Shat-cakra-nirupana (the six bodily centres)

by Arthur Avalon | 1919 | 46,735 words | ISBN-10: 8178223783 | ISBN-13: 9788178223780

Summary: This is the English translation of the Shat-cakra-nirupana, or “description of the six centres”, representing an ancient book on yoga written in the 16th century by Purnananda from Bengal. This book investigates the six bodily centres famously known as Chakras. The text however actually forms the sixth chapter of the Shri-tattva-cintamani, compiled by the same author.

This edition contains the Sanskrit text, transliteration and English translation including a commentary by Kalicarana. Alternative titles: Ṣaṭcakranirūpaṇa (षट्चक्रनिरूपण, Shatcakranirupana, Satcakranirupana), Ṣaṭcakra-nirūpaṇa (षट्चक्र-निरूपण, Shatcakra-nirupana, Satcakra). Pūrṇānanda (पूर्णानन्द), Kālīcaraṇa (कालीचरण).

Note: Always manually verify Sanskrit verses with source documents/scriptures.


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The full text of the Shat-cakra-nirupana (the six bodily centres) in English is available here and publically accesible (free to read online). Of course, I would always recommend buying the book so you get the latest edition. You can see all this book’s content by visiting the pages in the below index:


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