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tattha : (adv.) there; in that place.

Source: BuddhaSasana: Concise Pali-English Dictionary

Tattha, (Sk. tatra adv. of place, cp. Goth. papro & also Sk. atra, yatra) A. 1. of place: (a) place where= there, in that place Sn. 1071, 1085; Dh. 58; J. I, 278; Pv. I, 1015; often with eva: tatth’eva right there, on the (very same) spot S. I, 116; J. II, 154; PvA. 27. In this sense as introduction to a comment on a passage: in this, here, in this connection (see also tatra) Dhs. 584; DhA. I, 21; PvA. 7, etc. (b) direction: there, to this place J. II, 159 (gantvā); VI, 368; PvA. 16 (tatthagamanasīla able to go here & there, i.e. wherever you like, of a Yakkha).—2. as (Loc.) case of pron. base ta°= in this, for or about that, etc. Sn. 1115 (etam abhiññāya tato tattha vipassati: SnA tatra); tattha yo maṅku hoti Dh. 249 (=tasmiṃ dāne m. DhA. III, 359); tattha kā paridevanā Pv. I, 123 (“why sorrow for this?”).—3. of time: then, for the time being, interim (=ettha, cp. tattaka2) in phrase tattha-parinibbāyin, where corresp. phrases have antarā-parinibbāyin (A. II, 238 e.g. ≈I. 134; see under parinibbāyin) D. I, 156; A. I, 232; II, 5; IV, 12; S. V, 357; M. II, 52, etc. The meaning of this phrase may however be taken in the sense of tatra A 3 (see next).—B. Repeated: tattha tattha here and there, in various places, all over; also corresponding with yattha yattha wherever ... there It. 115; Nett 96 (°gāmini-paṭipadā); VvA. 297; PvA. 1, 2, 33, 77, etc.—See tatra. (Page 295)

Source: Sutta: The Pali Text Society's Pali-English Dictionary
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