Tattvartha Sutra (with commentary)

by Vijay K. Jain | 2018 | 130,587 words | ISBN-10: 8193272625 | ISBN-13: 9788193272626

This page describes the nature of auspicious physique-making karmas which is verse 6.23 of the English translation of the Tattvartha Sutra which represents the essentials of Jainism and Jain dharma and deals with the basics on Karma, Cosmology, Ethics, Celestial beings and Liberation. The Tattvarthasutra is authorative among both Digambara and Shvetambara. This is verse 23 of the chapter Influx of Karmas and includes an extensive commentary.

Verse 6.23 - The nature of Auspicious Physique-making Karmas

Sanskrit text, Unicode transliteration and English translation of Tattvartha sūtra 6.23:

तद्विपरीतं शुभस्य ॥ ६.२३ ॥

tadviparītaṃ śubhasya || 6.23 ||

The opposites of these, namely, straightforward activity and honesty or candour, cause the influx of auspicious (śubha) physique-making (nāma) karmas. (23)

Hindi Anvayarth:

अन्वयार्थ: [तद्विपरीतं] उससे अर्थात् अशुभ नामकर्म के आस्रव के जो कारण कहे उनसे विपरीत भाव [शुभस्य] शुभ नामकर्म के आस्रव का कारण हैं।

Anvayartha: [tadviparitam] usase arthat ashubha namakarma ke asrava ke jo karana kahe unase viparita bhava [shubhasya] shubha namakarma ke asrava ka karana haim |

Explanation in English from Ācārya Pūjyapāda’s Sarvārthasiddhi:

What are the causes of the influx of auspicious (śubha) physique-making (nāma) karmas?

The opposites are straightforwardness in one’s activities of the body, the speech and the mind, and honesty or integrity. The opposites of those included by the term ‘ca’ in the previous sūtra must also be taken. Thus, admiring others, reverence towards the virtuous and honouring them, adopting marks of honesty, fear of transmigration, avoidance of negligence, and so on, are included. These constitute the causes of the influx of auspicious (śubha) physique-making (nāma) karmas.

Are these alone the causes of physique-making (nāme) karmas, or is there any speciality? Yes. There is the influx of the Tīrthaṅkara name-karma (nāmakarma), which is the cause of infinite, incomparable majesty and inconceivable splendour and which affects the conquest of the three worlds. If so, let the causes of its influx be enumerated.

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