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Source: DDSA: A practical Hindi-English dictionary

1) Kāṃṭā (कांटा):—(nm) a thorn, spicule; fork; hook; fishing hook; prong; balance; the tongue of a balance; hands of a watch; the process of testing the correctness of a multiplication sum; bone of fish; obstacle; —[nikalanā] to have an obstacle removed; to be relieved of a lingering agony; —[honā] to be reduced to a skeleton, to wither away; to act as an obstacle; [kāṃṭe kī taula] exact in weight; [kāṃṭe bichānā] to pave somebody’s way with thorns; [kāṃṭe bonā] to sow seeds of distress or misfortune; [kāṃṭoṃ kā tāja] lit. a crown studded with thorns —an authority difficult to wield; [kāṃṭoṃ kī seja] a bed of thorns; [kāṃṭoṃ para loṭanā] to writhe in pain; to be overawed by jealousy; [kāṭoṃ meṃ ghasīṭanā] to embarrass (by undue exaltation/praise/respect).

2) Kāṃta (कांत) [Also spelled kant]:—(nm) husband; (a) lovely, pleasant; pleasing.

3) Kāṃtā (कांता) [Also spelled kanta]:—(nf) wife; sweetheart; (a) beloved; lovely; —[sammita upadeśa] a curtain lecture.

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