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List of 14 ornaments

This refers to a conventional list of 14 ornaments given in Jambūdvīpaprajñapti 51, p. 216.

  1. hāra, necklace;
  2. addhahāra (ardhahāra), half-necklace;
  3. iga. Cf. H. ikkā, an ear-ring consisting of a single pearl (Bates);
  4. kaṇaya (kanaka), gold;
  5. rayaṇa (ratna), jewel;
  6. muttāvalī (muktāvalī), string of pearls;
  7. keūra (keyūra), armlets;
  8. kaḍaa (kaṭaka), anklet.
    This is certainly the H. kaṛā and the Guj. kalī or kalluṅ, both of which mean either ‘bracelet’ or ‘anklet,’ As anklets would hardly be omitted in a list of jewelry for an Indian woman, and as bracelets occur once in the list, I think it must be taken as ‘anklet,’ though both the Jñāta. (p. 43b) and Āva. (p. 166a) com. interpret it as ‘kalācikābharaṇa,’ an ornament for the fore-arm. Kaṭaka is also quoted only ‘bracelet’ (MW);
  9. tuḍia (truṭita), bracelet;
  10. muddā (mudra) ring;
  11. kuṇḍala, ear-ring;
  12. urasutta (urasūtra), pearl-necklace hanging on the breast;
  13. cūlamaṇi (cūḍāmaṇi), crest-jewel;
  14. tilaya, tilaka.