Maha Prajnaparamita Sastra

by Gelongma Karma Migme Chödrön | 2001 | 941,039 words

This page describes “bodhisattva qualities conclusion” as written by Nagarjuna in his Maha-prajnaparamita-sastra (lit. “the treatise on the great virtue of wisdom”) in the 2nd century. This book, written in five volumes, represents an encyclopedia on Buddhism as well as a commentary on the Pancavimsatisahasrika Prajnaparamita.

Bodhisattva qualities conclusion

Sūtra: These bodhisattvas were endowed with countless qualities of this type (evaṃvidhaiś cāpramāṇair guṇaiḥ samanvāgataiḥ).

Śāstra: As these bodhisattvas surround the Buddha, the person who would like to glorify their qualities (guṇa), were he to do so for countless koṭis of kalpas. would be unable to exhaust the subject. This is why they are endowed with innumerable qualities.

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