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Analytical Knowledge, 1 Definition(s)

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the 4 kinds of: patisambhidā.

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Paṭisambhidā, (f.) (paṭi+saṃ+bhid; the BSk. pratisaṃvid is a new formation resting on confusio...
Paññā, (f.) (cp. Vedic prajñā, pa+jñā) intelligence, comprising all the higher faculties of cog...
Visuddhi, (f.) (vi+suddhi) brightness, splendour, excellency; (ethically) purity, holiness, sa...
Nanā (नना) is a familiar name for mother, parallel with Tata, for father, with which it is f...
Pramāṇa (प्रमाण) is a Sanskrit technical term referring to the “means of valid knowled...
Maturity Knowledge
gotrabhū-ñāna; s. visuddhi VII.
Retrospective Knowledge
Analytical Doctrine
Adaptation Knowledge
Highest Knowledge
s. aññā.
Veda (लोक) is a Sanskrit technical term referring to the “revealed text”. It is ...
Four Kinds of Path Knowledge
the 4 kinds of: s. visuddhi (VII).
Vijja, (adj.) (—°) (=vijjā) having vijjā, possessed of wisdom; in vatthu°, tiracchāna°, nakkha...
1) Abhiññā, 2 ger. of abhijānāti. (Page 64)2) Abhiññā, 1 (f.) (fr. abhi + jñā, see jānāti). Rar...
1a) Sarasvatī (सरस्वती).—(Vāk Devī); Viśvarūpā, a mind-born daughter of Brahmā who began ...

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