrtiriha te vijṛmbhate || 118 ||

Comparative analysis of commentaries and excerpts in English:

[Kāli in the Form of Krodhani]

Krodhani Śakti[1] helps the Sādhaka in the course of Tracing back the elements of manifestation from Earth to Prakṛti. At the time Laya these elements vanish but the Mātṛka Varṇas being instrumental for these elements remain. The Mantramūrti of Śakti made up of these Varṇas, is eternal and hence called Nithya [Nitya?]. In Mahāpralaya since Śakti also merges in Śivatattva the mantramūrti also vanishes.

Notes and Sanskrit references:

[1] Cf. [Kramaprakāśikā] p71-[Cidgaganacandrikā]-118.—

vilomakrameṇa tattvasamūhastavavigrahaḥ tasya layecchayā upalakṣitā tvaṃ krodhanī asi krudhyati jagaddhartuṃ yā sā krodhanī |

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