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Source: Google Books: Genealogy of the South Indian Deities

Musicians and servants (in context to Devas) who are close to the gods are as follows:

  • The Kiṃnaras play on instruments and sing [simultaneously].
  • Tumburus and Nāradas are divine musicians.
  • Kiṃpuruṣas perform all the kinds of [musical] works at the command of gods.
  • Garuḍas and Gandharvas allow themselves to be used by Viṣṇu for various services
  • Paṉṉakars are artists who play with snakes before gods.
  • Siddhas can fly in the air.
  • Vidyādharas are the learned persons in the world of gods who understand all arts and sciences.
  • Kaṇanātars or Dūtas are messengers who are of three types (Śivadūtas, Viṣṇudūtas and Yamadūtas)

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