Encyclopaedia of Indian Astrology

author: Prof. N.E. Muthuswamy
edition: 2006, MPS Trust Thiruvananthapuram (CBH)
pages: 1147
language: English
Topic: Jyotisha

Summary: This Encyclopedia of Indian Astrology will cater to the needs of students and scholars in answering their quest on any topic of Indian Astrology (jyotisha). Herein one can find all the ideas and concepts of Indian astrology and they have been presented in a lucid form. In this Encyclopedia, the words have been arranged alphabetically based on the alphabets of English language. Those words which are in Sanskrit language have been transliterated to English. The original Sanskrit word is given in Devanagari script in brackets.

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A comprehensive Encyclopaedia on Indian Astrology, comprising a detailed description of the concepts encompassing the various branches of Indian Astrology, Predictions, Combinations, Prasna, Ashtamangalaprasna, Stellar Astrology, Muhoortha, etc.
Highlights of the Encyclopaedia
* More than 300 full length articles,
* 15,000 words relating to Indian Astrology,
* 300 tables of various astrological data,
* Comprehensive and exhaustive information on different facets of Indian Astrology, Prasna and Ashtamangala branch and different systems of Indian Astrology. The well edited articles on various branches of Indian Astrology, various planetary combinations and possible predictions and other aspects are dealt exhaustively in the encyclopaedia. The various astrological combinations and their results enable the easy prediction of astrological results.
* More than 10,000 Combinations analysed based on various astrological concepts extracted from Indian classics on Astrology in Sanskrit like Parasarahoara, Jathakapaarijatha, Brihathjathakam, Varahahoara, Saaravali, Krishneeyam, Prasnamarga and Tamil classics on Indian astrology.

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Contents of this online book (index):

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