Cidgaganacandrika (study)

by S. Mahalakshmi | 2017 | 83,507 words

Cidgaganacandrika 302 [Bhavana of Manomayi Shakti], English comparative study extracted from the two available commentaries—the Divyacakorika and the Kramaprakashika. The Cidgagana-candrika is an important Tantric work belonging to the Krama system of Kashmir Shaivism. Written by Kalidasa (Shrivatsa) in 312 Sanskrit verses, it deals with the knowledge regarding both the Macrocosmic and Microcosmic phenomena

Verse 302 [Bhāvanā of Manomayi Śakti]

Sanskrit text, Unicode transliteration and English commentary of verse 302:

लक्षणं तदनु सूक्ष्ममिष्यते ज्योतिरात्मकमवर्णमास्थिता ।
स्थूलमेतदनुवर्ण्य लक्ष्यते भाव्यते शमयितुं मनो मया ॥ ३०२ ॥

lakṣaṇaṃ tadanu sūkṣmamiṣyate jyotirātmakamavarṇamāsthitā |
sthūlametadanuvarṇya lakṣyate bhāvyate śamayituṃ mano mayā || 302 ||

Comparative analysis of commentaries and excerpts in English:

[Bhāvanā of Manomayi Śakti]

The goal of attaining the brilliance of Śakti, who is beyond the Gross and Subtle levels of manifestation, which is her form of y -kāra, is pursued by the sādhaka by worshipping her Manomayi Śakti. Jñāna is of three types. Knowing through element of hearing (Srotra) is Vaidika; Through thought process is Vedāntā and other schools of philosophy; third is produced through meditation and imagination. Knowledge of Śakti in the third form is the best as it is capable of projecting even the non-existent object. Bhāvāna of Manomayi Śakti is highlighted.

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