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Alternative spellings of this word include Chaturmaharajika.

In Buddhism

Mahayana (major branch of Buddhism)

Caturmahārājika (चतुर्महाराजिक).—According to the Mahāprajñāpāramitāśāstra (chapter XIV), the first class (of gods of kāmadhātu), starting from the bottom, is that of the Caturmahārājikas or the Four Great Kings.

(Source): Wisdom Library: Maha Prajnaparamita Sastra
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Mahayana (महायान, mahāyāna) is a major branch of Buddhism focusing on the path of a Bodhisattva (spiritual aspirants/ enlightened beings). Extant literature is vast and primarely composed in the Sanskrit language. There are many sūtras of which some of the earliest are the various Prajñāpāramitā sūtras.

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